We are not politically correct either

Alexandrian Craft: a small oasis in the new age world yet uncontaminated by political correctness.

But wait, remember the big Oh Uh when back in the 90s some Alexandrian groups were refusing initiation to gays? We leave you with this thought for now….

Meanwhile, if we were to allow people with disabilities in our fold, before long we would have taskmasters wiping dribble off a Down syndrome initiate, which is simply beneath the purpose of the Priesthood. We couldn’t possibly risk any dribble landing on the impeccably polished brass pentacle, could we?

Covens would have to find room on their altars for a Wiper of the Art.

Can you imagine having to cast out all the impurities every time it’s used? Not to mention, someone could start making demands for their Temple to be fitted with disabled ramps and toilets or that their moon cakes be gluten free. Ridiculous!

We must remember folk, the Craft is not a service provided on the NHS and we do not want anyone with ailments that our power rods of blue and golden light cannot heal.

Alexandrians are not a LGBTQ association either, so by the same account the Craft should not be for gays, lesbians and transsexuals. Especially transexual with their nonsense ideas on gender fluidity. We are Alexandrians, so you’re either male and have male bits or female with female bits. If you don’t like it, you know what Karagan says…(put that stupid voice on) “go find yourself a tradition that will have you, Alexandrian Tradition is not for everyone”.

Alexandrians don’t care if you feel oppressed like you’re some kind of protected species. It has been said time and again the Craft is not politically correct.

So let’s clarify where members of Loki’s Gazette stand because we are after all a bunch of Alexandrian initiates.

  1. Gender polarity: witchcraft has been made up of queers for as long as humans have walked the earth. The point is not “were you initiated by the correct gender?” but “were you not initiated by the correct gender and after going hush-hush behind the curtain to get it right, you now pronounce judgement on those falling foul of the dogma?” …in other words, are you like Saul of Tarsus – a fucking hypocrite? By all means, fuck political correctness but also fuck dogmas. The world is not black and white and polarity is a little more complex than right and left. So, yes, we have room for the whole spectrum. In Stella Maris you had a small gay club, a few heterosexual females who were expected to act frigid and a marginalised heterosexual man. Lesbians were not allowed because our gay High Priest did not like lesbians. Openly so. At the time it came as a bit of a surprise because you kind of expect solidarity between gays and lesbians. Then I noticed it wasn’t just our coven but it spread right across the tradition. It had been taken over by gays and had become one big gay club were they could meet and fuck each other after the rest of the coven was sent home. So, I changed things a little bit and decided to even out the playing field and include everyone. If you had tits and a penis or viceversa, it was fine. Actually better because it meant we were never short of a priest or priestess since our coven members really enjoyed the magic we could work with gender fluidity. It’s wild, it’s energetic and it’s awesome. It’s witchy. It’s what you’d imagine a proper witches’ sabbat to be.
  2. Great Rite and sex magic – absolutely and always in truth. Why? Because sex magic is an incredibly powerful tool to draw any non-corporeal being into a person and one of the highest forms of sacrifice you can offer a deity. It’s the dynamo of magic that merges your spirit directly into a deity’s energy field. It’s magic in fifth gear with your foot pressing hard on the accelerator while driving on an open freeway. Clearly, you need to know what you are doing and why. Every initiate needs to be on board and on the same page. Once you try it and grasp how sacred it is, you will understand why sex magic is not an excuse for a free fuck and a bit of debauchery. It will change your perspective on sexual intercourse and eliminate a number of repressive inhibitions we’ve all been conditioned into and often put the spanners in the wheels of magic.
  3. Blood – This is where we are at our most heretic to Alexandrian standards. We use blood on specific occasions and by that I don’t mean dead mestruation blood. I don’t mean animal blood either. Alexandrians take the measure…that doesn’t mean anything unless it is charged. Blood says a lot more than the measure ever will. If there’s a curse in the blood, you’ll know it. Blood is tightly twined with Fate and what in ancient beliefs was conceptualised in the term orlog. These rituals are difficult and bear really long term implications. Depending on what you believe, beyond your current lifetime. For that reason they are not compulsory or necessary to advance to the next degrees. Except at initiation into the conclave, in which case it’s quite a gentle procedure that does not even leave a mark and it is carried out by someone who knows what they are doing. The postulant is briefed and showed what will happen long beforehand so that they will have plenty of time to ask questions, think about it and demonstrate some understanding of what the implications might be for them in the long run. I hate to say it’s not for everyone but it’s true. Not everyone will be comfortable with what we do or why we do it. Lots of people could get scared shitless at the mention of blood (they’ve seen too many horror movies) or totally misunderstand what it’s about and think they’ve found some orgiastic group of vampire goths who gather to drink each other’s blood…but no, it’s really not the case. There is a variety of ways and purposes blood can be used in ritual and magic, sometimes to consecrate an item, like a sword. Alexandrians believe that blood deconsecrates a blade. I never agreed with it, although I never carried a blood stained item in a standard Alexandrian circle because it carries the risk of exposing one’s very essence to contamination and even attack. Alexandrians may be very finnicky with their polishing, robes and flower arrangements but the ether is like slums of Calcutta meets Skid Row in LA. You’re guaranteed to walk out of it with a couple of parasites in tow and need salt baths for the rest of the week.
  4. Polishing – No chemical shit. Definitely no Brasso. I hate that shit with a passion! You’ve got the four elements and salt. Salt solves most problems.
  5. Training, degrees and hierarchy – People tend to come to us, so we just end up getting to know them in different capacities before they realise who we are and goes any further. By which time, we more or less know if we’re compatible or not and have shared quite a big amount of knowledge. Sometimes, it happens they joined us in some minor ritual. It doesn’t come with any expectations on both sides, although there have been times we cut people out because they revealed themselves toxic for the group. People hold specific roles according to their own nature and what they mastered, so you might never see a novice casting a circle at a gathering because safety is left in the hands on whoever has that mastery. It doesn’t mean that you don’t learn in your own time and place, you just don’t get to do it then. You then have priest/esses who interact exclusively with whichever entity they’re in contact with. It wasn’t our decision, it was just the way it panned out. They bring mastery with very specific skills and depending on what the purpose of the gathering is, one or more take the officiating role. How often we meet? As a group, regularly but not too often and never without good reason. As individuals, very often. We quite like each other and enjoy each other’s company beyond the magic. We’re not afraid of being 100% mundane down the pub and talk about ordinary stuff, mix with ordinary people and have fun. In fact, that’s how we met those everyone who joined us from outside the tradition. What in Alexandrian Tradition call initiations and elevations (degrees) we call rites of passage. There’s the initiation of the Fool stepping into knowledge, there’s the descent into the underworld, there’s the celebration of the sacred marriage and there’s the crossing of the Abyss or sacrificial rite and from thereon it’s the path of Return – the burning of Yggdrasil and the closure of the cycle – five in all. The structure of the rites is technically similar, except for the fourth and fifth rite which are unknown to Alexandrians, except we tend to be aligned and consistent with our inner contacts instead of borrowing 42 assessors from Egyptian myth, the Lord of the Hunt for another and plonk him with Inanna…you know, that irritating mish-mash.
  6. Inner Contacts – Lots of people ask. Who are they? It’s not for me to say. You’ll have to come and find out.
  7. Rules – Only a set of agreed values: Anonimity, secrecy, reciprocal loyalty. The first means we are out of the public face and the community, as a group. We do not seek to affirm ourselves in the community or their validation but we continue to participate in it as individuals – some of us have to because they’ve been known for years and can’t exactly disappear all of a sudden. It goes without saying that the oath of secrecy is more of a matter of protecting each others’ anonimity in the face of the fucking inquisition and grilling we’re subjected to in order to find out who the fuck writes Loki’s Gazette. That turned out to be harder work than we had anticipated and a lot of creativity has had to go into it. At least we can laugh about it and actually, it’s surprising how mischief can strengthen a bond among people. Reciprocal loyalty means we’re open and forthright with one another even if it may be escoriating and people get hurt. At the end of the day, blood is thicker than water. We may reserve harsh criticism but it’s constructive and we always have each other’s back no matter what. Alexandrian tradition was about tension and Maxine encouraged backstabbing and initiates landing each other in the shit. In the end everyone reeked of the same shit. We reversed it. We all swore an oath that if somebody fucks up, we’ll put our neck on the line to help them fix it.

That’s about it for now.

If people have any questions, leave it in the comment section and someone will reply.