Glastobury’s toils and troubles

glastonbury issues

In our opinion that’s new age wankers for you and Glastonbury (like any other site close to some Pagan attraction) has become a virulent haunting ground, like the special fruitcake in the grip of yet another hysterical episode of which she has become quite renown for quoted here below.


There’s a good probability the spirits of the land have had enough of this all year round pantomime and bumping things up a bit to drive you all insane. Clearly, it wouldn’t happen if the people would live in balance with the good folk of those lands but alas everyone has their own self-serving agenda and keeps bringing in beings and powers, strifes of their own, their shitty unrequited healing, none of which pertains with those spirits and disturb their peace. I can’t think of a place more spiritually polluted than Glastonbury and yeah, the byproduct of the Occult Conference confirmed it has reached critical levels. For all the grand titles in the magical mecca and proficiency in welsh, can’t any of you fucking read the simplest of signs? The good folk are telling you to fuck off and take you manby-pamby foreign pseudo cults for millenials with you. You feel the connections. Obviously they don’t feel connected to you. You’ve all overstayed your welcome and proved to be disrespectful guests who took advantage of their hospitality and gone a step too far. Now you get what your arrogance deserves.

Burying the hatchet in Sintra. Pah! That’s another place where pagan tourists from the United Cunts of America are taking liberties. Let’s see how long before the earth spits it out in contempt and flips it back full frontal to the face of the one who put it there.

Oh, we’re not attacking anyone, merely translating the message to those who are too dense or caught up in their cosmic navel gazing to understand.

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