Climbing on glass

Here is another of those pearls made in Taiwan, courtesy of Maxine Sanders via Sharon Day.

Of the dozen or so Elders who were present when Alex was named King of the Witches, she recalls a “Joan; Olive; Elaine; Margaret; Edna; Evelyn”. Surnames were never known. Some wore glasses. It was a very, very grand do.

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May I also suggest Gladys, Maeve, Fanny, Tom, Dick and Harry?

May I also suggest Gladys, Doreen, Dorothy, Arthur, Tom, Dick and Harry?

Of course surnames were never known…dropping names is a dangerous game while Patricia Crowther is still alive. But she knows that there are mugs out there who take everything that she says as gospel and want to believe that this has really happened, so she gives them what they want. After all, it is said in the Craft that you don’t get unless you ask, so if that’s bullshit that you’re after….

Some wore glasses ….as if to suggestively hint Doreen Valiente might have been among them.

It was a very very grand do…this is where Maxine’s grandiosity complex makes a beeline.  It would seem like some people never grow out of their childhood fantasies of impersonating queens or witches living in castles.  It has been an ongoing theme in Maxine’s life which was first used as a grooming tactic  by a manipulative Alex for his own ends until she no longer served his purpose and was unceremoniously traded in for a younger model, just as he did with his first wife.

Escapism can be a coping strategy but it’s far from being proof of a magical life.

As for turning Alex’s death into a modern wiccan myth, the association of Alex’s death with Beltane Eve was and remains another coincidence on which Alexandrians have tried to build a grand, grand castle on the sand. If Alex’s death was meant to be that of a sacrificial king – as it has been speculated on Cochrane – according to wiccan lore he should have died at Midsummer (or to be doctrinally correct, Lammas) – but he didn’t.  He died at the peak of fertility when the phallus should have stood fully and firmly erected.  So, since the phallus was castrated by the sickle of time while still in the green, the sacrificial analogy has as much value as to say that one can cut the corn while it’s green and still produce flour from it.  I know Alexandrians live in their own little bubble, but let’s get real and step out of it.  Apart from an array of megalomaniacs after a tin crown, priestesses and priests running off with Maxine’s husbands (Vincent and David) and a son crippled by drug addiction in a nursing home (Victor), what fertility and blessings has Alex’s sacrifice and magic ever brought for Maxine or the tradition?