Month: June 2016

Truly not helping towards your cause

You often hear pagans and witches talk about ‘consciousness’ and they really pride themselves about being a cut above the rest.

There are some people out there who really believe to have their shit together and have it all figured out. But have they?

Consciousness, believe it or not, starts with self-awareness.

These days it’s not that difficult to work out who uses the word ‘consciousness’ like a parrot just because they hear someone else use it frequently and who has really grasped its meaning.

In these modern times, people are generally very conscious of what they post on social networks, especially Facebook. What about all these ‘do not mess with a witch’ types. Oh no! They go in reverse and some of them have turned Faceook in a launchpad for ‘pity-me’ and ‘pat on the back’ parties.

Memes prove an attractive bait for the misunderstood inclined towards passive-aggressive attention seeking behaviour.




She wants you to believe she doesn’t waste her time explaining herself but she posts a meme to explain it to you, then she tells herself “Keep it to your friends…who pick up the phone”. There’s an inbox if you do not want to pick your phone, you know? I had to stop, blink at the screen a few times and scratch my head furiously in disbelief: this woman’s mind leaps around more incoherently than a nevrotic monkey caged in a zoo.

Now everyone can see someone got you and your friends by the chinny chin chin. You’ve achieved that alright.

Criticism and difference of opinion are hard to take when you believe you and only those who think like you are right.

All these time wasters with opinions of their own.

Life’s a bitch for people like you: “The world is full of arseholes and everyone dies”.

At which point, I go back to the ‘hahaha’ in the comments. I’ve seen that saucer of sour milk elsewhere. Similar story: another misunderstood poor soul who is always categorically right.


This time it’s haha, not hahaha. Nevertheless, two birds of a feather swept into Icarus’ flightpath. My oh my, what have we come to!

You know what’s it like, people join groups, go to events, ask questions but nobody likes being spoken to condescendently, so perhaps these people who ruffled your feathers might understand you only too well. You go public, seeking wreaths of fame and glory and people falling on their knees at your ‘wisdom’. What you find instead is flak coming from all directions, challenging your position for every frustrated attempt to put a foot forward. Maybe, you misunderstand what going public is all about.

I know, criticism and difference of opinion are hard to take when you believe you and only those who think like you are right.

But have you ever checked out the Facebook pages and the websites of those who strike it successfully with their followers. Have you ever wondered why you’re always stuck in the same cycle? Take Sorita D’Este for example. She’s Alexandrian and doesn’t get half the flak you do: is there a particular reason why? People have been flocking to her in a steady stream since 10-15 years ago. She is popular and well respected.  She must be doing something right to go from strength to strength and that’s admirable, so cast an eye in that direction and don’t be too afraid to learn.  You who latch on like pitbulls on anyone who sees it differently from you and go on and on and on as if your life depended on the drama your create for yourselves, and you expect respect and credibility in return?

Being in the public eye requires a certain degree of emotional intelligence and got to give Sorita her due, unlike the vast majority of Alexandrians, in all these years she has distinguished herself for it.

Do yourself a favour and take a leaf from her book.

Oh yep, you’re so not going to like this hear this, but before you arch your backs and throw a hiss fit, spare some sympathy for this devil: somebody’s got yap and snap at your ankles to warn you about the cliff under your noses.