Month: July 2017

Non compos mentis sophisticated tripe

That cringing moment in the occult community, when a self-absorbed media wiccan fears her center-stage is being compromised but thinks she’s come up with a really smart retort to elicit ‘likes’,

“I am not interested in the ongoing dramas of small-minded nincompoops who want to be famous because they had an initiation somewhere from someone. “Initiation” simply implies a new start – and if you want it to be magical and spiritual, your work will speak for itself.

Unless you do something with it, Initiation is not special – and you remain in the first stage, katharsis – with no hope of ever reaching telete – let alone epopteia…. (go and google that ­čśë ) ” – Sorita D’Este

giphy (1)

The average new age poodle won’t have the faintest of what she’s on about and will be frantically googling in search of definition. But Sorita thrives on impressing her fans with flamboyant displays of word porn.

“Oh my goddess, you are so intelligent Sorita!” – they squeal while drooling and masturbating over her latest Facebook status.

Will the tripe they are about to write match up to Sorita’s and get her ‘like’? Maybe if they impress her enough with depth of spiritual understanding ┬áas well as unconditional devotion they might stand a chance of getting invited to stay at her house and babysit for free her autistic son while she tends her poisonous herbs garden. Ah, what a privilege that would be!

“That’s not fair they are going to think that is all Greek – actually it is all Greek!But katharsis has come to mean so much more than it originally did in its mother tongue – epopteia might be the first but telete is just down right sneaky as you know it can mean 3 things only one of which is slightly about initiations (the other 2 are spirit and orgies) – – tricky tricky tricky…

To initiate something means to begin -so they are only just beginners – so just ask them to show what they can do or have done – not to tell you about it – Pythagorean initiates were not permitted to speak for a year – we should really make this a requirement more often.” ┬á– @ Shambhallah Awareness Centre

…but no, they’re being ignored. No likes for you this time. You’re not Shamballah enough for this precious high priestess of the greek chtnonic mysteries with the direct phone line to the great Hekate.


Try again next time. The babysitting vacancy is currently filled by a man-hating feminist at the service of population control (which can’t be a bad thing). ┬áMaybe if only your name was JSK and you were worth rubbing shoulders with because your books make you look like a novice…or maybe threaten suicide or something. ┬áSorita is the great expert and connossieur of what constitutes legitimate new age bullshit, just as Justin Bieber is to music. She’s a qualified quack ┬áherbalist. She will heal you the way real professionals can’t, go up to Devon for one of her mighty conjurations and think of you as she paddles in the sea. Then striking her signature pose arms spread out to her side and flashing smile for her Facebook fans, she will release a paper boat on the water and hand over your troubles to the bitter sea.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to run to the bathroom and vomit.