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This is specifically dedicated to one of my latest followers, The Wiccan Wanderer, seemingly in search of inspiration to develop those wordsmithing skills. Hopefully he or she will pull out of that crapulous habit of fake blogging. You know, this is not some kind of peek a boo game you can play by hiding behind a blank A4 sheet of paper. If you want to stalk behind a fake identity, at least be clever about it.


We just found something horrifying on the internet. We know, we know, that never happens, ever, but OMGs, it just did. To us! Nothing horrifying EVER happens to us because we’re so magical and above it all. But alas, the human condition strikes even witches of the highest breeding, lineage, and caliber at times, and this is just one of those situations.

Now, everyone knows that lineages exist within Wicca. (Keep in mind that we’re speaking in the British sense of the word Wicca, meaning traditional, initiatory Wicca. You know, the way Jesus meant the word to be used.) Ostensibly, because we are the biggest, baddest, and loudest on the internet THAT WE INVENTED, the good old boy American line (coughcougholwencoughcough) is the pinnacle of Wiccan lineage on the gods’ dear earth, because once you get something right, you stop (or you passed away on a boat while near Tunisia…

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  1. I’ll give it a go, im very new to WordPress and blogging. I’m also keen because of work not to have my personal details displayed on the page if that’s possible, so would prefer to go private for that


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