Consumerism and the witch

Fresh from the social media department, we’ve had news of Sarah Ann Lawless directing witches to the Holiday Shopping Guide for the Modern Mystic and Witch.

Aha! Just add Modern before Mystic and Witch and here you have it, a politically correct way to address Millennial spiritual consumers.

She chirped and thrilled: “Very cool to have my shop ‘Fern and Fungi’ (shouldn’t have been Fungai?) mentioned along with other botanical wizards in this witchy gift guide.

Ah the Holiday season: botanical wizards to one side, consumers waving their cash on the other.

Now you see what mysticism and witchcraft have been reduced to – a mass market for the instant gratification of the identity conscious.

Perhaps that’s how authentic witchcraft proposes to slip through the fingers of the unworthy.  Just provide the masses with a Land of Boobies, ample distractions to keep them busy and give them that feeling of belonging they cannot find through lack of self-disciplined application. Nobody wants to be taught anymore, certainly not the Pinocchio  generations. Once their bellies are full of junk and satiated, they won’t be searching further any time soon, so knowledge can remain safely hidden and at the same time purses will tingle with the gold of fools and coffers overflow to build corporate empires for the master puppeteers.

Crafty! Crafty indeed!

Still you should be warned that there are those who prey on human weaknesses and would be only too glad to assist you along the path of degeneration.

So let’s put this bee in the ears of readers and stand back to watch, for how long will it take millennials to realise they are being deliberately conned, derailed and exploited by ‘wizards’ to whom the Craft never quite opened its doors to them in the first place?

Thirty plus years going around the block and never needed to buy anything from anyone. Plants grow even in your local area. All you need is an eye to spot them and just get off your arse to create your own magic. If you really have to shop, do it intelligently and work the spell of saving yourself cash. Learn to make your own products. The internet is full of free resources and stop make excuses about lack of time.

Millennials would do better organising themselves into treasure hunting bands and give themselves the education their school system has denied anyone born after the 70s.  Alternate Pinocchio with Plato before even considering diving in headfirst into any cauldron.

As for books, rare, old and new…let me whisper something in your ear. There’s a little community online, hosted in the least expected part of the world, where you can find a treasure throve of books on the occult. Some authors and book sellers, including Amazon would be shitting bricks if they knew their books are there and can be safely downloaded at zero cost, whilst they charge exorbitant prices for a fancy bookbinding.

For once, do a truly rebellious act this Holiday Season: save yourself money and fuck the consumerist machine.