Month: March 2013

Hymn to the Onslaught of Victory

The memory burns, I remember it well,

The loss that angered me.

The marauding crowd grinding the gravel,

My quarrel was drawn to Hel.

Odin, waiting, I entrust you my family to hide.

Yes, I was tormented and withered and dull,

In frenzy I ran up to the mound,

Half-mad with rage when revenge I swore,

Looked at my valley, said goodbye and left,

Crippled, wounded, but led by Thor.

High was the heath,
Dry the hunger and darkness,

But onward I walked,

Long was the way,

Little my strength,

When I took my step.

A flayed animal, I was cut,

Screaming and howling,

Then Hel finally withdrew.

I’m sure over the grassy shores

come the yelps and cries

of battles from Baldur’s mound.

The injuries I took will never be understood,

The cries of distress, the agony,

Bastards you want to steal their souls too,

My children won’t hurt me this fall,

My trust in Tyr will cover all grief.

Asgard threw my spit back at you,

And showed an exhausted fool the way,

I dreamt of Asgards’ wolf, his deadly vision I saw,

Carefully hidden where no light ever shines,

And cunning counsel the son of Nal gave to me.

With feverish blood,

streaming down,

When Vör visited us,

The loud sound,

of choking and gurgling,

as the priestess within dies

her body and soul are shorn asunder.

For a long time our skins

laid bare on the stones,

carrion broken loose,

Until the gods buried,

Their dead children’s,

Chafed bones under the ground.

I knew then the endurance,

As I left my home.

In blood carved,

To your hand bethroted,
My blighted heart to you I commit

And shall sail your kinsman’s steed

Over the roaring sea of corpses.
Wounded and hurt,

Broken to pieces,

By hand of accursed bastards,

I shall be a shaming to them,

Now I have found my place,

Thor’s hammer or his determination,

Thrym could not take,

Of these blood ties I swear,

It is I who takes charge.

Braving the sea, unseen I cross

To you Grimnir, my guts I offer,

The gates open then,

Arching westwards to
Plains of emerald green,

Murmur this rune!

“Baldur is the name

that binds me homeward.”

Finally it is over,

Free from memory,

Now the path appears,

I find peace,

and save myself unto myself.

My sorrow is silenced,

My heartbeat slows,
Sleipnir wakes me,

Heimdallr greets me,

Valhöll awakens,

To me She takes,

and so do the gods.

Running against enemies’ darts,

I ride again night after night,

The evil vision, now she is in power,

is simply shrugged off.

So, onwards to Heiðrúnn mead,

The drinking horns fill, lift and deliver,

We have a special rhyme,

No bowl is ever emptied,

Except my beloved.
Be welcome.

Welcome wayfarer.

Welcome ruddy moonshine.

Welcome friend.

Heroes carries their bones,

For Baldur to kindle their fire,

Standing tall and her footstep is light,

She died with honour,

She rose in victory,
To Odin betrothed.
Bride to Valfader’s friend.