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Alexandrian High Priest at his most spiritually enlightened….



“Oh Neo-Pagans some of you have sorry excuses for people to idolize. Apparently, Brian Cain didn’t like me calling him out. So he blocked me.

But this type of behavior is really per the usual for many of the online witches or priests of whatever tradition. They spend 99.9% of the time online trying to prove what big badasses they tend to be. Or they just generally prove they are nasty excuses for human beings.

I just find it hard to take them seriously. Maybe it is because I am from southern *****. I believe in being very honest and direct. Usually, those with the most mouth usually can’t back things up. So they really should just stop wasting everyone’s time.

Also if you want people to take you serious about your spirituality then act like it. Don’t demean people who don’t look like you. Don’t try to tear them apart. Life is tough enough without a bunch of gay Pagans who exemplify the worst of both the Neo-Pagan and gay community.”

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Loki says…..


Biggest crock of shit of the Day: enforced nakedness

The Charge of the Goddess mentions slavery, freedom and nakedness.

Consider the thought that enforced nakedness is tantamount to enslavement.

Comments invited.  – Sharon Day

There is no such thing as enforced nakedness because the initiate knows in advance what they are letting themselves in for before their initiation. It’s the responsibility of the High Priest and High Priestess to keep their temple in order and vet their prospective initiates.

I remember coming across someone with issues and I mean massive issues about nakedness but she would still insist on being initiated. My answer was always a flat no. I I began to notice that she was far more transgressive in many other aspects and was obsessed with sex magic. There was something about her, and it took a couple of years to find out and eventually, I breathed a sign of relief for having had the common sense not to bring her in circle.

So it sounds to me like Sharon Day is trying to virtue signal and stir a political controversy over a triviality that is not even an argument, since both party can say no and no-one is obliged to initiate anyone.

The tradition of ‘be naked in your rites’ comes from Charles Leland’s Gospel of Aradia. The story is so fake for the epoch in which it takes place, it cannot even be counted as a folktale and paints the sterotypical picture of the witch through the eyes of medieval Christianity…all about curses and naked women flying to the sabbat to have intercourse with a goat. So, in reality you don’t need to be naked in your rites and you don’t even need to have someone scourging your arse as a deem sacrifice to the goddess. They are all inventions that add mystique.

This is a ceremony of the Yawalapitis in Brazil. These women are truly naked in their rites as a symbol of their feminine fertility and coming of age.

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How’s Alexandrian even remotely a fertility cult. I don’t know a single Alexandrian who farms their food. They all shop at the supermarket. Gardening is merely a bohemian hobby. The further these people have ever ventured is Wales – hardly a nature that kills. As for fertility of the mind, it goes as far as ‘Maxine said…’, ‘I was taught…’, ‘My teacher does…’….like actually thinking is something completely out of the question and beyond their capacity.

The only reason I would insist on nakedness is so as not to feel like I was back in a catholic monastery.

Nakedness is ALWAYS clearly discussed BEFORE a seeker makes the final decision on whether to go ahead with initiation or pull out.

There is nothing wrong with a naked body. Christian conditioning is alone responsible for perverting the human body into a sexual object and debasing the act of sex as impure. But then, if that’s how you feel why don’t you just stay with the Catholic church instead of bringing your existential issues among pagans? For many witches the whole point of joining witchcraft is to run away as far as possible from Abrahamic religions.

The comments below hit the nail on the head.

Suggesting that being compelled to be naked is slavery is a misinterpretation of what is meant. No one is forced to go skyclad. If they don’t want to do it then they don’t become initiated. Simple as. Slavery implies a permanent situation. We’re all allowed to get dressed again! In any event our coven works robed except for initiations, Once the initiation is completed, the robes go back on very switfly. – Anon 1

You could also see to be able to be nude as the ultimate sign of freedom, being one with nature and totally equal with everybody (without sporting the most cool robe !). For me it is ultimate freedom the same as a tribe of Indians in the Amazon has no problem with their bodies. To have a hang up with it is taught to us as children by the left overs of an Victorian area, where sex and nudity was dirty. An oppression by authority (state and churches). We always go robed when somebody comes to us and feels uncomfortable, but I always hope they will one day feel as free as me and have no problem to hop about a spring field in the nip, laugh and enjoy the warm sun on their skin. Like a 3 year old child, (children love to be naked), as they have not learnt the concept of naked body equals bad. – Anon 2

Nobody ‘forces’ me to be naked in my rites. I see it in part a transcendance of the body, a sign of true freedom in more than a physical sense. The Charge gives guidance in that-but it certainly doesn’t force the issue. – Anon 3

Nobody would ever succeed in forcing me to do anything I don’t want to either. I bet even non intiates and non witches would tell you that.

At this point, I’m beginning to wonder where have some people been all their life to be so out of touch with reality.

All this borgeouis prudishness… is it attention seeking, better than thou attitude or is it hiding a darker side?




Skyclad or not?

I’m usually slower at following up on messages we receive – not this time.

We’ve just received a tip-off and I’m actually annoyed at the deliberate ‘perusing’ which comes literally nothing short of trawling the internet to find something to nitpick and start an argument that invariably ends with the perpetrator’s uprighteous judgement and the insinuation that Alexandrians who came long before her know nothing about their tradition.

I’m even more annoyed that when hard evidence is provided, the perpetrator insists in denying the obvious with arguments typical of armchair magicians on the scale of below freezing insight.

Let’s start with Eris’ apple…..

Perusing other groups, a disconcerting statement made was that ‘Alexandrians work mainly skyclad’.

Comments invited.     –  Sharon Day

A disconcerting statement…what I really find disconcerting is the practice to divulge pictures of sacred rites for fame and gain – be them staged or not. If that does not represents the true picture of what witches do, it constitutes deception and false advertising.

My very limited experience (one coven that I’ve been initiated into) confirms that this is true. Is is the “mainly” that’s ‘bothering you’? I suppose there can be exceptions to the rule if a coven is willing to accommodate (self autonomy and all).

But we must remember what the Goddess says in Her Charge. – Anon

There comes a point in an Alexandrian ritual (a few steps before the Charge of the Goddess) when the HP/HPS declares “Be thou naked in your rites.”  Every coven with undiluted lineage to Alex or Maxine has it as part of their standard liturgy. You don’t? Then you did not receive authentic training. Period. There has only ever been one exception and one exception alone: a priestess on her monthly cycle. Outdoors, indoors, that’s just plain common sense. If the weather does not allow, you stay in. When working magic outdoors, covens cast a spell of invisibility. But what if, you say? Then you ain’t a witch, you can’t work magic, stay at home and watch TV. Too delicate for the weather (holy cow, we’re talking elements here)? Stay at home and watch TV.

Alright then, so Sharon Day has the green light to take away from the tradition on the basis of being disconcerted. Did she mention she had a problem with working skyclad when she asked for initiation or is this misinformation just the equivalent of handing over the US to Donald Trump. Ahhh, no wait, she can’t part from the glitzy robes and is afraid someone might stare at her sagging boobs. Yep, can’t trust those coveners with keeping their mind on their work. Can’t even trust those 42 Assessors to make their right decision for you, before you initiate someone you cannot fully trust. But I bet she does demand perfect trust though.

Are you serious? Watch telly if working this system of magic causes a disconcerted mindset.

Rule?  – Sharon Day

Read woman…bloody read and think before you speak.

Of practising naked.  – Anon

On second thoughts she’s deliberately sending you round in circles. Here comes the proof.

On the basis of, in your own words, your ‘very limited experience’ in ‘one coven’, how is it confirmed to be true and should therefore be taken as a ‘rule’ of practise for a whole tradition? – Sharon Day

She’s being a total bitch for the sake of winning the argument. Why invite comments? How dare she put down participants in good faith publicly, so to put herself above them!!! . Did she start the thread to show off and bleed your spirits dry or to listen what people have to say to her own question? Request a clear-cut answer to her own question and the reasons as to why it is so disconcerting or close that thread and be done with pointless ‘discussions.’  If you think yourself a witch, NEVER EVER let anyone disrespect you like that. You must set BOUNDARIES as to how people treat you. 

Bear in mind that I also said ‘self autonomy’. Each Coven is to their own and how they choose to practise is down to them.

I’m sure that there are photos depicting Alex, Maxine, the Farrars, and others naked whilst practising their rights.

I will neither deny nor confirm any mention of being naked from the Book of Shadows…

Maxine and two other initiates (all of whom I presume are Alexandrian Witches) are naked here…

And here

What do you think about the comment, Sharon?

– Anon

And by the way, Alexandrians may start and end a ritual in robes but I never seen the moon or the sun being drawn on a robed priest/ess (Veils are not robes and mystery symbols in their own right…so please let’s not confuse the two or even put them on the par).

******, the original post is not about coven autonomy.

This may come as a huge surprise but with few exception – ALL – of the photos of Alex and Maxine with others in the time period you are referencing – are staged.

As regards the Charge of the Goddess in the Book of Shadows, it’s great that you bring this up because it is a point we can use on a separate thread which goes to having freedom of choice, so thank you for that!

Staged: Always been against parading witchcraft and always will. I can’t stand seeing witchcraft being used as a ‘look at me’ toy when it suits and then hear all this ado about oaths and hidden children of the goddess. Besides, we have Alex’s word for it that staging can go wrong. Why has Alex been relegated as a voiceless icon in the background? We can’t trust what that one time he made an evaluation of his magical practice when he was alive but we should trust what comes through an Ouija board to someone who never met him.

Freedom of choice: for reasons already explained above, one cannot take away from the tradition. To do so, just because someone finds being skyclad disconcerting and has not got over socio-cultural conditioning and cannot keep their mind focused on the work is a weak link. Why are these people even there, if they cannot manage the basics. The freedom of which the Charge speaks is about transcending constraints and socially imposed mores to liberate the spirit (same as priestesses letting their hair loose in circle…although there is another layer of meaning about hair) so to work witchcraft, the witch must return to the natural state. It’s a symbolic act akin to lighting candles, consecrating water etc.

Witchcraft is not ceremonial magic. The Charge is witchcraft. Then there are other aspects of the tradition which are not. In those aspects, initiates work robed, because it is not necessary. Freedom of choice comes after necessity. Freedom of choice is not an excuse to indulge in pandering personal unresolved issues. In fact, I find personal issues are often more of a barrier to magic than mental and physical disability. They denote weakness of character – something a witch, magician, shaman, whatever, cannot afford to have.

I’m going to leave it at that and hope the reader who forwarded this info won’t have it bad if I don’t include all of the thread.

There is a second part that just arrived and will deal with it in a separate post.

Uncomfortable Fears

Frankly …I am sick of people who profess to be craft in all its guises constantly trying to destroy the craft from withing (sic) by having to try and prove something acedamically (sic) incorrect about the craft. Who gives a ….. Who are you trying to impress. when you took oaths at first degree did you tell the gods you were going to screw it up for everyone and destroy the mystery, destroy the magic. Get over yourselves …nobody is impressed. – Stonemason

Dear Stonemason,

First of all the craft, as you imply, is limited to wicca and witchcraft only to those of equally limited vision. I and many others understand that for many ‘witches’, some branches of the craft represent a cosy refuge to escape some brutal realities of life or to break the monotony of an otherwise pretty flat existence.

Academia serves the purpose to filter inaccurate historical facts before they set into dogma (take Margareth Murray for example) from the essence of the craft as an initiatory journey in the mysteries – ‘mysteries’ as a non-denominational concept across each and every sub-category of the craft.

It goes without saying that genuine initiates loathe wasting precious time enslaving themselves to facetious superstitions and fake narratives, for the love of pursuing what is authentic and congruent with their higher will. So what if it entails burning down a prison or two and screwing up its guards? It’s magical selection. Destruction is often what is needed to purge the dross from a magical current. It either dies or transmutes into gold. That is part and parcel of the work of the initiate too. Bear in mind, we’re talking of Initiates and not your average hippie into traditional hobbycraft.

In the search for the truth, it is pretty standard procedure to subvert the status quo and throw age old beliefs up in the air. Nobody is trying to impress anybody here. Slapstick humour is a wake up call for those with ears to hear it. Conventions are broken purposefully. Heaps of chaff set alight with crystal clear intent to char them into ashes. Ordeals are the basis of British traditional witchcraft, better known as wicca – if everyone is so tough when it’s hunky dory, how comes they have such a hard time under a bit of rain? Everyone stands to benefit from ordeals – isn’t that what wise elders are fond to tell newbies when they incur into personal crises?  Except, those who rely on witchcraft re-enactment to feel they have some sort of power over others, tend not to cope as well when the rod is not spared on them.

Does this spoil the magic for you Stonemason? Then it’s time to rethink what you let yourself dabble into because the craft is all about having power over oneself and it appears you easily fall into emotional distress. Maybe you lack the fortitude of your convictions to admit that without the fantasy that you call magic, your world comes crashing down back to earth – king, queen and castle and, you don’t like it the way it is. You bring up the oath of the 1st degree and pause there, as if it’s an act of permanent indencture where it all ends but it reveals you’ve merely left one master for another, and without a master you would not survive the wilderness. Maybe you’re satisfied with collecting spells and rituals copied by someone else from someone else. Sit back, let others do the thinking for you and pay for every crumb of knowledge with lip service to those whose power – greater than yours – depends on their acolytes’ affirmations of unquestioned loyalty. You are just a follower and a modern age consumer Stonemason. An Initiate does not bind himself to be free only within a pre-established boundaries, never comes to compromises about his freedom with spirits or gods in exchange of power like some traditions will have you believe to be necessary. Do not ever mistake to be of service for servitude. If you had done your homework, you would know that oaths can be relinquished and there are many ways to go about it – if you’re savvy in the ways of magic.

For current followers, little matters Alex Sanders withdrew from the tradition he created saying he got it all wrong and put himself in a mess he could not see his way out. He was a dabbler by his own admission (his words while alive, not those coming through some low entity in disguise coming through an Ouija board session) – someone who took a book against another magician’s will, worked the magic without a real need for the sake of results just because he needed to experiment and prove himself to others. He didn’t give himself the time to understand (a victim of his own superficial success), nor he sought to understand it until too late, by which time he was broken by the very burden of consequences he created himself. Maxine Sanders took that pattern for herself and chained herself to it – she stresses to be known as co-founder and queen of the Alexandrian tradition – but for all her years in ‘the craft’, she will rather bask all the surface glamour she can get before she dies and leave an illusionary legacy of grandeur rather than to put the effort to dive deep and amend the flaws in the weave she took as inheritance. False pride. Fear of anonymity and being forgotten. Fear of what others may think.

So what have we got to look forward to from Maxine and her Maxipads? Another self-justifying auto-biography to defend herself. It could be typed by her own hand and made available for free, like this blog. Nope. She needs an auto-biographer to tidy it up. A website to rewrite the history of the tradition – at “a click for the cashier.”  She needs a spokeperson or two, a researcher to do the homework on her own memories, and readers will have to pay for it all. So, who is trying to impress who here? How far would she get on her own?

The raw truth is simple, visceral, immediate, heartfelt in all its unglorious mess. There is no shame in speaking it up for free. There is no gain, no fame, nothing but the unappealing bare bones people would not give you a penny for it. The raw truth destroys when it strikes. Yes, it does and must come from within. It must bear a first hand witness account: seen with his own eyes, heard with his own ears, touched with his own hands and beyond that lived with every part of his being.

Only the insecure – overwhelmed with fear – will lament the destruction it releases. Only the powerless will resist from being stripped to the bone and cannot let go of their crowns, jewels and vestments. What would be left of them once all glamour is gone?

There’s nothing worse for the escapist than the prospect of having his little gilded bubble burst. The escapist needs the status quo just as the cripple needs his crutches to stand upright.

Clearly, those who work the craft as a hobby could not give a shit about truth because for them the craft is about surrounding themselves with glamour.

Yes, being challenged reminds these escapists that while they may have succeeded in convincing themselves and their posse of having powers they do not possess, they are not as invulnerable from the outside and there are no guarantees that something or someone won’t ever come along to tear the whole facade down with the slightest touch. The slighted touch is all it takes for a bubble to burst.

In the sphere of what we call magic, there is a greater justice (those who’ve crossed many a threshold will understand what I’m referring to) to which even gods, let alone these beings and their worshipers, must surrender their precious crowns to. The true mysteries can never be destroyed. However, man-made falsehoods, like all things, are cyclical and eventually perish by nature or by exposure to the elements. This is magic. Sorry to disappoint you: magic only ever screws it up for the escapists.

So instead of feasting on doggy-bag scraps and rattling about people you don’t know, about things you only fractionally understand whilst accepting secondary sources as gospel truths, have at least the initiative to kick what little free will you’ve got into gear to search further and deeper.