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The wisdom of crossing lines when taking further initiations.

“It was no sooner than I had been accepted for 2nd and 3 rd degree by Scott than doubt began to arise as to what I was going to let myself in for by taking those initiations by him. What initially seemed like a good idea and the completion of a cycle looked completely different when the lenses zoomed out and saw the bigger picture from a distance. His best selling point had been his lineage one step down from Sanders. On that basis, he only had the True teaching, the True training, the True lineage, unlike all those fucking americans – as he referred to them.  It was a late night conversation with one of those ‘fucking’ americans and hearing her voice her own doubts which made me take my gut feelings more seriously”.

The Temple of Stella Maris had had a sudden surge in number and at some point the coven could not physically fit in the small space we worked in.

Revdscott was buzzing with excitement and would reiterate over and over again how much the temple’s energy had improved since Vivienne, the ‘old’ High Priestess, had left. Apparently, even Maxine said so! But hey, Revdscott is one for putting words in people’s mouths, so let me clarify that I’m simply repeating what many ears have heard.

Not everyone in the Temple agreed. Since her departure, there had been no High Priestess at all and those who had been initiated by her at their 1st, felt the imbalance the most. Not to mention, they also became the first in Revdscott’s firing line for taking such a stance.

“While the coven seemed to be thriving on the outside, I became acutely aware that its inner structure, like an irreversibly damaged hull of a ship, was on its way to collapse and its captain seemed none the wiser”.

As it usually happens in these case scenarios, those in the leads seem to become affected by an unusual streak of cruelty and despotism.

The biggest favour Revdscott could have ever done anyone – albeit it was far from his intention – was to banish the first initiate of the Temple of Stella Maris, on the grounds that he had failed to finish painting the Temple (in its last days, apparently the Temple had now extended itself to the rest of the flat and the area to be painted was an hallway).  It’s not as if Revdscott is affected by any disability. If he was, then by Tradition standards, he would also be unfit to be High Priest. No. Revdscott is affected by a pathological form of laziness that keeps him glued either in front of the Jeremy Kyle Show or in front of his altar cursing his brother.  Revdscott is also affected by the distorted belief that being a 3rd High Priest entitles him in demanding free labour and resources from his initiates.  The initiate in question had repainted a rather large front room before rendering the walls of the hallway. In his ignorant tunnel vision, Revdscott could not comprehend that you just do not slap paint over a freshly rendered wall and it may take months for it to dry fully if a job is to be done properly.  But being the MacWitch Revdscott is, waiting was just too much for him to suffer.

Ok, so one of the things that really came to the forefront were the traits of the person from whom I would have received my lineage. As a first point I saw a pathetic, self-serving man who was not even willing to hold a paintbrush for ‘his’ Temple. Who are these ‘contacts’ prepared to connect with a slack individual as such? One thing is for sure, there was no Isis there and the Temple was seriously infected with other-wordly parasites. Outer dirt is an obvious symptom of the Inner dirt that pollutes the atmosphere of a spiritually sick place or person. Initiates were made to clear away dirty tissues from under the beds before dismantling it. There were credit card covered in white powder left in the bathroom. Dirty clothes, food left-overs, full ashtrays, boxes of medicine and bits of food crunched by the dog left all over the front room. I’m sure that if Dion Fortune would have been around, she’d have shouted “Don’t touch it!!”

Next, Revdscott split the magical partnership between two initiates and placed them with incompatible partners, setting one against the other behind the curtain.  The worst thing was that he took the priestess from the couple he split as his magical partner and later openly admitted luring her deliberately into believing she was going to be the next High Priestess of Stella Maris to prove how unworthy she really was, meanwhile she paid for his car insurance and gave him 10% of her Christmas bonus…until she realised she was being taken for a fool.

What Revdscott wasn’t smart enough to realise in sowing the seeds of discord so profusely was that it would all be harvested on his own turf, eventually, and it would all bear weight on the lineage he would be passing on to future generations.

Personally, I didn’t want any of that karmic baggage. I hadn’t generated it. I didn’t even approve of it. Yet, if I took initiation at his hands I would be taking it willingly upon myself.

I could have punched Revdscott full in the face with all my strength and still he would have not begrudged me as to being diplomatically told by official letter, thank but I’ll do without your 2nd and 3rd.  I guess it put a spanner in his greater schemes of things because he had other targets on his hit-list he wished me to deal with before it would eventually come to my turn.

“Trust me” – was his favourite catchphrase at the time.  It never failed to give me a sardonic fit of laughter.  In all his treacherousness, the master trickster could not see his mask had fallen off and we could all see what had been hidden underneath. That moment changed forever the way I have since interacted with the Otherworld and to take with a pinch of salt any Deity or person pumping up its glamour and asking to be let in.

I know of more than just one person who had to put themselves through some gruelling purification process after leaving the Temple of Stella Maris.

Here, there were several issues intermingling with one another: the Scott became very much like Chronus, so freaked out by the power that had been generated, he began to swallow his own offspring for fear of being de-throned. Yet in stark contrast, in his outer world he could hardly afford to top up his electricity or gas meter and was nothing more than your average zero. To this day, Scott continues to believe that his magic has had his desired effect on his targets while in reality he is the one caught up in his own trap suffering the fate he wished on others.  No, his magic wasn’t working. It was letting all sort of nasties into the circle and when these spread virulently and people walked out, they turned against their master.  If I had allowed him to initiate me through 2nd and 3rd that’s exactly some of the baggage and Inner Contacts I could have expected to inherit.

Many Elders in his tradition say that Revdscott was never meant to be initiated at all.

When the coven finally collapsed in September 2010 – I was there – there was a huge uproar from the uplines who wondered what did he do to crash with such a clamorous bang.

Simple: he fell short of his promise to keep pure his highest ideal – the condition upon which he had been entrusted lineage by his initiator who knowingly acted against every other Elder’s advice.

Now, that makes those who opposed Revdscott’s elevation to 3rd degree 100% correct in their assessment.

Revdscott’s initiator acted partly in good faith and partly to spitefully recalcitrate against a faction of people with whom she had separate personal gripes. She was not in a position to judge the situation sensibly and simply accepted someone who took her side mingling the sacred with the profane.  This is how initiatory lines become corrupted. One day, she’ll have to face the trail of mess left by a very bad choice based on a petty spat and will realise that letting a weasel have the run of the line was not worth the unbalanced karma that reverberates back and forth generations of her Tradition.

But that has been a lesson for everyone who silently watched the whole story unfold.

Personally, it amuses me to think it must have been that Jesus statue on the altar to bring the house of cards down. There was just too much cash, bribery and corruption circulating in that Temple so perhaps here the context can be illustrated as to what can push Jesus over the edge and say enough. A bit melodramatically soppy but the harlot analogy fits in well, especially now that Stella Maris and Regina Caeli (the name of the Inner Temple and also the name of a famous prison) have made taken in their folds someone whose harlotry pays her rent and keeps old fools doing her bidding in return for golden showers.

There was a particular event which was the stroke who broke the camel’s back.

Revdscott was bent on getting revenge on someone and finding a stupid pretext upon which I should have been offended by this person – he insisted I should have cursed him and even Maxine had said I should do it.

That word ‘cursing’, hung like some sort of permanent dribble off Scott’s lips. But he’s not alone in thinking that cursing is an effective and intelligent method of working defense magic. Unfortunately, Vivienne the former HPS was also a big sucker for it. The harlot and the old fool, Scott has recently befriended and rekindled with seem to be just as taken in by the whole cursing affair. It does say a lot about the ‘adeptness’ and ‘power’ of a magician, since magical curses are the equivalent of uttering a torrent of swearwords to argue your case where you lack the necessary wit and articulation to do so.

Call me conceited but I cannot help looking down at stupid people. Stupid doesn’t mean unintelligent. A stupid individual is someone who knows or has the possibility to know better but in some sort of masochistic way chooses to do what is detrimental to themselves and others. In Darwin’s Survival of the Species it’s the stupid who becomes extinct. Tag along with stupid people and you’re guaranteed your fat share of trouble.

Corruption is often covered in glitter and shimmer, a little like Edward Cullen, and just like the Twilight character is every bit as rotten and decayed on the inside.

Yes, in a lineage you may be just one step down the line to Maxine or maybe 20 steps down and 5 across, but it’s not the number of steps that makes a lineage better than another or dilutes a tradition. Being closer to the source does not necessarily ensures you with the best of teaching and nor it’s a safeguard from people without scruples because anyone, founders included, can become corrupt and degenerate when their Tradition is beginning to come to an end in its original form.

Over time, the Alexandrian Tradition has undergone more changes than some people dare to admit. Starting as a ‘hereditary’ witch cult, it eventually had to seek roots in Gardnerian Wicca for credibility. Sanders went on to explore different orders and most of the material that has been added just before and since his death in Maxine’s lines has come from sources that do not pertain Alexandrian tradition at all (Madeleine Montalban, Dolores Ashcroft Novicki, Gareth Knight to mention a few).  Unlike their Gardnerian counterparts, Alexandrians have not stuck to their original contacts and not every Temple shares the same Inner Contacts.

Training in Stella Maris involved jumping from pillar to post from one time to the next. Often, Scott himself didn’t have a clue of what he was doing or why, other than to show off to his vicar friend…Samhein 2010 springs to mind. Revdscott relied on others’ input and ritual scripts. He was utterly incapable of constructing ritual from insights and realisations and actively discouraged his initiates from developing any.  I realised that not only there was too much karmic debt to take on but also being initiated there would confine me to a life-time of parroting somebody else’s words and beliefs.

I looked at my ‘teacher’ and thought that since I wasn’t in for 2nd and 3rd because I craved being surrounded with sycophants, I’d rather take a humbler line than to become anything like him.

Turns out the humbler line wasn’t perfect either, but nearly four years down the line it has proven sincerity and did whatever it took to restore the balance.

All power to them, I say.

If your teacher ever lacks insight and is incapable of honest introspection and evaluation of a ritual, run as fast as you can. When a ‘teacher’ resorts to luring, remind yourself that it’s exactly how the sirens drew their victims to their deaths.  The seductive harlot at your side is nothing but a hollow carcass filled with maggots.  It hasn’t even got her own blood to live on and needs to sexually vampire lesser beings and play with fire for a few shreds of self esteem.  In the Apocalypse myth she meets a gruesome end and I think it’s well worth exploring myth and archetypes playing in and out of real life and magical situations before deciding whether the group or tradition you’re with is worth committing your Self to.




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