Month: April 2016

All the Queen’s orphans

Power establishes the narration of Alexandrians present as its history only at the cost of tearing out another narrative, a name and an epigraph on a tomb, which had been the sign of its own scission.

Then the new legend of Truth, De Fiosa’s narrative, the narrative of the Queen’s historiographer, can be inscribed on the newly smooth marble of Alex Sanders’ gravestone.

What future readers read in the narrative, the palimpsest of another past, is but power turned against itself.

Here is the typical scenario, when parents estranged by their overindulged children, disown them and cut them off their inheritance, much along the storyline of The Testament by John Grisham.

For a few decades Alexandrians were among those wiccans who spoke of themselves as family. Until the 80’s it was the trademark speech of New Age cults – we have in Charles Manson a prime example with an interesting connection to boot. This trend began to fade from the late 80’s onwards and took a sharp dip in the 00’s with Chaos and other branches of the occult taking off on the popularity stakes, along with a socio-cultural decline of  traditional values which characterised the new generations of youngsters.

Suddenly, home and family became indicators of clinginess and emotional immaturity, something that was no longer desirable for the image of the ‘powerful’ witch.

The enthusiasm that had gone into building the nurturing Mother of the 60’s goddess quickly waned as her children begun to come of age just as the queen and king went their separate ways, causing divided loyalties as it’s common among children of divorcing couples.

The first Harvest brought into manifestation the fruits of years of infantilisation after the king’s death.

The apron strings were cut amidst the bereavement as the queen found herself too out of her depth to hold the reins of her crumbling household…but why beat yourself over it, eh? Only the carriage kept on rolling whether she paid attention or not.

Some of her children went off to create households of their own. Some stayed in the area, others moved far and away, without bothering much to keep in touch. Then there were those offspring the king himself had spawned offshore and had been left fending for themselves.

The queen grew bitterly disappointed and retired…what did she care? There was not much in it for her…you know, when people buzz around you only because they want something from you but otherwise don’t give a shit. Then again, it’s not that simple when you are the one who brought them into existence. Sure, they would have been independent magi and witches, had she realised all that flattery and adoration catalysed an Oedipus complex which stunted any potential to mature in terms of magic.

So in the true spirit of someone who just hit a brick wall too hard to overcome at a time when energy runs low: each to their own.

However, as it is usual in those cases, there are always some exceptions to the rule in which not all hope is lost, so she occasionally kept in touch when a special grandchild would pay her a lot of attention. Not that she let her guard down, of course. But at least, it provided her with someone keen enough to take on any job on whom she could bunk off anyone looking for her.

That was until, groups of grandchildren and great grandchildren started making a little fortune for themselves out of their legacy and gained popularity, attracting long lost relatives from far away along with their train of faithful disciples.

Suddenly, long lost relatives, some of them full blood, others half or quarter blood bastards started coming out of the woodworks, each and everyone claiming a share in the tradition’s deeds and titles – no matter how remote and bastardised the connection.

We are all one! We are all brothers and sisters of the Craft! At least until Christian Day came along, challenging all misconceptions about Mickey Mouse magicians and rape allegations not being taken seriously and dealt with by the elders of the craft.

Such a smooth bypass from last in the queue to the left seat of the throne ruffled the feathers of those first generations who had been themselves estranged by the queen and those who had to bend over backwards twice and over again for a scrap of second class recognition.

Loki’s fire weaves itself through mysterious ways and is no stranger for turning up at parties in drag.

So, the struggle and agitation resumed in earnest among long standing eminences and newcomers alike.

The queen, of course, let them get on with it as per usual. Maybe she could not be bothered with it. Maybe it just proved once again how unworthy and useless some of her children are. Maybe they just thought about themselves, and what about her? What she needed and what she wanted? Was she expected to be the sacrificial mother who gives herself unconditionally over to her children’s every whim?

Ah! The joys of reaping the harvest when you were so sure it had been wheat and not discord falling in fertile ground all those years ago!!!

Retrospection, like introspection, is like one of those Christmas gifts that once received are recycled as gifts for those people we don’t really want to make much of an effort for.

So no problem.

Some of the half and quarter bastards swiftly homed in on what the Queen needed and sought the most: fresh blood and unchartered territories. So, having gathered and formed a plan to ingratiate themselves in the queen’s favour, they set up to work much like the Conquistadores of the 16th century. Initially reticent and suspicious, her defences came down as Eldorado showed its promise of gold in the generous (if not naïve) welcome of its natives and the queen came to realise there was sufficient unbridled loyalty in bastard blood for license to divide and conquer in her good name, at home and abroad.

Finally the queen would have something to rub in the face of all those self-entitled ungrateful spawn of hers.

No, the fault was not hers or her late husband’s. It had not been their method of upbringing.

If their children had turned to corruption, they only had themselves to blame.

And so, those who beat their chests and willingly took the blame were granted merciful admission to her presence as humble servants to the half and quarter bastards who were now elevated above them as the new adopted princes and viziers.

Meanwhile, those who didn’t were charged with all the tradition’s ills and cast out by the magic of the circle like scapegoats in the desert to carry off the burden in atonement for all, in the hope that suffering ostracism would bring them back on their knees, ready to prostrate themselves to their new lords. Those sitting on the fence were given food for thought.

The half and quarter bastards raised their glasses to victory and success, for not only they conquered their share. They wilily turned the tables on the legitimate heirs.  The queen disowned her own children abdicating the whole legacy in their hands. Back in their lands they were received with laurels and honours and they could be seen on the astral sticking two fingers up to all the queen’s orphans.

But then again, you’ll never know, all this ado could be for nothing more than fool’s gold.

The end.


Admin changes


I’m Reynardine and from this day on I will be taking responsibility as administrator and editor of Loki’s Gazette.

There are going to be a few minor changes, as for the rest, in true traditional spirit, we won’t take anything away, meaning all past content remains publicly available.

Loki’s Gazette gets a huge amount of traffic on a daily basis and in the past it has received questions of various nature and requests for vouching from seekers who wanted to know more about the character of a coven leader. I’m going to take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about the position we have taken on these matters.

We welcome questions about topic of current interest. Provided they are pertinent and the information requested cannot be found elsewhere, we will endeavour to address them with a blog post and you will be notified when it has been published. We do not answer questions about our identity.

We will always publish feedback, even when it’s negative, so you are welcome to speak your mind. However, we will no longer respond in the comment section and will not publish what readers’ responses to them. If readers wish to start a debate, they will be able to share the post and carry the argument elsewhere.

If you have a really strong opinion about something, perhaps you have written a controversial article, a damning review about some of the crap that publishers put on the market, something too subversive for the old boys’ club to stomach or good satirical art, you will find no light weights here, we would love to hear from you.

But please understand that Loki’s Gazette is about stripping ‘immunity’ from noxious badge holders and maintain the integrity of the magical currents across the spectrum. It is not a platform to promote the political agenda of feminists, LGBT or the disabled.

We also accept readers’ stories for publishing. You might want to get something off your chest or blow the whistle about certain individuals. Good. You’re getting into the spirit! If coven leaders want to be seen as enlightened beings above the average mortal man, they better start acting like it and be ‘conscious’ about the way they speak and act. You’ll be guaranteed the utmost confidentiality and support from us as well as public anonymity. Just get in touch and either myself or someone from the syndacate will get back to you as soon as possible.  This invitation is extended to readers regardless of their tradition, initiatory status or esoteric persuasion. Although we can only comment on what we have direct experience of, we are truly committed to draw the line where people use occult knowledge and magic to exploit and abuse others.


The Alexandrian wicca delusion.

“Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths”.

– Joseph Campbell

Gnosis gets a bad rap, and I totally understand why. It’s the people who want to use their personal experiences of the gods to get maximal attention from their friends; it’s people who claim to be the last true oracle of a deity and whose oracles are mostly the gods vehemently agreeing with that person about who is or is not worthy of scorn and approbation.

It’s most especially the people who want to craft or claim a “True” connection to the gods so that they can sit atop Mount Special, and wait for people to line up and be initiated into their version of whatever mysteries, as revealed to them by their deity. Looking for a hegemony to be hegemmed by? Why not Zoidberg?


It is, most of all, the humble ministers working in the service of the community of followers, cooking pasta, organising gatherings, and cleaning up after events, who are talked down to, marginalised and unappreciated because of pretenders to the title of High Priest and High Priestess who use their gnosis or “mysteries” to attain the closer they can get to celebrity status.


These things are annoying, and it is easy to understand why certain groups simply want to pull the plug on that sort of obnoxious drama. However, gnosis is important. Let me lay it out for you.

I want to start with a folk story from an unlikely place: Chassidic Jewry.  A Rabbi addresses his congregation with a question: “Where does the spirit of God reside?” Everyone smiles, because they know the canonical answer: their God is omni-present. The Rabbi answers himself, saying: “The spirit of God resides where it is invited in.” And everyone stopped smiling.

If you are reading this, I’m going to make a wild assumption that you aren’t a Chassidic Jew…;-)… but I think the principle remains true. In order to have strong and healthy relationships with those who we could call ‘deities’, we need to make a place in our lives for them. We need to give them a place to be, and we need to invite them in. Largely, humans don’t and here are some cliche` excuses that explicate why something so ordinary and natural is so easily hijacked by fans of the paranormal and turned into mysteries for the selected few.

Excuse 1: You Need A Lineaged Priest… Or to Be A Lineaged Priest

There is ancient mythology, and it exists because human beings had experiences of the gods. Mythologies will always tell you that humans were fundamentally different back then. Of course it does, because if it didn’t, you might get the insane idea that the ‘gods’ are continuing to interact with people (other than the clergy that is telling you that they, and not you, can talk to the gods using their ancient, secret, mystic hoobbity-ha).

You might get the idea that the gods are not an alienated superior race of hermits, living in a dark cave or some remote mount somewhere. You might get the notion that they, in some way, wanted to be a part of everyone’s life, and not just the lives super special people who know special ancient secrets and formulas that the gods supposedly hid from the rest of the proletariat.

Why This Is Stupid.

There are only two possibilities: the gods want to be among us, or they don’t.  If they don’t then no one can make them do it.  If they do, then they won’t make the means to help them manifest so complicated.

Excuse 2: You Are Unworthy

Another common theme is that the gods avoid unworthy people. You see that in mythology, too. We, of course, are morally imperfect. Morality changes with times and social evolution/devolution. Therefore, the gods don’t want to be around us, and we need to know special ways of pleasing and bribing them to get them to manifest.

Why This Is Stupid.

I’ll be blunt. I have met lots and lots of people, and I never ran across anyone perfect. The human race is a conglomeration of self-serving arseholes. This is nothing new. People have basically always been arseholes. Odysseus was an arsehole. Medea was an arsehole. Theseus? MEGA ARSEHOLE. Yet the gods still wanted to be a part of the world when these people were around because even among them it’s full of arseholes. Can Gwyddion be considered less of an arsehole than Loki?

Furthermore, what kind of gods do you believe in? Are they the sort that run at the first sign of difficulty? Have difficulty solving basic social problems? Flip their shit at the first sign of adversity? If so, then they don’t really want to be a part of our world at all, so stop calling them. Strife is what our world is all about. It is the defining feature of human existence.

And let’s be frank… there is no category of people that is just fundamentally better. We’ve been through this. Rich people are not spiritually superior to poor people, men are not spiritually superior to women, women are not spiritually superior to men. Ideas like this are common, and they have a name: bigotry. They are all universally wrong.

The gods DO want to be a part of ‘our’ world, and that means dealing with humans, who are as flawed entities as they are.

The ‘gods’ are not lofty beings to whom we necessitate to give adoration for atonement of some imaginary ‘sin’ our ancestors committed against one of them when we first became human (not all of them anyway). They do not hide from us nor they live within us if not for the few DNA strands that separate us from the apes. They have not hidden away some secret of being with them and talking to them. They’re more than willing to be a part of our lives if we let them – even if just out of curiosity or duty we’re not privvy of. It’s up to you to make your partnership with them productive and long-lasting.  We, however, need to scrap some of the absurd hang ups religion has drummed into our heads and some so called witchcraft traditions would have us continue to believe. So long as you’ll have a herd mentality and think, act and speak as you’re told because somebody else thought so 40, 50 years ago, you’re cannot claim to have any more more secret knowledge than what the rest of the herd as already.  If you stay a sheep, I’m sure your Gods will treat you as one and feed you the fodder you deserve because that’s exactly what a good shepherd would do.

We all come from the same universal ‘materia prima’ – those who we call gods included. Religion and its spiritual teachers won’t tell you that, but mythology provides plenty of clues for deducing this conclusion.

But what about those crazy people who have gnosis? And what about all the contradictory experiences people have?

A second and final thought from Campbell.

“Every [mythological] experience is true one way or another. It is true when understood metaphorically. But when it gets stuck in its own metaphors, interpreting them as facts, then you are in trouble.”

– Joseph Campbell