Karagan Griffith – Pope Alexandrian the Coward and false history.

The slow but steady undoing of Alexandrian witchcraft has been going on for some time. The general opinion that Karagan Griffith merely amounted to a cowardly figure who’d try to cover up his own putrid stench by putting the blame on others for the foul odour in the air has returned to haunt him after a couple of year truce during which well meaning do-gooders opted for leniency by giving the benefit of the doubt. Now, thanks to Sharon Day recycling yet again another bygone from the annals of Alexandrian shame, we can rest assured opinion was actual fact all along.  Not only.  Rewriting and recrafting the image of Alexandrian tradition requires the audacity to demand transparency from its critics whilst making anything that could potentially deter the interest of  the

“general mass amongst us who will believe anything concocted and sensational” (Sharon Day)

Karagan Griffith’s blog was indeed both concocted and sensational. For the record it was issued forth at a time Gardnerians drew the line to being dictated by, judged and interfered with by some pompous self-appointed inquisitor with no claim over their tradition – a tradition that long preceded Alex Sanders. Not to mention past antipathies some lazy bastards seems to be only too willing to set aside and forget for the sake a few crumbs the queen sporadically dusts off her skirt.

Believe it or not, it was Loki’s devoted follower M Linton Regan who kicked off the stink when having been refused elevation by Caroline Westbury crawled at Sharon Day’s feet in the hope she’d open her eyes to the talent before her. Perhaps these are the impressionable masses Sharon refers to in the comment above. The same masses who need a name for the message. The masses who need to suck on a pacifier made of status and pomp, who lap up between the cheeks of whatever flavour of the day, so long as there’s a name and he or she is put on a pedestal by another name. The same masses Sharon Day relies on for their capacity to trust in a (her) name more than themselves to tell the wood from the trees.

In response to the outrage Ms Linton’s disrespect toward her Gardnerian’s initiators met (proving there’s nothing to gain by playing the weasel in broad daylight), Karagan issued a blog post, no longer available, whereby he lambasted Gardnerians – those who rejected them as their supreme authority – as not having any valid lineage, whilst claiming that he had more connection to Gardner than most Gardnerian did.  Some gallant boast from someone who back in 2006 was in no better position than Ms Linton by Alexandrian standards. I’d like to remind our readers Karagan was given a same sex initiation with the blessing of old timers like the late Richard and Gypsy Ravish, which he later sought to rectify to fulfill his ambition to get close to Maxine Sanders.

Anyone finding Karagan’s blog could have attested for themselves what a fucking pompous hypocrite he really is.

Karagan does have a history of declaring Alexandrian lineages he doesn’t like invalid, and until fairly recently, he was closely connected with Sharon and Maxine. It sounds like Karagan still likes to pretend he’s some sort of Alexandrian pope. – Craig Schumacher

The masses cannot be allowed to think for themselves and one cannot be too careful to let such posts laying around, even though at least four different new social media bases have been created recently to divert attention from the Sharon/Karagan/ Maxine triad of their early battles.

Sharon Day is now officially appointed to re-write Alexandrian history: stage 1 – with historical research, to build credibility; then comes stage 2, where we are currently at. This is where self-revelatory and inconvenient agendas which could undermine the new history are wiped out to leave no trace of proof, paving the way for laying fresh accusations at their critics’ door. Accusations they will no longer be able to defend themselves against. Sharon Day now even denies Karagan Griffith ever wrote the blog which bore his signature.

In stage 3, once trust is won, utter bullshit will start flowing in unchecked, because the masses believe a name and a face they can see.

The general masses. Do you hear that? I bet you don’t want to but let me insist. Listen carefully. Pay attention. Not witches. MASSES! That’s one hell of a freudian slip. Now you know how far beneath her she thinks you are.


Yes, you’re actually meant to draw parallels between the Lannister archetype and Sharon Day, starting with the plain obvious, which has nothing to do with the actress’ looks and everything to do with the character she plays and how her story unfolds.

If Sharon Day says it and we go by her logic, it must be true and importantly true, because she owns her own words.

Then why not let her fully own it all? All of it. And why are you still turning the other cheek like christian martyrs?Well, congratulations to you all!  That’s where half hearted attempts at rebellion gets wimps. Sitting on the fence, whimpering criticism only to run in the naughty corner when you’re told to, yielding at the first denial of privileges, making big claims of working with the unseen yet buying into the name, face and NI Number to trust information to be true and important, waiting to see who wins the battles before taking/switching sides is so…I was going to say ordinary, but no. I know many an ordinary person you wouldn’t give a second thought to, with no claim to power, gods, magic as some of you wise folk do, who have far more balls and self-respect than you, THE GENERAL MASSES, have ever shown.

Perhaps, she and her non-initiated sidekick Christian Day have a point. I mean, just look at how she lets a non-initiate destroy all of you high and mighty priesthood. You’d banish a 1* for half the impudence, yet there you are, letting a non-initiate talk down to you like you’re a piece of dog turd abandoned on the pavement, insult you, accuse you, telling you to shut up and that you’ve no right to an opinion.


Perhaps you deserve to be de-humanised and denied a voice (nevermind authority). Perhaps deep down at heart, you know you’re not witches and you’re just pretending. It would be the only valid excuse you’ve got.

This new history is not being written for you, silly fuckers. It’s for the new pliable minds who were not there and have never known any different, like Meg Tanaka. Empty vessels, emptier than Sorita’s , who will absorb as gospel truth all the grandiose tales of how a newbie destroyed the enchantress and spread it to the non wiccan world. It will be all out there. No one will seek you High Priests and Priestesses to hear your stories. You’ve been stripped of all honours and power.

sharon 1

Keep telling yourself everything is just fine. Ragnarok has only just begun.


  1. Hmmm… I am the Linton Regan person of whom you speak. Wow. I don’t know where you get your info from, although I can probably guess. Shame you don’t fact check. What a surprise to find myself on here, considering I’m really only a seeker on my own path with no interest in any of this ego politics bullshit. I was never refused 2nd degree from Caroline. It was gladly approved. It was myself who decided not to go through with it because I wasn’t ready. A personal decision after much soul searching. And I’ve never asked Sharon for Initiation. I haven’t had contact her in months due to my decision to leave Wicca and explore my own solitary path due to such toxicity in the community. And it’s posts like this which completely confirm my decision was correct!


    1. You find yourself here for 3 reasons. Number 1: you were relevant to what I wrote about. Number 2: You is where I got my info from. Number 3: You have been an assiduous follower of Loki’s Gazette until today and you needed to know that I can see you. Bonus comment: Posts like these are what make people like you think twice before they speak.


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