Month: January 2018

Uh? Does Loki need to ask permission?

via Uh? Does Loki need to ask permission?

Reblogging this oldie from August 2013, as I see the Trickster’s Bug is finally catching, and don’t you just love it when the very people who decried you in public and condemened you as sacrilegious to their precious traditions and elders, now start imitating you and would have their fans believe crushed velvet constitutes doing what you want and how you want.  No you know you don’t. You know that someone needs only offer you the sugared carrot you’re after and you’ll be running back in no time, giving a thousand and one excuses in between dribbles. Methinks it takes more than a fashion crime to draw attention to yourself as the first to incite a riot. Everything you do and say is to elicit your adoring fans’ accolades. You think yourself strong but you’re sycophant junkie and growing insecure with age. They’re your drug and if you were to be stripped of their attention there would be nothing left of you, not even the bare bones and you know it.  Without them, you wouldn’t even have enough substance to exist.  We would have more respect for you if you kept yourself true to your nature instead of pretending to be something you’re not.


…and so they will.

The following article manages to raise key points without scalding the most sensitive among us. Given the recent flush of events, we’ve our scorchers currently up for editing in the forge but we’re quite aware that what we offer is not always easy to stomach.  So to ease you into the next bit, sip this light aperitiv, courtesy of Patheos, and let it sink in before the slaughter of another sacred cow or two begins.  This is the gentlest possible transition we could give.

Alexandrians in particular should give careful consideration to what they are about to read. As a tradition they’ve been long due to clean up their act.  So far, they have jumped from the fire to the frying pan and back again, barely hanging on for survival. The road ahead is splitting in two. Both lead to the same place but different outcomes. If you’ve any knowledge as you claim, use it to make brave and wise choices.

Cults of Personality Must Die

We said it once and we’ll say it again.