Month: December 2011

Where the egos fly

For once somebody posted an interesting and intelligent question on the Alexandrian ning, but ALAS!!!!The ning is not short of those irritating know-it-all, but now the worst of them had to be made administrator for Europe, and boy, she doesn’t miss a beat.

Daphne O’N., has now replaced self-righteous and holier than thou, Scott B. after a row on whether D. H. and his wife A. H. who are some of the longest standing ‘first liners’ should have been admitted in the ning…because HE couldn’t stand them.

Daphne O’N …what can we say? (shakes head and rises eyes to the sky).

Just take a look at this. It actually started with the most intelligent and interesting question I’ve ever seen published on the ning to date…and she went on to spoil it, instead on sticking to watch Coronation Street on telly.

QI understand the general symbolism of the ankh and a number of correspondences for the rose, but what is the original symbolism of the alexandrian rose ankh? Why is the rose red, why does it have 5 petals. What significant influences were there around its design. I have been in the Craft for 7 years and have never seen one and its existence was not included in my training. On raising this with my teacher, he says he vaguely remembers it, but its significance wasn’t explained to him. I would like to start wearing this beautiful piece, but I wish to fully understand why I am wearing it. Blessed Be.

There is another tentative reply just before another first hand initiates of Alex Sanders, G., goes on to explain this obviously invented symbolism in a very intelligent and interesting way.

When I joined the London Coven Alex explained to me that it was the symbol of his and Maxine’s Coven. At that time there really was no such thing as the Alexandrian Tradition and it was only later when this truly came into being that the Rose Ankh came to be used as the symbol for the Tradition generally. The term ‘Alexandrian’ is a lovely play on words, combining Alex’s name with that of the city in Egypt that came to be the seat of learning for the great minds of the time. Alex (and many of his and Maxine’s Initiates) drew much inspiration from the Mysteries of Egypt and since the symbolism of the Ankh – ‘Life’ – corresponds with the essence of the Craft, it is a good choice. For centuries the rose has symbolised the Mysteries and the requirement of silence upon the Initiate – “sub rosa”. Five petals because it is the shape of the Pentagram. Alex thougtht it was very amusing that people often believed it was a red rose to represent his Lancastrian origins, “I’m not from Lancashire, I’m from Cheshire” he would say. The colour red represents life and the sacrifice, death and resurrection of Initiation. It is generally a red rose that is used to represent the Mysteries, as in the Rose Cross which could have book written on that symbolism alone.Our Rose Ankhs used to be made by a lovely man called George Alexander in Notting Hill Gate but who has long since departed for the Beautiful West.Blessed BeGalatea

Along comes Daphne O’N – who obviously hasn’t learnt the wisdom of such silence – and with ruffled feathers, in a bid of asserting to be of no less, launches herself into giving two rather superfluous extra pennies worth:

Blessed Be G.,It is as you have wrote and I can claim an affinity being a Lancashire lass where the Pendle witches did abide or so they say. in LVX Daffsx and the Divine Duo”.

Daff and the Divine Duo? Who the fuck are the Divine Duo? Is it something you take along in your shopping trolley when pop into Tesco to buy your milk and teabags?

Pendle Witches? Yes, of course Daphne dear, you MUST be one of their descendants, make sure we all know about YOUR affinity with the Rose of Lancashire and the Alexandrian Rose, so we shall all bow down in utmost reverence to you and your Divine Duo.

Then go and bash at those initiates with the ‘ego’ you referred to in this post some time ago:

Blessed Be,yes I agree,within our beliefs we have the two extremes of dark and light but I do notice the often ‘ego’ initiates and my are they so boring! One of my first teachings was to get rid of ego. The one thing of Craft that has always been for me, is that we are all balanced in our work. Yes polarity again which is what the All is based on, or am I totally misguided. in LVX Daffs”

Frankly Daff,  methinks you’re both misguided by your uppity narrow-mindedness and also going a little senile.

Doh!!! If you had bothered to read what someone said earlier there would be no need to ask yourself if you’re totally misguided. Let’s read again, shall we Daphne?

If we were to welcome Lamond’s suggestion it would mean to embrace patriarchy and wave goodbye to polarity”.

So, let’s welcome Daphne O’N, our latest addition to the already pullulating pond of sanctimonious New Age gurus who think they have all the answers and act no different than any other fanatical counterpart from mainstream religions.

To ‘quote’ Joe Cocker:

” I know a place where ‘they’ belong

where the egos fly

on a mountain high…”