Synthetic wicca today

I don’t know since when it has become fashionable for wicca to prostitute itself to political correctness.

When I started training, my very gay High Priest made it crystal clear that the Craft was not for the flimsy and easily offended delicate minded. The green agenda and friends of the earth was out and so was the LGBT or whatever it is called – the gay movement.

Let’s just say, that the wicca I learnt many years ago resembles nothing of the watered down broth it’s coming to today.

Thank you Karagan from bringing in your very mainstream, anything goes, approach to it.

We know that for some years you have been really wanting to be free to admit that it was Jihmal and not Lady Aysha (or whatever her name is) to give your 3rd degree, but you knew back then – nearly 10 years ago – you would have been sent packing back where you came from if Scott would have had his own way.

I have always maintained that Scott is more of a psychopathic bastard than you are but he at least there was a time he understood the mysteries of the religion he taught . You, on the other hand Karagan, have become a populist wiccan priest in drag.

You haven’t even left Malkuth, you’re so self absorbed in your own sexual identity. I’m not sure you are a priest at all.  You are certainly NOT a High Priest when even Dolce and Gabbana accidentally touch on the very mystery you should have been rather well versed in by now.

Just look at the standards of your followers: like Sharon Day for example. A paranoid schizoid who did the rounds of London’s covens when she became convinced the mother of another ice skating contestant had put a curse on her daughter because on that occasion she didn’t win. This is a woman, now Alexandrian witch, who proves that having a law degree and marrying a lawyer does not necessarily prevent a person from being gullible and making one lovely milking cow for the New Age funny farm. Just like those art dealers on a cruiseship discovered when they managed to sell her fake Dali prints for £100.000.  It takes a special kind of stupid to buy art from dealers on a cruiseship.  It takes a special kind of desperate attention seeker to join you in berating a couple of successful fashion designers for having an opinion that does not conform to the rest of the herd. Still you believe you’re powerful witches who stand out from the sleeping crowd as some kind of elite,right?

Fashion Design Icons Dolce & Gabbana: ‘The Only Family Is The Traditional One’

But hey, Dolce and Gabbana were a gay couple in a catholic country long before the gay right movement came about to wipe the noses of those who feel persecuted for wanting to ostentate their sexuality at all costs.  Being gay didn’t stop them from gaining international fame in a sector they had talent for, long before there was such a thing as a gay market.  So you need to worry not about a possible loss of custom and popularity and can reassure you they’re not the only gays who see it that way. They can say what they like about what they believe to be a traditional family because there’s so much more to them as human beings than the label gay or fashion designer. Chances are, they love their mama and papa and their mama and papa has loved them so unconditionally they have grown to believe they are the miracle of an act of love between two people.

“The family is not a fad,” adds Stefano Gabbana. “In it there is a supernatural sense of belonging.”

Now Karagan: if Gabbana has understood that without performing the Great Rite and you haven’t, you’ve no higher consciousness than those who breed just because they have functioning reproductive organs and all their friends are having babies.  Now it’s finally clear why you’ve had such poor discernment in telling apart those with true lineage from the Alexandrinots . You’re farther away than you can ever imagine from being a High Priest, nevermind an Initiate and so much lower than those you look down your nose to.

Sorry for being so brutal in shattering an illusion in which you have invested so much of your time, but mundane political agendas and the craft of the tradition to which you lay claim to do not mix, which is why someone had to say it and give you a chance to wake up and see the wood from the trees.

Perhaps you might want to consider retaking your initiations.


  1. Congratulations to the author for this entry that synthesize exactly my feeling concerning the “gay agenda ” that, in part, aimed to corrupt the wicca mysteries ( and attacking other forms of witchcraft ), but more generally try to impose a “absurd paradigm ” for guys like me (who fuck other guys but are not obsessed with this trait and certainly not aim to make of it something relevant). Before approaching any “claimed ” wicca, I thought of this ceremonial witchcraft tradition as a path to transcend all those petty notions of “orientations” or “war of the sexes ” and recovery of the true meaning of Ecstasy. Considering sexuality as a polymorph and volatile expression of our seeking of our divinity disguised in “pulsions ” I never understood the necessity of labelling or limitation to one form or another. Initiatory traditions offers usually the “discipline ” opening to the effective use of this tool, with their respective caracteristics. In this “state of mind”, I believed that those “called ” by the craft of the wise and calling themselves “initiates” were, obligatory, adherent of the very core of this particular path : the Great Rite IN FLESH and in mind. Meaning that, wathever your tastes are “outside the circle “, if you’re meant to be a “witch and priest” you have, at list, to crave the goddess’pussy. Of course considering wicca as limited at Gardner and Sanders, I suppose I should have prepare myself to be disappointed. So I learned of all those psycho babling about the Symbolic great rite, this fucked up oedipian childish conception of an asceptised goddess and a castrated Bambi god…reducing rites to role playing and empty titles on line glory. And well I was more that disappointed actually I am quite disgusted by the way wicca was used to give credit to political convictions and self absorbed guru wannabees. I fell for the illusory division between exoteric americanized wicca and traditional craft but it seems that the socialolgbtonlyrightsnoduties has infected the traditional lines as it seems fashionable to the karagans and alikes to present therselves as traditional “wathever” (since this “petit bourgeois” attitude plagued santeria, vaudou and others practices that those “Californian souls ” need to vandalize to build this image of the “cool witch “…). Well you get my point, whomever read this, just wanted to thank the gazette for the analyse, it gives hope to find one day initiates able to transmit the Craft and not some customized social activity that please illusions of grandeur of people trapped in their identities issues.

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    1. I get your point totally. The essence of magic lays in transcending the preoccupations of the average mortal man and woman is what makes the effort of engaging with the Great Work. The moment we let these pervade a space in which they have no place or relevance, we are automatically derailing ourselves to pointless limitations. The implications for someone who puts himself out as the spokeperson for a magical tradition are graver still as their bound to affect others. Just take a look around the wiccan world. All I see is sycophants in line for their next degree badge who go along with quackkery that would’t convince even a retard. But as a general rule, initiates depend on the approval from their leaders to be taken forward in training and what they most fear is to be socially shunned from a group thus being denied the possibility to learn more and move forward. In reality, magic takes a life of its own for every individual and if we compare it to an offspring of ourselves, it makes sense to take personal responsibility for its growth instead of handing it over to pretentious ‘teachers’who claim to have an answer for everything. I have met a number of gay people who have no problem whatsoever performing the Great Rite in flesh because they can grasp the concept which is summarised in that very much aspired to Middle Pillar where the black and white ends of the spectrum merge to become one and many. Gardner was a revivalist and Sanders a could have been a pioneer, had he spent his efforts doing something for himself instead of fabricating ludicrous lies and plagiarising from others. For all that Karagan’s partner claims to be in touch with Sander’s spirit, he seems to forget that Sanders could well have been long reincarnated and giving them a bone to grind right now. I mean, can you imagine even for a moment someone like Sanders brown-nosing someone like Karagan? Oh, but wait! Give it another few years and it will be revealed that Sanders reincarnated in Karagan after all!


  2. Well i remember this impression, reading the so called “voice in the forest”, to deal with teenagers’delusions experimenting with Ouija and projecting their limited fantasies in poor “communications” from “not so wise” spirits. The credit given by Maxine to this “flat” self absorbed accounts, gave me, at least, the occasion to validate this uneasiness i felt while reading “Fire Child”. With time, reading “here and there” several testimonies about the “Witch Queen” “caprices” and “humeurs” i came to the conclusion that she saw, through Di Fiosa fantasies an occasion to rekindle the “witch royalty” buisness. The following “books”, in my humble opinion, are all part of this “marketing” effort to deify Alex (who was a pioneer, as you said, and coul have “reform” the craft very smartly but, imo, was far too devoured by lust and vanity, to accept the “dépossesion” -sorry for the french incursion, i couldn’t find the English equivalent- supposed by the transmission/teaching process) and, far more, and Maxine to become this “divine old queen” one step away from apotheosis…this bias can be tracked in all those “compilations” of testimonials of “initiates” (so called king’s children) that all share this common childish need to “belong” to this masquerade of “royal lineage” where the gods are almost “anecdotiques” as this “craft’s version” focus on the cult of personality. I do believe that’s an alexandrian trait, and that very few of the London Coven and, worst, Coven of the Mother, had transcend the “pettiness” of there initiators to “become vessels of the craft”. So far, only Janet Farrar has succeed i this and her life, her presence are the best proof of this (i might be wrong and disappointed later, but well i’m used to it concerning wicca, so…) contrary to Maxine and Alex whose’s life are, i believe, marked, by destructive behaviors. I agree on the karragan’s profile and obsession to become “significant” in the “craft stardome” (the very fact that this european guy prefered America to England to pursue his dream of Wicca Prom Queen, is, i think, very interesting…) still Di Fiosa has waste their chance to present therselves as avatars of Alex, as, if i understood correctly the ridiculous affirmations of the “Voice in the forest” the reincarnation of Sanders is, of course american, and named after Harry Potter (which is telling on the level of the “channel” and the poverty of his “inside world”…). So Karragan has to content himself of the virtual oedipian sidekick position with the Queen and continue to multiply his tentatives to do “something witchy” which he can sell, be it music (don’t know if you heard of his “album”, laughed a lot from the title written in greek caracters-language he obviously don’t know shit about- to his “mysterious” moanings mixed with very bad “world music/fantasy” effects), film and now “pagan english teaching”…the fact that the “visible” (promoting) part of gardnerians (silver circle and co) are now allying with this alexandrian marketing effort is the immediate problem for me and is keeps away impetrants called, sincerly, by the Great Work in wicca form, and can’t stand mundanity, ridiculous revendications of “inter religious” dialogue or visibility/officialisation of the craft, bref, “secularization” of this initiatic tradition…well i stop here i said my piece here. Sorry for the mistakes here and there, i’m from France.


    1. Indeed I’m with you on all counts and may I add, not only it affects those who are called by the Great Work but especially those who have been initiated and are being derailed by the personal agendas of corrupted Elders. I must admit that since my own initiation standards have plummeted at a vertiginous level and with disastrous consequences. Alexandrian wicca is full of gangrene but those long timers and first liners will rather be swallowed by it than to chop the rotten branches. To dare my arse! None of them has had the backbone to stand up to this carousal of puppets and baffoons. These people call themselves witches and claim to be infused with the power of Pan, yet all I see is bleeting sheep being shorn from their personal sovereignity by the likes of Karagan and Maxine and whoever is their flavour of the month. I’m the apple that deliberately snapped itself from the branch and took the fall to the ground. I rather lay closer to where living things go to die and be free from this gangrene than be eaten by the disease by hanging on to a decaying tree for the sake of remaining attached to the source – at least I know my seeds will not be bearing its disease. I know of other Initiates who have done the same. I do my thing quietly, with the exception of this blog, which vitriolic as it may read, is intended to alert those that as you say are genuinely called for the Great Work, as they approach these traditions and begin to interact with the individuals I discuss in my posts. People may judge me for it and it’s fine because I know they will be able to discern for themselves sooner or later. Invariably, I have also critics who think I’m the coward who’s hiding behind anonimity. All I can say is – too bad if it frustrates you but ‘hidden’ is the nature of the children of the craft and ‘timing’ does matter.


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