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After the recent passing of Loki Gazette’s author, a group of initiates of Alexandrians and other traditions met on Thursday 28th January 2016 and unanimously agreed to create a syndicate in honour and memory of a man who dedicated the last few years of his life in exposing the dirt behind the gilded curtain of Alexandrian Witchcraft.

As if truly under the influence of Loki, he called a meeting with a few of us at his house short of 48 hours before he was struck by a heart attack, during which he entrusted us with journals and other material that he had been collecting from various people and sources as well as personal grimoires that he had compiled over the years, alone and with others he had collaborated with.

Having lived at Alex and Maxine’s house between the age of 14 and 22 yrs, he knew first hand what really went on in the Sanders’ household, the lies, the deceit, the affairs with initiates, and their fantasies to be worshipped like gods and live off their followers like other gurus of their time.  His vision was to tear down the mask of virtuosity behind which Alexandrian witchcraft operates to feed its greedy appetite for controversy, publicity and money at the expense of sincere seekers and initiates and restore what is valid and true of the tradition in an Alexandrian Tradition that will take its name not by its founder but in remembrance of Hypatia and the ancient library of Alexandria – as symbols to preserve knowledge in integrity and truth.

It is a vision that our syndicate endorses as a mission.

The syndicate will continue to blow the whistle by publishing Loki’s Gazette with matters of interest for sincere seekers and initiates and operates as a hidden order to initiate and teach the tradition to the sane and the competent.

In order to protect the identities its members and to shield what we leak from those who would like to manipulate seekers from behind the scenes, all articles containing highly sensitive information will have restricted access and those requesting to read it may need to undergo a process of vetting.

The Syndicate


The sea monster that swallows you whole: a journey in the belly of Alexandrian stupidity.


Imagine stupidity as a big sea monster that swallows everything it encounters. Name that monster Alexandrian witchcraft tradition and read what Sharon Day posted on social media this week:

With the kind permission of a Seeker and for the benefit of all Seekers, I am posting extracts of a private message conversation between us. Differing and/or additional comments, views and opinions are invited – keep them constructive tho please and if coming from a different Tradition perspective, please mention which one.

Seekers – if the following gives inspiration for other questions, please feel free to start a new thread.

[Seeker] Good evening Sharon. I’ve nearly finished reading the book Firechild. Kind regards[Me] Hello, I’m just in A&E with my daughter. Kind regards.

[Seeker] I will send out healing now for her please let me know how she is.

[Me] I appreciate that but her medical issues are complex and there are healers who are familiar with her condition who are working. Additional energies could disrupt that so please don’t be offended by my saying not at this time please. Kindest thoughts.

[Seeker] No problem. I understand. I hope all goes well for her. Kind regards

[Seeker] Good morning Sharon, I hope I wasn’t seen as interfering with wanting to offer you healing for you’re daughter. I am much more aware after reading Maxine’s book on the energy of the coven. Please accept my apologies of ignorance in theses matters.

[Me] Good morning, no need to apologise, you didn’t do anything wrong. The person in the book Maxine was referring to happens to be a publicly known elder and even she did not realise the nuances that go with sending healing. One thing to remember is that in the Craft, everything must be asked for by either the person or a competent other if they are not able to do so for themselves; and in the case of sending healing, this is especially true if it is a complex condition which requires a thorough understanding of the medical issues.

The other thing we are taught is how to gauge when and to what extent healing should be sent without interfering with fate lines. In other words, the belief that we have chosen this incarnation in order to learn certain lessons and going through an illness or condition may be part of that Soul’s progression. We cannot take away from their chosen path and lessons. That is not to say that work cannot be done but it should be undertaken with considerable aforethought. Kind regards, Sharon

[Seeker] Thank you for getting back to me and for being open and honest with me. I have to admit I have never worked in a coven but my understanding is one of harmony and peace, and unity of the members

[Me] Working in a coven, ‘group mind’ yes; but we don’t necessarily want harmony and peace in the way our Coven works Craft. Any tension or friction can be used to aid the magic, but not to the point of unbridled hostility. This is one of the reasons for the ‘no-socialising’ rule amongst 1st degrees – the less you know about someone’s mundane life, the more you can focus on the magics. When Seekers apply to our Coven, it is not a matter of whether we like them or they us; some of the questions we ask ourselves are, will he or she have my back in magic circle if needed; and what can they bring to the circle.

[Seeker] Ok, I’m learning all the time. I am beginning to understand more by talking with you … yes I suppose that’s very important to know that you’re back in protected … I suppose we bring different gifts of magic in to the coven.

[Me] Absolutely. And part of the training is for each person to discover their own gifts and talents and incorporate those into the coven. As the coven develops, we begin see what the Energies have brought together and why.

The first I don’t understand is why she posts personal conversations between her and seekers for the public to see. Maybe she wants to let everyone know how sought after she is. I don’t mean it in a snarky way but objectively speaking, she sounds more like an evangelical Christian than a witch. Why are you even telling your private family business to someone you don’t know over the phone?

I hate the word seeker. I hate the way they crawl at your feet and I’ve had my fair share of crawlers. I hate the deference with which they beg for initiation. It smacks of desperation and I can’t, I just can’t surround myself with needy people clinging to me in order to have their needs fulfilled. I also find it difficult to believe that any serious magical practitioner would give these people the time of their day.

Firechild is one of four self-promoting books but don’t teach you anything about magic. I must concede, however, these books do reveal a lot about the character of those approaching you for a discussion on magic. I never hide the fact that I was initiated Alexandrian, if asked. In the majority of cases, I see eyes lit up, get drinks paid and tons of lip service. That’s how I know the person is useless and I mentally cross their names off the list of potential magical collaborators.

Next for the shittiest advice Sharon parrots straight out of the Alexandrian training manual:

One thing to remember is that in the Craft, everything must be asked for by either the person or a competent other if they are not able to do so for themselves.

I tried and tested this method for the first four years as an Alexandrian, so I gave it a fair chance to prove it is so and what I found is that’s absolutely not the case. If you want to work magic, you need to cultivate a strong bond with an entity. It can be a deity, a nature spirit, a demon, an angelic being…whatever it is, there has to be mutual trust and mutual respect. I never choose the entity. I tried that too during my Alexandrian days and quickly reverted to the good old days when I let entities choose me. There has to be chemistry and you need to share a compatible worldview, if the relationship is to develop into a strong alliance. These entities do not always send you an invitation with a bunch of flowers but they will be fairly specific as to why they singled you out when they turn up. Most witches I have known let themselves be flattered by it and start asking for things because traditions teaches them to be lazy and greedy opportunist but the seasoned magical practitioners knows the power of these entities is never to be taken advantage of. You wouldn’t use a person who extends their hand in true friendship, why would you do that with a deity or any other being? The best thing you can do is to accept whatever gift they offer, even when it doesn’t look like a gift to you. Be upfront and ask them what you can do for them in return. Talk to them and give to them often. You don’t need to wait for a full moon or a celebration to make offerings. The more spontaneous you are, the more you give for the sake of giving without expecting anything in return, the more your offerings will gain value. Clearly, spontaneity grows with sincere appreciation and trust. Deities in particular are very protective of those they choose and make the most powerful allies in times of need without you needing to ask. It’s rare they will let you experience defeat unless you become complacent, over-reliant and weak. Character weakness and lack of dignity can actually be reason to cause them offence…then these people project their faults on the gods and call them untrustworthy. Deities utterly disdain the clingy and needy, so if they grant requests through coercion or prayers, they always come at a costly price tag.

No, in the craft you should never ask for anything. As a priesthood you should concentrate on your job and the rest will follow. If someone approaches you for help, you seek counsel with the entity you are working with. You don’t do what my old coven used to do and just go ahead with rituals assuming the gods exist to satisfy your demands. Always keep the channels of communication open and listen to what they have to say. The whole point of having this alliance is so they can give you a higher perspective before you get yourself embroiled in situations you might regret later.

we are taught is how to gauge when and to what extent healing should be sent without interfering with fate lines.

There is only one reason that warrants healing and that’s injury caused by a magical attack. This is because magical attacks interfere with fate lines.

In other words, the belief that we have chosen this incarnation in order to learn certain lessons and going through an illness or condition may be part of that Soul’s progression. We cannot take away from their chosen path and lessons.

This is New Age bullshit to make sense why some people are born with defects. Nobody chooses to be born with defects but Fate and Nature can be cruel and will ensure that tainted bloodlines take themselves to extinction. What Nature doesn’t need, Fate sweeps away.

‘group mind’

Group mind is the anti-thesis of a witch. Group minds belong to lodges, brotherhoods and associations. Witches are independent thinkers.

we don’t necessarily want harmony and peace in the way our Coven works Craft. Any tension or friction can be used to aid the magic, but not to the point of unbridled hostility.

I’m sorry but when you work with another witch or an entity there has to be chemistry. The fact she cannot use the right words just goes to show what little grasp she has of the subject she tries to teach.

This is one of the reasons for the ‘no-socialising’ rule amongst 1st degrees – the less you know about someone’s mundane life, the more you can focus on the magics.

No it’s not. There is only one reason for the non-socialising rule amongst 1st degrees: you’re in the coven to make number and give 3rd degrees the opportunity to learn group domination techniques. You are trusted precisely because your High Priest and High Priestess don’t know enough about your mundane life and what’s in your head yet…will he or she have my back in magic circle if needed; and what can they bring to the circle. In other words, can you be used and will you allow yourself to be used without question?

Not all witches are healers: it really depends what you mean with ‘healing’.

Karagan GriffithNot all witches are healers. Healing work is a complex matter and it does still shocks me when people are still unconscious about this fact. Beyond the fact that everything in the Craft has to be asked for, healing work, as any other work, has to be done precisely and with rigor. Good intentions will not ease, in fact, more often than not it will disease or add to the unstable. Lack of consciousness of this is a Seeker is quite common, since they were not taught this lesson. However, I’m often shocked to the lack of consciousness of the Priesthood about this. A Coven might engage in healing work, often mediated by a experient healer. The technique and the ways of magic chosen are determental for the success of the healing work. It takes at least 6 years of medical school and 6 more years of experience for an MD to begin to be experienced enough to be an effective doctor and to discern what treatment and techniques to apply for a successful healing process. Why would it be different with witches? Healing is not done out of charity or willingness to send “good energy”. Energy labeled “good” has nothing to do with healing. We should be calling it effective rather than “good”. To be effective one has to know the complexity of the disease, it’s stage at the moment in the patient and perhaps medical results such as medical exams, which in turn will help the witch or the Coven to have a realistic idea to begin effective healing work. Sending “good energy” to someone without being asked, and without having any idea about the stage of the disease itself is like trying to put out a fire blindfolded – you might be spraying the water in the wrong direction. Direct focus comes from knowledge and experience.

That’s because none of them can really call themselves witches.

Lack of consciousness of this is a Seeker is quite common, since they were not taught this lesson. 

Again, lessons? We are all born with instincts that enable us to be who we are. Witches are no different. They intuitively respond to the impulses of their own nature. Astime goes on they gain mastery over these impulses and learn to employ them in a variety of contexts. Anyone who needs to learn to be something that does not come natural to them and undergo training is a domesticated muppet. There are no healing techniques. No such a thing as gentle blue power rods. Healers catalysise in people the ability to heal themselves. It’s raw. It’s brutal. It’s painful. It’s also extraordinarily rewarding.

Do you know what I despise about training? Not only you draw in people who are not meant to dabble with magic but you also undermine them every step of the way with comments like these:

Craig SchumacherWorse than spraying water in the wrong direction, you may be unknowingly spraying the fire with fuel.


Karagan Griffith Quite right Craig Schumacher. You are talking about the quality and I was talking about the lack of knowledge.

Well, dear Karagan, what it’s a matter of knowledge for you, is a matter of intuition for others. Do move out of the way.

James BerryIf you’re going to engage in healing magic it’s good to have background in first aid, and to study subjects like anatomy and physiology. The more clearly one understands the body and it’s (sic) needs, the more effective the healing.

Then study to become a doctor and use medical knowledge. Never EVER try to mix the secular with the spiritual. Depending on your perspective, diseases may well manifest in different places and require different treatment, i.e: a physician may approach leukemia by treating the blood, whereas a healer will treat ancestral memory instead of addressing the disease in its material manifestation.

Val HughesGreat post.Not particularly healing related, but I see on “pagan” or “witchy” sites so many requests for magical work, mostly from those who would use their wish bone, before their backbone. We have had requests for work for weight loss (without a diet change) , to pass exams (without any work), the list goes on, sometimes I despair…..

How do you contribute to misunderstanding by the way you present yourselves? When behavioural psychology and cognitive therapy are clothed in the fancy robes of healing, you are giving the impression you can deal with all of the above. It’ s called snake oil, hustler. So don’t lay the blame on your prospective customers’s doorstep. Change the way you advertise yourself and be clear about what you can and cannot do.

Pamela CravenAgain not particularly healing related but just to say that I had a very salutary lesson taught to me when “practicing” my new found tarot skills on friends many years ago. Much better to learn the lessons in the first instance than to suffer the consequences later however well meaning in intention. Of course the solution would be for experienced teachers to be available for genuine seekers – but that does not seem to be the case.

Tarot… you can draw the right cards and be totally unable to interpret their meaning. In spite of the amount of information written on the subject, tarot remains the most elusive  and unreliable of all divinatory practices. Tarot has too many recognisable symbols that lend themselves to subjective projections.

It’s disingenious to assume that you can be taught divination and those who claim they can are fraudsters or pseudo-psychologist.

The language of divination is a language of riddles and prophecy.

These days divination comes with disclaimers such as “for entertainment only” or “it cannot tell you the future”.  Also, diviners worry whether they should hold back bad news. To honour the art of divination you should know be able to deliver the message as you receive it, undiluted. That includes bad news.

Tarot teachers talk of following your intuition and be sensitive to the querent’s feelings. They are two separate modes of consciousness. To follow your intuition means to cast your filter aside but if you want to be sensitive to the feelings of others, then you need to add extra filters – so you see why it’s not possible to have the two together.

Divination has become a popular hobby nowadays but it wasn’t always like that. Find me a seer or a prophet that was popular. Many were put to death for delivering truths their querents or those around them didn’t like to hear. They were often viewed with suspicion as the cause of misfortune.

Modern witches treat divination as a soft skill anyone can learn but like many aspects of witchcraft, you’re either born with wings or no matter how much you flap your arms or what you devise to fly, you will never be a bird.





The lunatics are running the asylum: worms are turning in the Alexandrian tradition.

Boy, I must have hit a nerve because Alexandrians are even starting to imitate the way I speak and throw up controversial topics in the air just to compete for attention.

Apparently they mistook my silence for proof that their magic was working: one big fat LOL!!!

Well take a look at the latest whinge trending on one of their closed groups right now:

Reposted from the Alexandrian Network with kind permission from Galatea, an ‘old one’:

Historic Reality Check*
Posted by Galatea on January 27, 2016 at 10:48am
Blessed Be

Many years ago, long before the advent of the internet, there is a history of the Alexandrian Craft that few today may be familiar with. The ‘all one big happy family’ idea now being touted, it would seem as “historic Reality” by some modern Witches, is a far cry from what actually transpired. Back then, Alexandrians were regarded at best, the poor cousins of Witchcraft or at worst, not real Initiates at all. Nowadays anyone with any kind of ability to check the facts for themselves will be able to ascertain that the lies of a few people aimed at discrediting Alex, Maxine and the Alexandrians are just that. Alex and Maxine took all the abuse with dignity; it was virtually never even mentioned and certainly there was no sign of rancour or retaliation. In fact, it’s quite possible that most of the Coven were completely oblivious to the nastiness being aimed in their direction. Not a single word of bitterness came from Alex and Maxine, even when an organisation was formed with the explicit intention of putting an end to Alex and Maxine’s work in the Craft. Anonymous letters were sent out to people containing spiteful and false information. It was called the ‘Pagan Front’, later it would be renamed the Pagan Federation. Throughout all this, Alex and Maxine continued their hard work with good humour and good manners.

Alex and Maxine’s home was filled to capacity with a constant stream of people seeking Initiation, people with requests for help, reporters wanting to write articles, authors looking for material, Initiates needing extra tuition or wanting to copy their Book of Shadows . The telephone rang constantly with enquiries. At the same time as dealing with all this, they also had two very young children to look after. Saturday (later Friday) evenings were Coven meetings and their home would fill with upward of forty Coven members. All this was done without them charging us a penny for their teaching or their time. Alex and Maxine always had time for each and every one us that came demanding it – and we did, in droves. Not for a few months but for years. It’s seriously doubtful that many of would be prepared to give our lives and our homes over to the Craft in the way that they did. But then, very few of us will be called upon to make the sacrifices that that the Goddess chose them to do. Now, though Alex passed beyond the veil nearly three decades ago, Maxine is still available to those who genuinely want to learn from her expertise. It is abundantly clear to anyone who has ever spoken with Maxine about the Craft, that she has an enormously deep and abiding love of the Craft and will willingly give her time to those who request her insights.

It is provable beyond doubt that the vast majority of Witches, all Alexandrians and many Gardnerians today, certainly in Britain, owe their Initiation into the Craft to the work that Alex and Maxine did, and in the case of Maxine, still does. Most of us would not be where are now were it not for all that they did. So it is with complete dismay that we now see the rise of hostility toward Maxine, not just from the Gardnerians as it was in the early days, but from Alexandrians as well. And for what – telling it as it was; for calling people out on their misdeeds; for attempting to instil some worth in the Craft; for suggesting that we as Witches are adults and not children who need molly coddling; for attempting to tell people the truth about the tradition they claim to be part of, for having a lovely photo taken with some honoured guests!

The same old mental malfunction that plagues occultists of every variety has once again infected the Craft. The same old whine from the same old types. Not able to actually discuss and learn, they resort to name calling and insults that are shocking in their cruelty. And then they call it “family and kin”.

Disagree with Maxine’s views all you like, though only a fool would do so without first really listening and secondly really thinking about them. But please, have the good grace to show some respect for someone who truly deserves it because the fact is, this would not have been written and you wouldn’t be reading it had it not been for Maxine (and Alex) making it possible.

Blessed Be

And yet, Maxine Sanders told me Celia (aka Galatea) is the one of the vilest women on the planet. How can I take Maxine’s word when Celia makes such a passionate defence? There are of course a number of possibilities: 1) Maxine is projecting her own vileness on Celia. 2) Maxine is in psychopath mode and see if she can set me like a pitbull against Celia. 3) Celia is vile because as Conrad suggests below, perhaps she’s capable of lying through her teeth. As for my two cents, I have known a number of occultists with whom I’ve actually discussed and learnt; none were Alexandrians. It’s virtually impossible to start any conversation with an Alexandrian that doesn’t involve churning once more over lineage before whipping it out like a penis and start with the comparison…

“We do it this way…no, the right way to do it is that way…I’m a 3* initiated by Maxine so my lineage is better than yours, you know nothing and if you don’t shut up and start respecting me, I’ll have you banished from the craft (followed by echo chamber of arse kissers)…how dare you!!!….See? You’re not even a proper person fit for the priesthood. Your initiation is not valid. Your lineage is not on my list and the ony person who knows you doesn’t like you. You are never and will never be Alexandrians!

If you don’t break the non-socialising rule, you’re intellectually fucked because the confinement with asinine people (not the magic) will distort your sense of reality and you will begin to believe that certain behaviours are not only normal for an enlightened person but priestly!

Pagan Federation clarifies:

Conrad Andre HarrissThe actual aim of the Pagan Federation is, and always has been, supporting the rights of pagans of all denominations. I can attest that Alexandrians were some of the earliest members, and continue to be heavily involved to this day, which makes the claim of any involvement of the PF in the victimisation of Alex & Maxine unlikely at best. While respecting “Galatea”‘s right to privacy, her unwillingness to identify herself other than the self-referential claim of “old one” makes the provenance of this source questionable. It would be good if she provided her sources or otherwise attempted to corroborate her claims, without which her claims are just so much unfounded mud-slinging. To anyone unfamiliar with the PF and its work, here is a link to their website:

Now from what pulpit does the sermon come from? Here is to what Alexandrians are really all about: sales, publicity and the biggest ball of useless fluff in the magical belly button.

Brian CainI do not think that the topic is really about the Pagan Federation. It is about Alex and Maxine suffering the abuse that they most certainly did and really still do. I would be curious to see who the founding members of the Pagan Front were.

Suffering abuse???  What about the abuse they inflicted on others, the boys Alex slept with…oh yes, cause he liked them young. Even Maxine was barely out of puberty when he got on to her, and old and married . What about the stupid ideas of initiation that they put in the head of Sharon Tate which led her to sleazeballs the size of Roman Polanski and her murder. I dont think that Brian Cain has seen enough of England when he came to visit. They didn’t show him the council estates where Alex and Maxine came from. What a coincindence to have all these questionable people, including Ian Brady writing and knocking at your door.

Sharon DayBrian Cain Oooooh, we know who they are – three in particular, including the most recently deceased and beloved amongst many, but not all.

Oh, so she does? One she is referring to Chris Moroz aka Scorp and everybody knows her problem with him was his loyalty to someone she viewed as a rival.  These rivals of hers are all so fat and ugly. There is always something wrong.  Nevermind they have a neck where you have a hunchback, a good pair of tits and a womanly shape. I’ve a million and one theories but right now up yours Sharon Day!!!! Here in front of me, I’ve letters, photos, documents, emails print outs, USBs, floppie disks, coven diaries, everything Sharon must have been rummaging for, and some really compromising shit, for her and Maxine. She thought taking his computer away would have been the end of it. What the fuck are human fetuses for black magic? Those two are some sick bitches. But hey, Sharon cc a number of people (no sorry, ‘trustworthy brothers and sisters’), inviting them round her house for to view and perhaps buy from her traffiker of human flesh and bones genuine Thai articles.  You know, fuck global warming. As a race we deserve to disappear from the face of the planet. Some lives matter more than others: white, rich, American; they even believe their lives matter so much Britain should legalise guns and if you piss them off, why not kill you, enlist MI5 to do it for them (that’s when you know they’re getting paranoid delusional). But fuck you. You are in Britain and guns will never be legalised.      N.E.V.E.R.

Sharon Day*hearty laughter* from both Galatea and myself Conrad Andre Harriss. For someone who regards himself as a scholarly academic sort, you’ve just made yourself look very silly by not doing your own research – could I suggest you look to the origins of and reasons for the establishment of the “Pagan Front” – you would discover documentary evidence showing that Alex and Maxine were targets, not founding members.

Galatea – her real name, is well known in the British Alexandrian community; was the Maiden in Alex & Maxine’s London Coven; appears in several of the published photos; ran her own coven for over 25 years – I could go on, but don’t need to. I suppose you personally may not know of her in Canada though.


*If only you knew you wouldn’t be laughing Sharon* She is talking about Celia, the woman Maxine had so many kind words about ….,

Conrad Andre HarrissYou appear to have misread my response. Clarification in post below.

FYI – Canadian resident these past 3 years, my previous 20 years in the Craft were in the UK. Not in London much, but out West. As it happens I have heard Galatea’s name in passing, and remember seeing her photo, but have never made her acquaintance.

However I did know the “recently deceased” you refer to above, and was one of “the many”. Bad form, Sharon. How likely do you think it that people will respect someone you revere, when you show so little for those close to them?

Good question. It hits the nail on the head.

Sharon DayDisparaging the living and calling into question their provenance as source without doing any research is bad form Conrad Andre Harriss. The degree of reverence one has for another is irrelevant in the face of facts, and fact-checking is what you did not do before you made your post denigrating Galatea.

*Oh shit! I think buying a human fetus for your stupid black magic is more bad form than disparaging the kind of living who are interested in buying them*…. Yes, Galatea is right in saying that back in the days “Alexandrians were regarded at best, the poor cousins of Witchcraft or at worst, not real Initiates at all”. That’s because they weren’t. Alex was badass. He was a satanist for a while, after his grandma pricked his 7 years old scrotum. He used people for money, young girls for sex and scandal, tried to get into voodoo. For a Gardnerian perspective, go no further than Lamond.

James BerryI’m a Gardnerian myself but I don’t consider Alexandrians to be a separate group. Rather, we’re two breeds of the same species.

This is why I’m in Alexandrian groups as well. I enjoy learning about my cousins (as it were), who share a similar view on the Craft.

Plus, I’m more than a bit of a Qabalist, and Alexandrians tend to have at least a basic familiarity with that tradition.

So Gardnerians don’t. Wow, I’m impressed at the vastness of your awareness James. Apparently when Alexandrians are not Welsh, they are most certainly Jewish, usually of the Cohen or Levi. They might just be another goy who practices what’s impure and forbidden by the Talmud, like I don’t know, witchcraft? Yet, something miracolous happens,.. the jewish astrologer sensing the inner jew wannabee changes her natal horoscope and voila’, fuck the will of G-d, enter the will of Maxine.  Mmmm…would she repeated in a full synagogue?….ah!!But her is a Kabbalistic jew, as if the god of that Kabbalah is not the same who gave the Torah.

Emma CutlipI am touched and saddened to read that there had been so much acrimony of recent yet heartened to see so much love and appreciation for the lifes-work of Maxine. It seems a very sad fact that there has always been disagreement to some degree or another among Witches, be they of the same tradition, or of others.
Even in disagreement, there is also very often unknown and unseen respect, brotherhood and love that reaches so deep into the soul that neither pride nor ego nor wanton expression can dismiss it.
While there may be things any given person might not agree with or find hard to reconcile from various elders be they Maxine, Alex, Stewart or any other who’s dedicated lifes-work is the legacy I am honoured to share in; regardless of agreement, personality, geography or associations, disagreement does not preclude respect and never should.
I am personally always grateful and try to be respectful of their legacy. It is always essential to respect and honour those who have cut the path for us, those who have shone a light in the dark for us, those who have given of themselves so much for us that without them, we would not be. There are too many of them now to name or count, but Maxine will always be among them, no matter anyone’s current views.
It is 20 years ago this year that I first read the words that inspired me on the path and to which I still turn to – Ironically, the poetry of Doreen Valiente, another honoured and respected elder who held views and did things I disagree with, not least that of being a founding member of Pagan Front, but nonetheless a cherished Elder who gave much –
“let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honour and humility, mirth and reverence within you.” A difficult challenge in the face of adversity but an achievable one no matter the hurdle and one I am reminded to strive to when I read the heartfelt words that were shared here.

It is my sincere hope that those like Maxine who have given so much and who continue to give, feel and know every bit of gratitude, respect and love that so many hold in their hearts for her and that no matter personal views, opinions or understandings of issues, a seed can be sown this Imbolg to overcome these hostilities that are spoken of.
In this, I am reminded and inspired by the words Alex himself wrote to Cauldron Magazine in 1979, before the death of John Score or ‘M’ founder ‘The Wiccan’ and of PF who Galatea is right, had as the original core purpose of Pagan Front the resistance of the proliferation of Alexandrian Craft.
Alex Wrote:
“It is such a pity that the Wicca cannot accept the fact that if we were to unite in brotherly love before the face of the Lady and the Lord, we could become great again and open and respected in the outer world. But until that day comes we can only do our individual best for the Mother and Her children.”

Poor Emma Cutlip, you can tell when someone will buy the toothpaste as advertised on TV.  It’s also a pity that many Alexandrian covens have only been accepted in to the folds of the tradition after Loki stirred this dust cloud. Before that, they were considered shit and not proper priesthood. They would go to Maxine but she would fall off the clouds and tell them, “I don’t remember you.” How can I ever forget Richard and Gypsy Ravish visit to England. Because keeping a straight face in front of a man dressed like Merlin and a woman who sang like a strangled cat wasn’t hard enough, when Richard went to reminisce that time in 1980 something, Maxine turned around to face him languidly and said with that dopey voice of hers “I don’t remember you.”  And I asked myself, “What the fuck am I exactly doing here?” – it would be a question I asked myself a lot after that. Now Maxine has taken it to a whole brand new level. The fetuses, Christian Day?!?!? The same guy who lost a court case for threatening rape? First all this information landing on my lap before Chris dies and now Christian Day? Come on universe, you’re having me on! Are you gods avenging us? Tell us who you are for tonight we shall feast, drink and be merry!

Seamus McKeonI’m curious as to what Gardnerians she’s referring to as evidencing “a rise of hostility toward Maxine.” I’m pretty certain that the vast majority of the Gardnerian community considers Maxine to be a sister of the Art whose vouches and bonafides are fairly well known. I haven’t seen any evidence of hostility toward her in any of the Gardnerian channels and forums that I am on, and I’m on most of them.

Maybe with Valiente gone, Maxine expected everyone to genuflect in her presence and crown her queen of the witches, instead when everyone turned to Janet for wisdom and Sorita for beauty.

Conrad Andre HarrissIt would indeed have been silly nonsense to have said that A & M were founding members of PF. Would have. Go back and read it again.

I stand by my comment that *some* of the PF’s *early* members were Alexandrian. None that I know of in the 70s, but certainly some in the 80s, when the organisation was a fraction of its current size.

*I’m quite familiar with the origins of the PF. The founders I know don’t seem prone to deliberate falsehood, nor to spite. Did they urge Alex to caution, or criticise? Probably, and I’d imagine that tempers got heated. I for one can’t condemn them for it: with 20/20 hindsight we can see the merit of Alex publicising Wicca, but things were less clear at the time, and it could have gone a very different way.

Context for non-Brits. **It’s a matter of RECORD that in the early-mid 1960s Alex was conducting mass initiations (claimed 100 covens by 1965), and was working regularly on Saddleworth Moor. Also on Saddleworth Moor at that very time, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley were torturing young children, and recording their dying pleas on tape for their later amusement. These tapes were aired on BBC radio, once, in 1966 or 67, for public awareness, before being destroyed. By 1970, when PF formed, serial killers were big news again, courtesy of Charles Manson…as was Alex, again, after making a couple of films.

The last British conviction for witchcraft was as late as 1944, and “outed” Wiccans would continue to lose jobs as late as the early 1990s. The British public was close to hysteria about witchcraft for decades: ***if a handful of quiet Gardnerians were concerned that a little sensational investigative journalism might end up associating Wicca with serial killers, who can blame them?

So yes, Galatea’s observation that As and Gs didn’t always get on well is plain historical fact. But both sides have worked hard to bury that hatchet and become the “one big happy family” in truth. The Pagan Federation has been a great enabler on that score, while also protecting pagan rights and public perception; ****and it’s a shame the article’s only reference to the PF is an unmitigated association with “spite”. It’s also sad that we need to dig the hatchet back up instead of moving on.

As to Maxine: I agree, she deserves all the respect she gets. *****In my experience though any negativity I hear directed at her comes from people, Alexandrians included, who DID “really listen”, and “really think”…and really concluded that they really didn’t agree or are outright offended by what she had to say on some sensitive issues. 

*Only a handful of quiet Gardnerians?*

The crusade against criticism continues. Maxine hates this guy and has turned everyone against him. (An almost certain murder)

Is it anything new?

Maxine would like us to believe to her revised and re-polished version of events in spite of plain historical evidence proving otherwise. In her words, she doesn’t want to take any responsibility for any past, present or future mess. Bear that in mind.