Why is exposure necessary?


Sometime ago I was contacted by someone who wanted to know why on earth I chose to break ranks and wash a secretive tradition’s dirty laundry in public.

Here is why:

  • The wrongdoing has been going on for far too long and is being handed over from generation to generation alongside with the tradition. Scott and his Temple of Stella Maris were by far the most dysfunctional and parasitical coven anyone could ever be so unlucky to get entangled with.
  • The Elders responsible for the ‘bad education’ are persistently refusing to admit responsibility for their cock ups, turning a blind eye and excusing reproachable behaviour, sweeping scandals under the carpet and in some cases joining in scapegoating and psychically attacking their targets. Reputable initiates have been ostracised publicly over a proved pathological liar, class A drug user and convicted sex offender. To date, no public apology has been issued to any of these people.
  • Keeping silent encouraged abuse to stream in the downlines and be accepted as normal, if not essential part of training. It has given way to the distorted notion of what power and 3* authority are about. Distur
  • For every lesson learnt, there’s a lesson to teach. Teaching takes many forms and Elders are not exempt from learning and growing.
  • When you become fully conscious of the extent to which others as well as yourself are being unnecessarily harmed by all of the above, you have a moral obligation to put an end to it.


We remain anonymous because:

  • when you don’t know who is watching you, you think twice before acting like an arsehole
  • arseholes lose immunity and can no longer blackmail and intimidate whisteblowers to silence
  • we want people to focus on the message not on the messenger
  • we want to eliminate room for peer pressure
  • at the same time we’re not looking for people to put us on a pedestal
  • you can’t go round scapegoating people without proof but we can tempt you to indulge into your basest desires and reveal the fool in you in all its glory
  • we are the Hidden Children, are we not? So, what’s the problem?