Month: August 2014

A teacher in a cassock

Voice reached me that Scott had been making threats unless the content of this blog would be removed.

Allow me to raise an eyebrow and sigh: There are plenty a Scott on the planet. How would anyone know who I’m talking about unless there is a fair amount of stalking and what they read corresponded to facts?

I would publish the records if I could but that would be a serious breach of confidentiality.


Stella Maris: where Scott lived his Catholic priest fantasy.

So I limit myself to say that Scott High Priest of the Temple of Stella Maris lies when he says he’s a Religious Education secondary school teacher. He is not by all means a qualified teacher. As a matter of fact, he didn’t even last the first term of teacher training.  (First sign Scott never had what it takes to be a teacher).

The last (non-supply) position Scott held in a school, and from which he was sacked, was a Learning Mentor position that goes back to almost 10 years ago.  A Learning Mentor is like a Teaching Assistant with more of a pastoral care focus. School employ learning mentors to work on a one to one basis with difficult and vulnerable students.  Like all positions working with children, it involves a high level of trust and responsibility. Seducing a 15 years old boy and encouraging to leave home so that he goes to live with his Learning Mentor is a grave breach of this trust. To call, even in jest, young muslim boys, terrorists, is plain unprofessional (that was 10 years ago) and bigoted. No wonder his managers were fed up with him and sacked him. (Second sign, teaching is not for him).

Many years went by between periods of unemployment and work with a supply agency. It cannot have been that much but turning up for work as a music teacher this time, in a cassock, and pass himself as a Catholic priest was perhaps a symptom that not all was well in the head. Not even real Catholic priests wear cassocks anymore these days! And those poor kids, will you spare them your 30+ years old hymns Scott! It’s their music lesson not your chance to be the star of the show. (Sign number three that he still hasn’t a clue of what teaching is about).

Then the day comes the cassock façade blows over at a Primary school in Ealing. We are in 2012. Scott got away with the priest charade for so long, but finally he crossed paths with a Head-teacher who was nobody’s fool. His teaching was deemed crap, his records and credentials verified and as the lies came up one by one like floating turds in a sewage, after what must have been one of those spectacular reality checks that only a British head is capable of delivering, Scott was sent home on the spot. But he still had the audacity to complain that she was the crazy one and he had never been so humiliated in his life!!!

He should have counted himself lucky she didn’t have the police escort him out.

I remember Scott making a big deal about how someone who complained about him years ago played the victim. And in reality she was – a victim of his constant bullshit and projections. She should have done what this 15 years old boy Louis, did when he ended their abusive relationship: knock his front teeth out for a second time and never turn back.

But nobody can beat Scott’s pathetic whining on his Facebook wall. So much for being a High Priest and teacher. All I could think of is that Scott, fully deserved what he got and I am glad that the woman who brought him down to his knees wasn’t even a witch.

That’s how you measure power.