Month: October 2017

Alexandrian Witchcraft UK PLC

This nothing new and it’s been pretty common knowledge in some inner circles for some time before it had been actualised but may come as news to fresh recruits. Once it gets going, they’ll never need to know the full extent of Trumpish inspiration behind the project and bonus chips will be handed out like silk printed invitations in exchange of  silence and unquestioning loyalty to those whose spiritual ambitious stretch as far as greed, glamour and exclusive tea parties.  Does this meme ring familiar?


Alexandrian Witchcraft has been officially incorporated as a PLC on 19/07/2017.  The company directors are: Sharon Day, Maxine Sanders and Maia Honan (Maxine’s daughter). It’s all here in black and white on  Most religions and occult orders opt for charity non-profit status to maintain a minimum of integrity to spiritual ethics but to be honest, I’d have expected nothing less from a ‘co-founder’ whose initiator pimped her body and soul for publicity stunts on tabloids.  For those who are not well versed in the mysteries of business, I have added this link which explains in simple terms what a PLC is and how it works.

” According to Sharon Day the whole thing is totally innocent and is a cunning plan to set up an Internet library of all the historicial material available on Alexandrian Wicca.”

But when you scroll down in the comment sections, a different agenda begins to emerge from the words of first line Alexandrian initiate, Carole Ballard:

“It is a useful move on their part for them to make money as a company on the topic of Alexandrian Craft…The other alternative is to make money and not declare it which may affect their personal income, which at this time could be problematic for Maxine.”

It’s ironic that whilst pagans continue to harbour hatred towards Church, they fail to see the pattern repeating itself in their current pagan leaders demanding payment in ways no dissimilar from the Catholic Church of Pre-Reformation times.  Why even go so far back in time? The US is rife with preachers who make a lavish living on the back of the credulous and superstitious. Having said that, parasitic activity is not merely confined to Christianity and not even necessarily inflicticed on unwilling victims.  Ron Hubbard – founder of Scientology – became famous for saying “You want to make real money, you gotta start a religion!” and today counts Hollywood celebrities among its most fervently loyal disciples. And of course, you have Christian Day who is ‘unabashed’ and ‘unapologetic’ in taking advantage of the spiritually masochistic nature of the plebs hovering on the fringes of witchcraft whose money pay for his gourmet meals and first class vacations to the UK and Ireland.

Oh, I’m sure that many on this side of the Atlantic wish they would have the balls to drop their saintly pretences of unconditional altruism and sign up for his upcoming workshop in August 2018: Witchcraft as a Career – Magic as a Full-Time Job …so start saving your dole cheques now!

It promises to be so devilishly fun, even I don’t think I’ll be able to resist from attending in the flesh.

There are three categories of people that gravitate towards what we call the Craft: those who are destined to consume, those who provide for the consumer and those who practice it. The Craft is itself self-selective. Consumers are like foraging ruminants, constantly moving along the pastures, grazing here, grazing there. Considering the amounts of knowledge they ingest, you’d think they’d have reached adepthood but no, they’re exactly at the same point they started and regardless of whether they try to push themselves beyond their nature or not, they depend on being herded to pasture or else they get lost and end up dead in some ditch or devoured by a predator. Those who provide to consumers are the commercial side of the Craft. They’re the archetypical shepherd who keeps the herd safe within its confines to extols its fee from lesser creatures on which he has dominion, sometimes through fleecing and when hungry or in need to sacrifice to his god by slaughtering a sheep. If he needs to, he will sell his sheep to a colleague in trade. They are his commodities and source of wealth. Despite it all, the sheep think he’s their protector and trust him – at least until they catch a glimpse of the razor or the blade. The third category, who work the Craft, possesses the industriousness of Cain and cultivates the land. He plants, he tends, he grows, he harvests, he grinds and then transforms it to bread or wine. What he puts on his table is the sweat of his brow and the fruit of his toil from dawn till dusk.

So, the moral of the story is each to their own nature. Someone got to herd those ruminants lest they trample all over the planted field and graze on what’s growing and the shepherd cannot only live on meat. It’s all fair exchange as nature dictates. We’re not all born equal and we’re not all destined for the same thing but we all play an equally important part in maintaining the equilibrium across the spectrum.

I therefore conclude this parenthesis by saying I make no apology for stoning trespassers and will erect as many divisive fences as it’s necessary to keep those who do not belong out of the field.

A ceremony doesn’t make an initiate. Sharon Day is an initiate in name not in deed. Someone who offers her services to the commercial side of the Craft. Smart enough to sniff out and round the sheep like a good Border Collie. Just look at her nose for the market for what concerns millenials.


Sharon Day suggests that commercial spirituality seems to offer a viable alternative to mainstream religion for the future generations, especially millenials. Take notice of the website her article comes from and you can see she’s doing market reasearch and following all the commercial principles required for a profitable business venture. One of these strategies is making the business venture, in this case Alexandrian Witchcraft, popular, which entails finding compromises so to tell people what they want to hear for the sake of attracting numbers and support. For example, going back to my statement that a ceremony doesn’t make an initiate:

tanaka and cain

The result is watered down, populist spirituality for the masses (as Sharon would call them), who themselves generally lack the information they need to be able to make contact on the inner planes and thus begin to understand what they’re talking about. Because of this a great number of sheeple can be exploited by money-making charlatans whilst other serious long standing initiates from both Alexandrian and Gardnerian traditions are marginalised, ridiculed, demonised as corrupt or irony of all ironies, stand accused of false lineage. Thus, the potential initiate of the future generation will face the added challenge of the Guardian of the Herd.

karagan lineage 1

The monopoly of an entire tradition in the hands of a few, comprising non-initiates with vested interest in profit and zero understanding of the mysteries suggests a deliberate agenda of depriving or rewarding existing initiates (perhaps separated by considerable geographical distance) access to knowledge on unscrutinised whims. This is also how Christianity didn’t reach 2017 in its orginal format but was reshaped and re-invented by various Councils along the way.

On this note, Jihmal de Fiosa retorts in a comment to Watchers of the Dawn:

“A ridiculous and empty gesture. Much like the Pope calling up a few buddies and forming Catholics R Us.”

Thing is, that’s exactly what Maxine did: got her affluent buddy, her daughter and in essence founded Alexandrians R’ US.  It would have been an even more appropriate brand since you’re more US than UK and there’s even a meme for it. Oh well, they can forget that measure now and start playing around with their squeaky toys. At last!


But how ironic ( and a tad insensitive) of Jihmal to put Maxine Sanders on the par with the Pope when of all things, she was rejected for ordination in the Liberal Catholic Church by unanimous decision of the synod of bishops. It reminded me of this big-baby-tantrum meme he stomped out when someone called him a Maxipad over his insistence she ought to be recognised as the supreme authority. Digging your heels in absolutes doesn’t exactly unify and I don’t know what happened to personal responsibility when the great schiism followed but apparently, I’m the cause of divisions and it’s all my fault. You’ve got to love the logic behind it.


The inferences this man comes out with! He has already announced the second coming of Alex Sanders revealed to him through an Ouijia board (his burning bush). Give him half a chance he would proclaim Maxine Sanders an anointed Merovingian of direct lineage from Christ.


And now a last minute newsflash concerning Carole Ballard, first line initiate from the London Coven, 40 + years in the Craft, Master in Anthropology (that’s if she ever got through it)….

carole ballard

Here, a fresh example of what I mean with sheep grazing. A 3* degree with 40+ years in the Craft. Contemplate for a minute having to pay this woman for giving you training.

carole ballard1

“I think once a priest(ess) has attained the Third, the ‘advanced’ wicca should be pretty much in the bag…” …at the very least!!!!  Do continue contemplating giving your hard earned cash to this woman.

carole ballard

Two and a half thousand books in your library, 3*, 40+ years in the Craft and still asking recommendations for a book on advanced wicca online. Not much of a point having a library, innit?

Now ask yourself why I look down on Alexandrians like they’re less than dog shit.        Was she not initiated directly by Alex Sanders?

That shows what pedigree lineage is worth. Some High Priestess! My congratulations.

I rest my case.