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If it talks like a Christian, moans like a Christian, bleeds like a Christian, smells like a Christian, in all probability it's a desert sheep, not a witch.

If in life you need to grovel, stand up and die

Today I want to quickly answer a message from a reader who wrote in response to my latest article:

My reply goes for Alexandrians but it could well apply to any other magical order and tradition, budding magicians or those who’ve been on the circuit their entire life.

This blog has been going on for almost a decade and enough has been written on Big Name Pagans, High Priests/esses, cult of the personality and much else to help you decide for yourself, once you meet them, whether they are the real deal or simply out to market a product.

No one ever said the path of magic was going to be easy or straightforward but presumably you were an adult when you embarked on it and have the capacity to withstand the many blows to the ego you’ll receive as you trudge along. You can expect some ‘devastating’ blows along the way but dear sir or madam, you’re turning to the wrong person if what you seek is someone to indulge your self-pity. It doesn’t mean I don’t sympathise with your cause, but damn, if you got to die (which we all must one day), die standing.

Searchingfor, you want to hear the whole story. I’ll tell you what I know. No more, no less.

Jimahl initiated Karagan when they fell in love and moved in together. Karagan then became aware that he and Jimahl did not possess all the necessary Alexandrian training through a young American high priestess who had been elevated to third degree by Richard and Gypsy Ravish. This young woman had moved to London in 2008 to complete her studies at King’s College, London and during her stay she joined the Temple of Stella Maris*. The High Priest and High Priestess allowed her to join but as a 1* degree only, on the grounds that she did not possess the whole training. Truth be told, her practice was akin what could be described eclectic Wicca. Meanwhile, we would all pretend she was being treated as a 3* in front of the rest of the community and when Richard and Gypsy Ravish came to visit in 2008 or was it early 2009?…I don’t have my journals at hand as I write.

*As a side note, Stella Maris was second down the line to Maxine’s Temple of the Mother, via Wendy Harris and the Temple of the Corn King.

The need for this deception did not sit well with most coven initiates. Regardless of many arguments for and against, I’m just giving an account of what happened and nothing can change that.

It set the wheels in motion for what happened next. This priestess began to talk about the practices she was learning at the temple, meeting with Maxine, and so on and so forth. That’s when Karagan asked her to be introduced to the High Priest of Stella Maris. They had also had some brief exchanges on the now defunct Amber&Jet. I can only say I was present at a couple of these phone calls and hearing the High Priest telling Karagan same-sex initiation was not valid and that if he wanted to be a proper Alexandrian, he would have needed re-initiation and proper training, then sighing out loud, “bloody Americans” when he put the phone down. Given the frequent altercations on Amber&Jet, he did have a point.

Then came Richard and Gypsy Ravish visit. The young High Priestess was all dolled up and with his yappy-snappy tone, the High Priest instructed us to address her with the reverence due to a High Priestess.

“So you want us to lie” said one who had been round this block before.

Another was muttering under his breath she was no high priestess of his (our original High Priestess had resigned from the coven because of this charade), the old bag that held the athame like a pencil bitched in my ear, the Mother Teresa of the coven went to put a reassuring arm around her shoulder to show her support and I didn’t get involved because at the end of the day, I wasn’t there for any of them.

The excuse of honouring her initiators was pitiful.

What’s there to honour, if your initiators inflate their murky credentials to impress you?

All those pontifications on Truth only stoop to these levels of deception just so this High Priest could claim to have a downline in the US. I and many others have witnessed pedigree and “second class” Alexandrians scamming and cheating one another for the sake of few morsels of knowledge and a title. Still, it was interesting to watch.

I figured out the simple truth hurts more than thousands lies – and they were all very good at lying to one another. We were all sick of it.

Richard and Gypsy arrived with their sullen teenage daughter in tow. The kid was dressed in typical goth fashion while mum and dad looked like they had just stepped off the stage of a Merlin pantomime. The was a sudden rush to go hide in the kitchen because none of us could keep their face straight. Even the High Priest. Bit by bit we recomposed ourselves and stepped out to make polite conversation. They had come to see for themselves the differences between Alexandrians in the US and UK. Richard also combined a bit of business and proceeded in trying to sell us some silver plated pentacles and some other trinkets I didn’t bother to really look at cause my philosophy is “less is more” and there was nothing I needed. We left the kid on the couch in the front room reading her Harry Potter book while we had a short and sweet circle. Just as well. The kid had meddled about with the gas cooker and left one of the knobs on. Had we not kept it short and got the food when we did, it would have blown the house up. The High Priest was fuming and when they left he was effing and blinding.

After that, he didn’t want this young priestess to teach them. Both this High Priest and Maxine agreed she was not ready and she went back to being a 1* until her elevation to 3* with Polish Oskar in 2011. Then she cut ties with this High Priest in London, married and settled in Northern Ireland. And that’s the last I heard of her.

After Richard and Gypsy’s visit, Karagan and this High Priest talked regularly over the phone. The first mention of Karagan came when it was announced we would be re-initiating him and some other Americans. Then Karagan invited him to the States but he couldn’t go because of his criminal record standing in the way of obtaining a visa. Karagan kept the communication going with him whilst stealthily persuading Maxine to travel to the States instead, all expenses paid. “All expenses paid” – he’d churn time and over again. It really did bruise his ego! And the initiations were off. Adding insult to injury, there were Elders who were not too fond of this High Priest that kept rubbing salt in his wound by telling him they would take this American priestess to their coven.

Maxine went to the States in 2009 and Karagan was hush-hush re-initiated by Lady Asha or Aisha. Suddenly, Karagan no longer needed this High Priest. He had a direct line to Maxine Sanders and that was all that mattered. Karagan launched the Alexandrian Ning, and with that, his lineage inquisition with Maxine’s blessing. To show who was now the Pontiff in charge, Karagan appointed this High Priest as his Ning’s moderator for Europe (a way of graciously of letting him know he was now his personal poodle and sidekick) and together they began a lineage inquisition to determine who was/ was not a proper, validly initiated Alexandrian. Many will remember Karagan bashing Rev. Russo on the Alexandrian Ning and demanding he dropped “Alexandrian” from his lineage name.

So, dear Searchingfor, you claim to have been initiated 1* by Karagan, yet what you know about him comes from Jimahl’s book. How’s that even possible that you know so little about this man and his history? Did Karagan not make you write your lineage in your Book of Shadows? Did he not make you attend regular training circles? I’ve just showed you there’s a lot that can be deduced about the validity of a person’s claims and their integrity of character just by standing in circle with them. If there were ever any inconsistencies or doubts, close the books and start paying attention to what you see and hear. I wager your lineage is likely to be valid by Alexandrian standards. The real story, in a nutshell, is that Karagan received same-sex initiation to begin with and Maxine later went over so he would have the means to correct it.

You would be recognised as valid no matter what because Karagan does not like to be reminded of how he came to Alexandrian tradition and have the past thrown to his face. You should however, be more concerned with Karagan’s tendency to hide skeletons in his closet than the skeleton themselves, for it tells you far more about the kind of person making a big moral deal out of proper personhood from his pulpit.

Just a quick reminder that proper personhood is not synonymous with impeccable morality but means you’ve simply asked for initiation and have been approved for it by the 42 assessors. Was Karagan? That, I cannot answer because I don’t know. Maxine never had a high opinion of Karagan or Jimahl’s for claiming to have made contact with Alex through an Ouijia board. Can’t blame her for that really but you should be aware she dupes and takes advantage of starstruck fans with ambition only to discard them like a soiled tissue after she has had her use. I’d probably do the same if I were attracting that sort of people. But you should be able to answer that question yourself to yourself, because if Karagan was taken through the proper initiation procedure the second time round, then he would been obliged to do the same with you and if you lingered in the coven long enough after your initiation, you should know exactly what I’m talking about and how it’s done. By the way, were you taught how to build the Golden Cross days before your initiation? If you can answer yes to these questions, you are fine.

A final thought:

Magic is not plain sailing. A true magical practitioner would own same-sex initiation as part of his development even if it was a mistake and not try to pass polished brass for shining gold. As I’ve explained in a previous article, there are good reasons why the correct initiation matters if you want to be Alexandrian. If not, you may want to look at other forms of initiation across different strands of magic. They are equally valid and viable from a magical standpoint, just NOT Alexandrians.

The problem many Alexandrians have had with Karagan is not that he was not validly initiated to begin with but rather that in spite of being aware there were many others in his situation, he fanatically hunted them down and pursued them with the deliberate intent to discredit them and stir other Alexandrians into a mob against them, instead of helping them out of their predicaments. Karagan made his very obvious, he wanted to firmly establish himself as the only other Alexandrian authority after Maxine and upon her death, rule as Alex’s successor to the ‘crown’.

Understandably, there are better qualified candidates with the wisdom of age and experience who know better than make ‘succession’ the core concern of their magical practice. In brief, no witch or magician worth their salt grovels in subordination to silly mortals tripping on power and entertaining fantasies about royalty.

Best of luck.

Same-sex initiation and the catfight between Sharon Day and Sorita D’Este

*NOTE TO READER: this is the first part of a document I’ve just been sent and you can use it as a supplement to some of the points I made about Alex Sanders in my article “Hornets in my bonnet: Same Sex Initiation and cultural marxism theories.”

A (not so) recent Q&A for those who are interested.

Q: I have a question about the Alexandrian or not scenario. Is Maxine saying post 73 and their downlines are not Alexandrian? If this is so, does this mean that the Alexandrian movement is now very small?

A: When Alex left London in ’72 he claimed that his work in the Craft was finished. This was reinforced by his later focus on, among other things, creating the orders ‘Ordine della Luna’ and ‘Ordine della Nova’; and also by his returning to Maxine and David’s coven for Craft workings whenever he felt the need. Indeed, often, when he wanted Craft work done for himself or others, he would call on Maxine or invite them to Bexhill to do it.

A significant cause for confusion, however, is that his ego would not let him relinquish the ‘King of the Witches’ title, and with many people coming from around the world in search of a Craft experience from the King; plus Derrick exploiting the situation, waters became muddied.

When they were together, Maxine tempered Alex’s behaviour but when he went to Bexhill, it turned into a free- for-all. This time period is one of the wellsprings of the ‘tap- to-the-forehead pub initiation’ stories, as well as the ‘woman enough for me’ same-sex bedroom initiations.
Two significant issues arise in these cases, namely, members of the mentioned Ordine orders who later claimed that their membership in the Order also gave them initiation into Alexandrian Witchcraft when clearly neither had anything to do with the other; and, (2) the same-gender bedroom initiates who went on to initiate others but did not have training to pass on. Even if these initiates later acquired gender-polarity based 2nd & 3rd Degree initiation, the damage was already inflicted by the lack of training. Understandably, with the distinction between ‘validity of initiation’ and ‘lack of training’ being clouded, some of the ‘downliners’ as it were, have concerns about their initiations, and in some cases, bitter feelings towards the entire topic. Given the climate surrounding this issue and our appreciation for your candid question, Maxine responds as follows:

“The inappropriately named ‘downliners’ (‘descendants’ is perhaps a better word) of Alex after 1972 were true and sincere seekers of Initiation into the Craft regardless of the sometime unworthy Initiators; it is sad the training did not follow their Initiation.

These facts do not make their Initiation ceremony any less potent than if they were to have trained in the magical arts under the supervision of a fully trained priest or priestess of the Alexandrian Tradition.

Indeed the criticism regarding the validity of my own Initiation directed from the Gardnerian priesthood was unbecoming and hurtful, so I understand their reaction and hurt at the validity of their Initiation being questioned.

In the case of the many Initiated Alexandrians who have not received direct training, I can only salute their tenacity in continuing their work within the circle. However, it is apparent that when it was made known they were welcome to question those who were trained in the Alexandrian Tradition, some joyously received the requested training while others merely succumbed to their mundane ego and chose to continue in their ways magically and ritually despite being enlightened – at their own request – to some of their workings being in direct contradiction to the inner workings of the Alexandrian Tradition.

Some of their practices have come from Vivianne Crowley or Janet Farrar, neither of whom completed their Alexandrian training. Others have assimilated Gardnerian rites into their practises and, being dissatisfied with their workings have sought dual Initiation.

I can’t blame them and would have done the same had I been in their shoes, although when given the opportunity to learn the ways of core Alexandrianism with the logic that is natural to Alexandrian working, the occultist within me would have jumped at the opportunity.

It is with a lifelong curiosity and enthusiasm for the arts magical that would have enabled me to adapt my newfound knowledge of the ways Alexandrian into my own

practises. Should I have found my existing practices to be preferable, however, I would have been empowered with the knowledge to discern a new name for my workings.

Alas, this requires an understanding of the difference between magical and mundane ego.”

Maxine Sanders

In response to the second part of the original question and whether “the Alexandrian movement is now very small”, our response is “we certainly hope so”, not least because we encourage quality, and prefer to leave the quantity to those who pander to the majority.

Sharon Day on Sorita D’Este

Sharon Day’s response on the Alexandrian Network to Quality, not Quantity, otherwise known as:

**NOTE TO THE READER: The Priestess in question is Sorita D’Este. No need for Sharon Day to pretend she’s a beacon of silence and discretion. She wants the whole world to know that she’s one step above Sorita…OK calm down woman! No need to start dropping me files, five minutes after I’ve just published my latest post!

Her ego knows no bounds, so let’s feed it some junk and bless it on its way.

I’ll do her this courtesy to honour all the authors who have written for Sorita without any or very little pay and were later discarded like thrash once she moved on to the next catch.

Yeah, in a previous life that woman must have been a grave-robber who sold corpses to medical schools then drank her money in gin.

She is not to be trusted and because of the way she treats her authors I wouldn’t buy anything that comes out Avalonia, including Marco Visconti’s upcoming book.


The nature of how this question came about is interesting, but the subsequent reaction to the response by the Priestess who asked it, is bewildering – not least because the answer given was intended to favourably settle the persistent question of the validity of post-‘72/3 Alex initiations.

The Priestess who asked the question is widely-known in the occult community; has a large fan base; has authored several books; and runs her own publishing company.

Prior to the Priestess asking the question, several telephone and Skype conversations occurred between us – including two marathon Skype sessions totalling some 10 hours. There was much laughter, chatting, getting to know each other, invitations to visit each other, etc.

These conversations also elicited two surprise requests from the Priestess, namely:

(1) a request for Christian Day’s contact details which I duly gave (with his consent – and which led to a reconciliation after years of those two being at odds), and

(2) a request for Re-Initiation through our Coven – the Coven of the Stag King in order to shorten her current Alexandrian lineage (which would then become ‘Priestess – Coven of the Stag King – Maxine’) – even if it were, according to her “only the 3rd Degree”; just something to ‘distance’ herself from and ‘be shot of’ her current lineage which up-lines to one of the post-’73 same-sex ‘woman enough for me’ initiators from Alex’s Bexhill days.

When the question about ‘Alexandrian or not scenario’ above was received the morning after the last Skype session, it was referred to Maxine for comment as it specifically asked for her input. The answer was constructed in good-faith and with the hand of good-will.

It seems, however, the Priestess took umbrage and savagely bit the hand of good-will in one big swipe and swallow at the same time.

We can only speculate as to her motives for behaving this way, no doubt financial incentives and an adoring fan base are involved and perhaps on reflection, she cannot believe she asked for re-initiation and realized that if she actually went through with it, it might undermine her relationship with her fan base, especially given the unexpected back-channel fall-out following her reconciliation with Christian Day.

It matters not to us the reasons why as we do not recruit seekers or initiates; nor are we interested in currying favour with anyone for any reason – popularity or financial.

If somehow it emboldens said Priestess to now malign the messengers whom she asked to re-initiate her, we bless her and wish her well.

Hornets in my bonnet – same sex initiation and theories of cultural marxism

The person who initiated me in Wicca was anything but cis gender and yet male/female polarities were strictly adhered to. You can say every magical act that took place was systematically framed in the context of polarity. Man alternated woman around the circle, during the dance, when passing the chalice around. Priestesses were excluded from the opening and closing temple rites, except for training purpose, in which case they were allowed to watch. The tools on the altar were meticulously arranged according to masculine/feminine polarity. Needless to say, the quarters mirrored that very same polarity pattern, around which ritual revolved around. The intent behind it was to bring together two complementary opposites and strike perfect balance.

Wiccans initiation rites vary in choreographic style but British Traditional Witchcraft – in short BTW (Alexandrians and Gardnerians) follow a precise liturgical praxi which any initiate should be able to recognise and repeat. In other words, an initiate you’ve never met before, from anywhere in the world, should be able to step in your coven and perform any of the tradition’s rituals knowing exactly what they need to prepare, say and do at any point of the ceremony.

Coherence is what Tradition is about, right? If you have a baby baptised Catholic the priest is not going to surprise you by dunking the child in the font and give him a drink of wine as with the Orthodox rite, or change some other part of this Catholic initiatory rite.

Alexandrians and Gardnerians came to be regarded as witchcraft Traditions because they developed a more or less coherent system of magical rituals.

There are disparate ways of working magic and witchcraft. Alexandrians and Gardnerians are only two among many. Just take a look around: there is a panacea of traditions and magical systems to suit every palate and every identity group. New ones sprouts like mushrooms every day. You have a choice.

As someone who has thrown a lot of shade on Wicca over the last eight years and left it to follow my star, I’m compelled to ask myself what keeps people fixated on wanting to enforce changes on Wicca when it clearly does not fit their paradigm?

Full article here.

I can sympathise of the question of same-sex initiation. I’ve been there just over ten years ago – and yes, I did same-sex initiations, invoked goddesses on men and gods on women in my own private magical practice whilst I was still involved with Alexandrian witchcraft. I was transparent with my initiators from the very beginning about my roots in a completely different form of magic and my reasons for wanting to join a coven.

What can I say?

Then one fine Lammas day in 2008, I was sitting in a pub on Red Lion Square having a pint by myself, waiting for someone who had invited me to be a co-celebrant for the Lammas ritual at Conway Hall, when I was approached by a stunning Italian young chap wearing a caduceus around his neck. He had spotted me through the window and decided I was the right person to ask about this ritual he had got wind of. He had only been in the country for a couple of weeks and was out finding his own feet. 

“Synchronicity” – I mused. Only a couple of days earlier, a Gardnerian friend and I had written and performed a ritual to Hecate and Hermes with a petition to open the ways. I was intrigued and invited him to sit down. Within minutes, we had hit it off and were talking like two old friends who had known each other their entire life. Outside on the square the same old pagans cliques were beginning to assemble. I wouldn’t have been there if it hadn’t been a favour I owed to a good old friend. I never enjoyed being around the kind of people that if you jolly go up to say hello, they act like they have no time to listen to a leper until they find out you’re an initiate, then they fall at your feet, stroking you all over. And then still wonder why elitism was so rampant in those days. That’s because it’s 50% this shitty attitude pouring petrol on the fire and 50% the beneficiaries fanning the flames. But I digress. Here was a wee 23 years old whose description of the rites to Ishtar and Inanna he led with his coven in Italy and his knowledge of the Vandara blew me away. 

We stayed in touch after that. I was curious to see him in action and soon the two of us alone began to experiment with a number of magical techniques with some amazing results. He was a gift from the gods.

My new friend was curious about Alexandrians and initiation. I would have introduced him to the coven if the High Priest did not use it as his personal gay bar but the High Priestess had also recently walked away, so it would have been like bringing him into a broken home ruled by a dodgy father.

Was I to let go of a talented young witch because his gender didn’t fit the polarity criteria? After much deliberation, a small group of coven members and I took matters in our hands and decided we would follow the tradition’s standard procedures to ask the inner contacts. Before the vision came to a close, I had this urge to grab a piece of paper and pencil, then went to a corner of the room, scribbled down some salient points, folded the paper and dropped in the middle of where we were all sitting. I asked the others to do the same. ” You beat me to it” said one. “You know …this is probably best” said another. We sat in silence looking at those folded papers and then I burst out laughing, “Who wants to go first?” It ended up having to be me. So I picked up one of the papers that didn’t look like the one I had written and silently read it to myself. A shiver ran through my spine but I said nothing. The others followed suit one by one. When all the notes had been opened, we passed them around, then stared at one another speechless once again. It wasn’t a yes. It wasn’t a no. But each note contained the same symbols and message. It was something none of us had ever faintly thought about but it made sense and explained a lot of what was going wrong in our then coven. For me, it was a turning point and I just knew what I had to do.

The content is not up for discussion here but some of it may spill out as I write on and probe a little bit deeper in Katie Gerrard’s article.

She writes:

We no longer have the same beliefs when it comes to sexuality and gender. I don’t need a penis to draw down the God and I don’t need a vagina to be a woman.

Katie Gerrard

It’s not a question of beliefs on sexuality and gender because in the history of magic the criteria of invoking a god on a man and a goddess on a woman pertains to Wicca alone. The Oracle of Delphi was female and she drew on Apollo for prophecies. Cybele’s priesthood was exclusively male. In animists societies the shaman is usually male but often shifts to female or animal form during ritual ceremonies. Katie’s argument for same-sex initiation is based on critical gender theory and I’m afraid she has fallen in the ideological trap of those who would bring the profane in the sacred with the justification that witchcraft was always a practice of the oppressed.

What are they even talking about? Even before Christianity there were institutionalised state religions and pagan cults, some of which were tolerated, maybe even embraced by the state ruler, and others not so much. History doesn’t support this victim mentality of persecution and burning times and it’s self-deceptive to project a modern worldview on people of the past.

The mundane has no place in the sancto-sanctorum of magical practice and the two realities must remain distinctly separate by the veil. No matter how well-intentioned, I believe it is both useless and counterproductive to have a conversation on same-sex initiation by bringing secular values in esoteric practices.

To replace “dogmas” with the introduction of modern ethics and critical theory – which are just as dogmatic and subject to cancel culture (something Sarah Anne Lawless knows a thing or two about) – it is hardly an effective long term solution.

First of all because secular values and ethics change all the time. In 20 years the world may be so different that what is ethical today may put you on the wrong side of history tomorrow. The revolution has only just began. I would not rush counting the chickens in the basket before all the eggs have hatched. And as a sidenote, I would be very suspicious of advisers obsessed with the Nazi involvement in the occult and those occultists who could recite you Julius Evola by heart and then claim to be against it. They’re like the Catholic priest that blesses the flock with one hand and fondles the altar boy with the other. Learn to recognise wolves in sheep’s clothing and beware of too much sanctity on display.

The are plenty of arguments in favour of same sex initiation but they need to find a firm base in esoteric principles of magic and mysticism.

When Katie Gerrard compares Wicca to a dogmatic religion, she’s attempting to fix a broken leg by cutting it before she puts it in plaster.

How about we first establish whether Wicca is a religion at all before we indict it as dogmatic for its refusal to validate same-sex initiation. This is an even older and unresolved point of contention but it’s crucial one in determining whether same-sex initiation should be valid in Wicca.

After all, the only approval I’ve ever needed for same-sex initiation came from my inner contacts and from the seeker’s ability to demonstrate their motivation was above and beyond taking a catwalk to flaunt their initiation like an edgy accessory.

Is Wicca a dogmatic religion?

barely seventy years on from the repealing of the witchcraft act, our religion is already drowning in unnecessary dogma.

Katie Gerrard

Before addressing dogma, there should be consensus on whether Wicca (as in BTW) is a religion, a mystery cult or a magical system. These terms have been used interchangeably for far too long without being fully understood but are in fact quite distinct. When Wicca made an entrance in the 50s, it presented itself as the Old Religion. This concept found support in M. Murray, C. Leland, F.Frazer and of course Gerald Gardner and anyone with an interest in reviving the worship of pre-Christian gods. Neo-paganism was given life alongside Wicca and its members assumed the roles of priest and priestesses. But while Neo-paganism embraced all, Wicca fenced itself off. The gulf between the two got wider with every year that went by.

However, for a spiritual movement to become a religion, having a priesthood is not enough. Religions have institutionalised structures as well as beliefs that sink their roots in the landscape and in some cases, the ethnicity of a culture, i.e Catholiscism in the Western nations and Judaism in Israel. Like Classic Coke and Diet Coke, both religions and mystery cults look alike even if they taste different. A religion belongs to the wider culture; its adherents’ moral code is consistently informed by a divinely inspired book. This foundation stone for religion is missing from Wicca where it’s the founders who claim exclusive possession and understanding of their mysteries, dispense power as they see fit and are the ones to whose authority seekers must surrender upon being initiated. Religions demand “faith” in a promise of reward: it could be salvation, 70 virgins, reincarnation, a special covenant with God, etc. but at the heart of Wicca is “knowing” and you’re basically responsible for your own boon. Years ago, you’d often hear Wiccan initiates say it was like “coming home and finding one’s family.” Whereas usually people are born and raised in a religion or evangelised into it, Wicca is a path you must directly engage with by seeking and asking. There were many who simply detested feeling on the par of a social club/surrogate family/refuge for the oppressed, etc. and I think they have a valid point.

In recent times people have been flocking to Wicca in search of “power”. A handful may admit they’re aiming at apotheosis – a fancier term for E.Koetting’s catchphrase “become a living god”. This indicates another important distinction between religion and mystery cults. In religion, the individual places faith in God but in Wicca, faith is placed in the leadership to teach initiates the magic to “play God” as someone who has control over the Self and (if we are being honest) others, which leads me into the last point. Religions have created conformity of values and liturgical worship that extends to fellow members who are not part of the clergy. Wicca sometimes offers services such as hand fasting to non-Wiccans but Wicca is a restricted group that exerts a high degree of control over the membership, and limits the flow of inside information going out with oaths, just as ancient mystery cults. Quite the opposite of religion who loves nothing more than tell you all about their doctrines.

So, we should be careful not to confuse “authority” with dogma. I know radical liberals and the punch-a-nazi brigade of occultists have a massive problem with the word authority when they aren’t the ones wielding it and like Chtulu have wormed their way into Wiccan hearts (and ambitions). It must be the reason why donning a muzzle (trickster’s lips all stitched up) and accepting whatever reasons given by the science “experts”, no matter how cognitively dissonant, ever changing and non-sensical they may be, gives them that god-like feeling of moral superiority as they run into the streets to take the knee and self-flagellate over some imaginary guilt they read about in what’s-her-name’s (?)White Fragility.

You can’t deny I’ve not been telling you for years that’s exactly where you Wiccans were being shafted towards because it’s always been here in the tagline.

Is the point finally getting through or will you need more?

Wicca is not for everyone and initiation is more unpredictable than you think

Wicca did away with religions’ doctrine of the masculine Almighty God that kept women subordinate to man, and placed at its hearth the worship of the Goddess, giving the High Priestess the highest office in a coven – at least in theory – because in her all-round totality, she represents the mysteries of life, death and rebirth. The idea of an ancient matriarchal religion has been written at length in influential books like R. Graves’ White Goddess – and of course, The Gospel of the Witches (even though everyone knows it’s bunk) – but in time it was understood that neither sex had supremacy over the other, rather “the Lord and the Lady” were two equal counterparts of a single ineffable monad.

Like all mystery cults, Wicca transmits its lore through sacred drama in which both initiator and initiate participate. The first initiation is an ignition of the sacred flame – a spark separating from the monad. The whole point is to create duality before it descends and returns with the 2*&3*.

Cross-gender initiation is symbolic of how complementing opposites can interact to generate cause and effect – one sperm and one egg form an embryo, a seed falling in soil can grow into a plant, negative and positive charges create electric current, one hungry ferret can wipe out the entire chicken coop. It aims at – for all magical purpose and intent – to give the initiate an understanding of balance and with that, the opportunity to figure out one of the foundational building blocks of magic through very simple polarity.

The objective of mystery cults is the revelation of secret knowledge. Only after being properly initiated the person becomes worthy of the revelation. Simply put, you are shown something and you have to do the work to figure out what it means. The words “worthy” and “properly” should be taken as doublespeak and you should get used to it because there’s plenty of it in witchcraft. Strictly speaking, properly means “according to the tradition’s rite.” If you alter the rite, the initiation has not been done “properly” and it’s therefore not valid. That’s why Wiccans don’t validate same-sex initiation. It’s not a matter of ethics or a whim. It’s not bigotry. It’s not dogma. I can’t even say it’s stupid rules. It’s the road that on Wiccan territory takes you from A to B. To ignore it is to get nowhere. 

The mystical side of Wicca follows the exact same blueprint of any other initiatory rite known to humanity: the baggage is left at the threshold. Initiation is a carousel of magical symbolism from beginning to end. No philosophical text or academic paper can help the postulant decipher the meaning of these symbols. Many of the symbols in Wiccan initiation may, at first impression, appear like an excuse for sexual kinks …and G. Gardner’s or A. Sanders sexual orientation are regularly brought up as evidence for better or worse. The symbols represent the condition of the human soul, stranded, forsaken and in bondage. Everything mundane must be dropped at the threshold of initiation. Everything. Including your wokeness.

You’d think that with all the experts the internet has spawned, there would be someone in Wicca*, who without spoiling it for everyone, would point out, “Hey, you know, this is what magic is about. Expect a few blinds along the way. Don’t take everything at face value and rest assured, with all there is to remember at an initiation, it’s highly unlikely anyone will be ecstatically aroused at the sight of your bits.” (*edit: at time of publishing Karagan also published a response on his blog. I’ve yet to read it and quite look forward to it.)

No, it’s either pompous arses who repeat old tired pronouncements they can’t even make sense of, or you have the “academics” without a magical bone in them who want to tell you how your tradition should run.

A paramedic is to a philosopher as a magical practitioners is to armchair magician.

Someone who has experienced the mystical aspects of Wicca is someone who doesn’t need a PhD in mythology and folklore to explain magical to the rest of us.

But sometimes a university professor may have crossed the bridge of initiation with his/her mindset still anchored in mundane preoccupations which is how moral fixations, superstitions and dogmas have spilled out in Wicca.

(These references are NOT purely coincidental. I know things and people.)

Consequently, their focus rests heavily on identity. “I am Alexandrian (or Gardnerian). I must remain Alexandrian/Gardnerian even though I do not like it/agree with to feel like a valid witch or I’m no one.” Tell me: is that the ego talking or what? Maybe it’s right. If all you’ve got is the identity sticker and it matters so much as to put you against your higher ideals, maybe you’ve been lying to yourself all along and now you are being challenged. If this happens, it can go two ways.

You can repress the little voice that says this is no longer for you and carry on as you always did for old times’ sake. You will get in arguments with the tradition whilst still appearing to be upholding it but you’re only looking for other people to agree with you and you will initiate and train seekers in becoming dependent on identity and approval just like you – in which case you’ve pretty much reached the last bastion of witchcraft, with the blind leading the blind. All that is mystical about Wicca vaporises in thin air and all you are left with, to help Wicca evolve, is mundane arguments of critical theory.

Or, you can acknowledge the challenge, face your pain in the mirror and accept the key given to you that will take you away from the comfort zone and onto the next leg of your own initiatory journey. It isn’t called the crooked path for nothing. There is nothing logical and straightforward in the choices you might be coming face to face with. In the initiatory path, the possibility to obtain the answer or advice from other humans is often taken away from you by invisible forces, on purpose.

If you are truly free, it’s time to prove it.

Prove you’ve left your baggage at the threshold, that you no longer need it. Prove you understand the full implications of freedom. Dare you be free? Or are you just scrambling for power?

So, you see. You should really be having that “conversation” with yourself.

By attempting to intellectualise the mystical side of a tradition, one risks to go askew with the facts and be deafened and blinded by the cheering crowd, giving the illusion to be onto a winner when in fact you’re losing control of the wheel and swerving off the carriageway. Example:

I’ve looked hard at Gardnerian tradition and tried to work out why cross gender initiation was a thing in the first place; especially when Gardner clearly said mothers could initiate sons and father’s initiate daughters. 

Katie Gerrard

I never! Did he really? And how would that support the case for same-sex initiation?

On p.78 of his book, Witchcraft Today I read that he was told by his initiators that…oh, I think I’ll just quote instead:

“The law has always been that power must be passed from man to woman or from woman to man, the only exception being when a mother initiates her daughter or a father his son, because they are part of themselves.”

Do you see what I mean? And let’s take a look how easy it is to fall in a false sense of adepthood when the crowds are cheering you on. (By the way, this is why I appreciate my “haters” more than they can ever imagine.) With friends like these who needs enemies to throw you under a bus?

I suspect that one of the keys to same-sex initiation hides in the phrase “because they are part of themselves.” Of course we do not give birth physically to our initiates, but who hasn’t birthed a though-form at some point or another in their magical career? Did you need to have a womb for that or was it enough to shag a mare? The initiatory ritual is a physical representation of a process that takes place beyond material reality and then falls back down onto it like the rain drops of an April shower. The initiator too is a physical representation of a re-birthing Mother, no matter whether he’s male or female. The space you enter is the Anima Mundi. You’ll find everything in there, just like in one of those conjurer’s hats: womb and grave, life and death, male and female every paradox you can think of. That’s why a magic circle is cast around it, why it’s danced around it, why you stand at its centre or put something on it to do the magic. It is also said that whoever casts the circle rules it but it’s equally true (especially at an initiation) that the ruler of the circle must be anchored to their inner contacts, so as to mediate it to the initiate. Yes, because those inner contacts are the gatekeepers of the power of the tradition, the revealers of its mysteries, the enablers of transformation. None of that is necessary between and actual mother, father and child for they already are a manifested triangulation of the monad.

So what many Wiccans argue is that if the initiate has not been anchored in the inner contacts, your initiation is just ceremonial theatre and empty words. There is no yeah but…or gender theory that will connect you to the power!

Yeah but…who are the inner contacts?

We know Alex Sanders initiated men; and yet whilst we claim him as one of the founders of our tradition, we reject a chunk of his downline. Men he initiated himself. Oftentimes men he loved dearly.

For what? “Tradition”?

I lost count of the times I heard “the argument that went down the sexual attraction line.” In fact, that was one of my former coven High Priest’s favourite excuse to initiate (cross-gender) men he would later fuck in the name of special connection…“sexual tension between teacher and student”…he called it. That logic is plain and utter bullshit of the lamest kind, because the only connection you’ll ever need is the one to the inner contacts. They are the “teachers“, not some man or woman of flesh and blood…although they oftentimes avail themselves of humans to deliver their oracles, or create conditions to manifest lessons, challenges, etc. in physical reality, in which case you will still need to peel off the layers as you would do with oracles.

For those who do not speak the language of mysticism

Polarity constitutes the backbone of Wiccan mysteries and that inner connection to the mysteries is the key to the magic and initiation Wiccans do. You cannot stop at the surface – “yeah but, Wiccans call on many Gods and Goddesses.” That in itself, signals you never anchored in the tradition’s inner contacts and possibly your initiation may not be as valid as you think (or maybe, you’re still very young in initiation terms).

And as I’ve touched on earlier, polarity needs only be any two polar opposites on a straight line. For my next example, I’m going to use the two hornets in my bonnet to serve as analogy (because I passionately believe in equality): Marxists and Fascists. Two sides of the same coin embedded in some occult circles of my knowledge, who having heard all about how for many years Wiccans successfully stirred shit within their tradition by poking their nose in each other’s covens, have now taken to infiltrate esoteric traditions, especially Wicca, for their own political fun and games anti-cosmic inversion (or what they believe to be the Great Work of Discordia).

Ohhhh, I’m such a bigot!

Anyway, I’d pay attention if I were you.

Here are my hornets on a nice straight linear thought.

Now watch what happens when you take the two extremities and bend the line.

Can you guess what happens when the two extremities meet? What will the shapes you see tell you about polarity?

Would it produce the same effect if each polarity was identical to the other?

This is something you can try at home with two magnets, or just by recreating a simple electrical circuit with a lemon battery. Since many advocates of same-sex initiation love to intellectualise and are into science, and since chemistry is the progeny of early alchemy, I thought of including a short video clip that shows how polarity works.

This is simply to illustrate that Wiccan magic – like nature – follows an order of cause and effect balanced on duality. Wicca is not Chaos. It is not IOT, or Thelema, or the Fraternitas Saturnii. When anomalies enter a state of order, the mechanism ceases to work or repeals it.

I know some members of the IOT know better, that’s why they occupy such illustrious positions at CERN while pretending to be lonely post-punk comic collectors still tripping on the acid tablet they took at a party back in 1983. Do take my example for what it is: a simplistic exemplification.

After all, I do not spend all day in a science-fiction universe of my own making…(and by the way Sharon Day, that hypersigilisation of Dunes you’re trying to promote? I’d think it through it very carefully if I were you. Bear in mind you’ve a reputation for being easily hoodwinked.)

Let’s see what you notice now…What changed? (I’m not giving you the answers but nothing is incidental in this picture. Feel free to scroll up and down as many times you need.)

Father, Mother and Child. In magical terms the two extreme ideologies give life to a living entity that absorbs and amalgamates the similarities and contrasting thoughts from both extremities into a third, separate, single crystallisation of power.

If it was a corporeal organism this single manifestation would look like this:

But we’re talking political ideologies, so it looks more like this:

Look at that anarchist symbol. Why is the background identical to the fascist badge?

Repeat the same exercise changing the two hornets in religion (Old Religion/Paganism) and mystery cult. The result of the two merging together is a magical system – we usually term tradition – with all the trimmings of religion to give it structure, amalgamating with mysticism to fuel the magic.

Same-sex initiation in Wicca – why not?

There would be a lot to say but I’m going to narrow it down to the essential points, to answer the question posed by Katie Gerrard.

For what? Tradition?

Katie Gerrard

The Child emerging from this amalgamation of polar opposites is composed of three-fold layers of formation and manifestation: the hive-mind, the egregore and the tradition.

In Wicca a new coven is said to hive-off just as beehives do when they grow too big. It’s no coincidence that since antiquity many esoteric traditions have had the bee as their symbol. That’s because the hive-mind is a collective intelligent consciousness programmed (with symbols, rituals, uniform, dances, hierarchies, norms, etc.) to think and act in the best interest of the group survival. Any logic external to the hive mind is point blank irrelevant, no matter how ethical, how noble, how reasonable and merciful. The hive-mind is fixed and set in its ways, therefore, it demands from all group members to willingly surrender their individual freedom of thought and obey its laws without questions.

This is why Wicca does not proselytise. Seekers need to willingly seek out and ask for initiation.

The hive-mind influence is usually manifested in thought and language. Have you ever noticed that you can tell a person’s politics, religion or magical style by the words they use? Every ‘community’ has its own terminology through which the build consensus and hegemony. Let’s go back to the earlier example: Antifa get “triggered” by “problematic” “social constructs” created by “white supremacists“, “nazis“, “fascists” and “bigots” and must “educate“. Some of the terminology may not correspond to what a group outsider hears. This is double speak. The constant usage and repetition of words and phrases is what strengthens the hive-mind, and like NLP has the capacity to hypnotise particularly receptive personalities. It’s the same with Wicca. You have to be receptive to be drawn to and be allowed in the hive-mind.

The soul of the community is also known as the egregore. The hive-mind is the intelligence behind the community, the tradition is the physical manifestation of a community BUT the egregore is the glue that holds all parts together. The egregore is also the store of a community or tradition’s ancestry. The sum of that ancestry is personified in the Goddess who people have known by many names. At its core you’ll find the inner contacts acting as gatekeepers, in the same way the beehive’s collective intelligence keeps external threats at bay and protects its queen with their life, if they must. Anything that does not congeal with the body of the tradition is automatically rejected, expelled or destroyed. In Alexandrian tradition, for example, these inner contacts are a council of law-makers of a specific origin. This alone, has a knock-on effect on the magical praxis of what Alexandrians can or cannot do.

To make demands on any tradition (as in any magical system) to change in order to accommodate the individual’s ethics, feelings or sexual sensitivities would be like a bee demanding that the whole beehive compromises the fundamental structure that keeps it alive for the right of a single individual wasp to belong to it.

It is to openly challenge the Tradition’s inner contacts.

It doesn’t matter if who asks is the founder or the last arrived. Once the egregore is created, it grows into an independent, intelligent, god-like entity in its own right. The only way to bypass it is to destroy it, which it seems to me this is what some people have set out to do.

The other option is to create an egregore of your own that works on different dynamics and where gender polarity is unimportant.

And as I said earlier, it surprises me that a priestess of Freyja should fall short on finding on her own contacts, to the extent of depending on the Alexandrian brand for validation. And don’t tell me you want to stick to it out of love, because someone who truly loves doesn’t ask another to change for them.

An evolving tradition doesn’t repeat the mistakes of its founders but learns from them as a mean to honour their work

Alex himself initiated men where he had a specific connection to them.

Yes, he did. He also decreed Victor would succeed him as King of the Witches. It’s a good thing he’s no longer alive to suffer the humiliation of what became of this prophecy of his. In other circumstances, Alex might have succeeded, he was no doubt as well-intentioned and foolhardy as everybody else but I don’t think anybody deserves lip-service, Alex included. I will, however, credit him for his travails and suffering adversities brought on by magical misdemeanours so that we could learn from them and avoid the same traps.

Alex started on the wrong foot and what he managed to cheat out of Gardner came back to bite him in the arse several times over. So lesson number one, in the long run it doesn’t pay to steal from a witch and misuse it – and with that, I mean “not use as intended.” Alex was a showman and there’s a possibility he underestimated what he took from Gardner. Would have Gardner and Crowther sat with their hands on their lap after that? We can speculate. Now and again someone paid him a visit. I’ve mentioned Fred Lamond in older articles. Could have Alex tried to correct or ameliorate his error over time? He probably tried. Leaving his own tradition behind to start a new one was most likely an attempt at rectifying the past. After all, he’s also described as devoted, and anyway who hasn’t fucked up whilst being swept away by too much enthusiasm? Lesson 2: Know when to cut ties, how to do it and leave no bridges unburnt. Alex didn’t do that and that was a mistake – not for those he left behind but for him.

Alex was one of many pioneers at the early stages of the modern revival. So to pave the way, his experiments carried higher risk. Some paid off, others didn’t. For example, he gave 2*&3* together and initiated a few males he incidentally slept with. If he initiated them, the fact he slept with them doesn’t mean anything and only confuses people because in initiation there’s no sex involved. If he elevated them to 2*&3* then maybe sex played its part. But Alex being Alex…Don’t be like the woman he left the contents of his pocket! Lesson 3: emotional attachment and magic are a very bad combination. Specific connections are traps leading to self-binding.

So you want same-sex initiation really badly

If you’re really desperate to do something Wicca does not allow room for, you are going to have to face the music.

Even Wiccans know that from a wider magical perspective there’s more to polarity than a penis and a vagina, or an equal number of fingers on both hands. Same-sex initiation can open doors just as, if not better, than cross-gender. However, they don’t do it. The egregore of their tradition is wired to filter out what’s not compatible, so if they want initiations to anchor in their power source they have a magical system to follow.

Instead on fixating to change someone or something, instead of clinging to Alex Sanders’ or Gardner’s apron strings, instead of waiting for permission and banging at Maxine’s door to have a conversation, instead of ending up like a bad imitation, find your own devil and conjure up your own magical system like I and many others before me, did.

Otherwise you end up like the bee that keeps on hitting on the window pane of a building on fire when just an inch away there’s a massive gap to get through.

It’s not just liberating but you might actually learn something you couldn’t have learnt by tiptoeing the line and being a fake to your Self. When you grow beyond the largest size in your favourite boutique shop, you can’t throw a tantrum at the shop assistant because she hasn’t got anything that fits you, like Sharon Day did. After you’ve tried diet and exercise, if nothing changes, you must find the courage to accept you’ve outgrown the outfit and find a new boutique – maybe one that is not French.

One also needs to be prepared for turbulence because the egregore will experience the separation as a threat to its stability, much as Zeus did when his galavanting with Metis landed him with some unpalatable prophecies and ended up with an unexpected headache.

It may appear that Wicca’s insistence on not validating same-sex initiation limits and holds back initiates from expanding their understanding of magic beyond a certain point. There are definitely limitations and even stunting. The mistake is to brand it as outdated, selfish dogma. It is also a massive mistake to think gender fluid or transexual people are going to thrive in Wicca. In my personal experience they all pool around a particular egregore, so again, I’m so, so, so surprised at Katie Gerrard. There’s a reason in magic, why there are Guardians at the Thresholds and they’re not interested in academic arguments on modern ethics and gender theory.

It is not a weakness or a defeat to say, “this is no longer for me” and quit.

Do you even know how to sacrifice?

Attachment is a weakness. So, if letting go and feeling invalidated by people is an issue, good luck to all your magical workings! In the 20, 30 years, however long it is since you were initiated, you haven’t moved an inch.

People have come to me thinking to find a shoulder to whine on – possibly a partner in crime – and were rudely awakened when I told them to go fuck themselves and slammed the door in their face. I do same-sex initiation but not for the reasons and in the manner or under the banner some basic turncoats out there think. I do not serve anybody’s political agenda or anybody’s vainglorious ambition. Someone who insists that a tradition goes against its egregore to meet their gender-specific needs hasn’t understood the most elementary dynamics of how magic works and is making some very disingenuous assumptions about me and what I stand for.

By the way, before I go here’s the link to Karagan’s article. I’m off to read it myself.

The Alexandrian witchcraft pantomime

Screenshot 2020-07-30 at 03.36.59

Introducing your cast, right to left:

  • Father Dougal as Sharon Day – a bit of a simpleton with little imagination, a priest out of circumstances but without true vocation. Easily suggestible, he is drawn to the esoteric only to freak out and freeze when confronted with magic. Needs a diagram to figure out reality and dreams apart from each other. Fantasises to be at the centre of the attention but it always ends up in fiasco.
  • Father Ted as the Witch Queen – resigned to the cause and to a life as exciting as it gets on Craggy Island. He could have done better with his life had he not become a victim of circumstances but belief in something greater than him made him compliant and thus he never realised his true dreams in life. Accepting his fate didn’t stop him from hope, so he never loses an opportunity for publicity when it presents itself. He’s a believer, so he falls for both Father Dougal’s pranks and the Fortune Teller’s reading.
  • Mrs. Doyle as the Seekers – meek, servile and always ready to support the priesthood in whatever they’re up to. She’s a talented eavesdropper and her ears are always ready to pick up what’s going behind the curtains.
  • Father Jack as the Magical Orders – too high and intoxicated with substances, they exist in semi-vegetative state on an armchair in the same house of the Wiccan and pagan community. It is more out of convenience and habit. In reality, they have little or no respect for them. They love their stale existence and happily ignore their immediate surroundings until a Wiccan does or says something to wake them up from their torpor – which really pisses them off. They much prefer sitting on an armchair reminiscing sexually perverted memories they called magic. Now and again Wiccans and Seekers need to band together to put them on a wheelchair and take them out for some fresh air. Magical orders are usually recalcitrant like mules and make this job rather difficult but usually a bribe does the trick. Once out, Magical Orders need to be watched or they’ll create more havoc than they’re worth, as per usual.
  • The Fortune Teller as Loki’s Gazette (couldn’t find a picture unfortunately but we’re there in the episode) – itinerants of no real status in the ‘community’ and of old-school magical ways and fae proclivities. They sit in their spot nonchalantly, waiting for the silver penny (or the pound) to drop in their hand before saying anything. They usually begin with telling you what you want to hear until Loki swoops over. Then no one, not even them, knows what the hell is going on anymore.

Pick up a bag of popcorn and enjoy the viewing!

A cameo featuring the fate of two of the most eminent priests of the tradition

It would be a sin to hide this sketch from you.

Starring Father Ted as the Witch Queen and Father Dougal as Sharon Day, our next character Bishop Brennan could easily stand for either Scott Blunt or Karagan Griffith.

For those who are new to the circuit and don’t know who we’re talking about, these two shitweasels had, for a time, self-proclaimed themselves the highest authority in witchcraft. Scott Blunt was a local benefits-scrounger invested with being having the one and only training coven in London. He used the craft as a mean to bump up his benefits, expect gifts and have their bills, car insurance and cocaine habit paid for by the coven’s initiates. Additionally, a prospective initiate was made to clear and landscape his garden at his expense, only to be told that if he wanted initiation he would have to stalk someone. Likewise, fools such as Angelique and Emily Rothwell also went along with his wishes on an empty promise of a 2*&3* degree reward.

Between 2009 and 2013, Karagan Griffith was a nobody who had ingratiated himself with Scott Blunt. Scott Blunt was thrilled to stretch his tentacles across the Atlantic and make a name for himself there. The wily pair contrived a way to put together a proper database of personal information and lineages and take control of who could call themselves a proper Alexandrian and who couldn’t. Many Alexandrians were called to task and countless arguments ensued over the years. The irony was that Karagan was himself of dubious lineage and had needed Scott Blunt to fill in the gaps left by his piss-poor initiatiors. However, he soon began to suffer from “the one and only true witch inn the village” syndrome and furiously scour the internet for anyone with a less than pure and verifiable pedigree. Traditional witches weren’t even witches and beneath his contempt. Over the years he harassed and blacklisted two Alexandrians lines (one in the US and one in Europe) as well as several individuals who incurred his wrath for standing up to his militant bullshit. In his head, Karagan had become some sort of Alexandrian pontiff and Witch Hunter General when the shit hit the fan for Scott Blunt and turned his coat on his former buddy. How could he allow Loki’s Gazette to impudently name and shame the Alexandrian tradition. Well, it’s quite easy actually, once you find out it’s a bunch of sad posers you’re dealing with and not witches. He then began to offer Brazilian seekers English lessons based on witchcraft training for a fee. We knew he was totally losing his marbles when he began to behave as if anointed with divine authority and took it upon himself to launch a proper witch hunt across Brazil, targeting a Gardnerian high priest. In 2014, Karaghan’s megalomania had flipped out of control and he became hellbent on uniting Gardnerians and all Alexandrians under his sole authority, at which Gardnerians got a grip and told him to fuck off before it was too late.

Screenshot 2020-07-30 at 05.02.14

So honorary mention goes to these two eminent gobshites and their overinflated sense of self-importance. We thought it would be fun to commemorate their shock and utter dismay when the Witch Queen announced she no longer had any use for the them and got them out of her sight with her signature hands-on push out of the door as a farewell blessing.

Without any further ado, exclusive to Loki’s Gazette, we’re proud to present:

“The kick up the arse.”


Hello Ireland – scroll down for surprise news

We can see you downloading, sons of Cuchulainn and we can see you too Derby Coven.

Give us a smile!

Things could have gotten so much worse, you know?….


Of course my dear brethern of the mistletoe, for old times’ sake, you have my personal blessing. You know, back in the days when…and anyway, you’ve nothing to worry about…


Oh yeah, the asteroid…you can read about it here on the Wall Street Journal if you have a subscription or on IBTimes (12th March 2020 issue) …when did your country lockdown again? So do bear in mind there could be another reason why a pandemic to clear the skies of air traffic and a stalling economy might have been the least of two evils. There’s a reason why decision makers sometimes need to mask the truth with little white lies. This is what happened under a ‘global pandemic’…now imagine what scenario you could be facing if you were told ahead of time that the planet faces a good possibility of extinction on April 29th.

Yes, you get the gist. So maybe, just maybe…

lokis aster

Now you see it…now you don’t.


The New York Times adds more enlightenment by giving a little history, reminding us humanity does inhabit a rock suspended into sweet nothingness surrounded by debris speeding chaotically all over the place. I mean… shit happened before and there’s no reason why it couldn’t happens to us in our comfy arses lifetime. You don’t have to take your mask off yet, if you’re still not feeling comforted.

Please spare me the Chicken Licken theories about Earth Mother Mrs.Howard-Day. What does your attitude says about you, given Earth Mother blessings to you? Let’s do the sums: 3 out 3. One incurable, one with a hip replacement before her 21st, one with suspected leukemia, all three with your blood disorder…yeah, DO YOU get the message?

Thanks to the real magicians of our times paid by the taxes you give to the illusionist of turn that you elect, instead of getting blasted by an asteroid this coming Beltane, you might be treated to a meteor shower instead. How’s that for a celebration?

Think about it, while the likes of Karagan and Sharon Day pissarse around useless notebooks and whose Alexandrian lineage matters the most, there are people (I like to call them 21st Century Adepts) at the Sentry System who last year worked their arses off at the Planetary Defense Conference Exercise 2019…ok, so the official report states it was a simulation scenario, and what do you call holding hands and bopping on the left foot in a circle dance while chanting “Eko eko Azarak”? Raising a cone of power and things just happen, yeah? Like all the mass hexing against Kavanaugh and Trump, right? For fuck’s sake, does it ever occur to you how ridiculously contrived is that to the external observer? But I bet you’d find something sceptical to say about a scientific simulation – with all the certified reading you guys do, you truly must be experts.

After all, topping the charts in Italy with Born to be King must have at least won you the Premio Strega. (Aptly named, innit?)

strong sales

D’ya know what I mean?

You already know what the Loki’s Gazette tribune thinks of the books you read.

Yes, I make satire out of your (Alexandrians that is) disproportionately over-inflated ego/room temperature IQ mismatch and the spurious junk you fill up your library shelves with. You are what you read and regrettably your spiritual leaders comes across anything but enlightened by the gods. They’re like little children showing off their new toys. Maybe, you might want to put down Dune and leave science-fiction be until you’re ready to become adults and chill the fuck out.

In the next video clip, you won’t be seeing men and women in robes clowning around an imaginary cone of power to save the earth but you will get a demonstration of the real Great Work people do behind the scenes to keep your arse safe. As you can see, there are no candles and fancy robes involved. As you watch this, think about the crap you read and put your faith in to.

No need repeat myself as to why humanity needs to be treated like children when something potentially disastrous is afoot …you can go back to that video as often as you need.

Decision makers need time and space to think straight, so they can avert the worst. The thing is, life is weirder than fiction and I don’t claim expertise in science or economics but I have dealt with group size evacuations in life-threatening situations twice, so based on that, I know that putting blinkers on horses prevents them from getting spooked and bolt, and tyranny in cases as such does save lives. Moreover, when the there’s high probability of being truly fucked and the weight of responsibility falls around your neck, I can reassure you, the last thing you have in mind is to parade as the hero in shining armour who’s come to save the day. You know it could end both ways but you surround yourself with your most trusted, put your heads together, form a plan quick and execute it…quiet as a mouse, fast as you can. Nobody, especially the children, needs to know how deep the shit really is. No time to explain and get into debates.

Chaos-management (call it magic and add a k to it if you will) is an art you learn by living through some interesting shit. Immerse yourself in it and if you re-emerge in one piece, you’ll know it’s patterns. Chaos leaves you no time to polish candlesticks and buy the wine for theatrics, I’m afraid. If you’re busy taking a shit when it hits, you’re in for some proper escathological fun.


…said the Englishman to the American newbie infatuated with stags.

Ok, this should make sense to some of our Irish readers at least. I shall whisper it one more time just in case they didn’t think they heard me right the first time. My apologies to those who won’t get the pun because they weren’t there. It’s a long story.


Time for the surprise you came here for…talking of reading…

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The Parable of the Bushfire

Author’s Note: This is the second most sacrilegious thing I’ve ever written this week. But it’s a different take on an idea I used to believe in when I was growing up. I thought Yahweh was a minor despotic deity of some desert tribes of shepherds. I was wrong. I feel better that I can laugh a little about it now.


Loki and Thor were sitting in Asgard one day, looking down on Midgard, watching the people of the world go about their business. “Are you sure we should let these people worship us?” asked Loki, watching a man run while trying to keep his pants up. The man had no belt, but he was holding onto a long scrap of rope. “Just tie it around your waist,” said Loki. The trickster god sighed in disappointment.

“They’ve got too much free time,” said Thor. “Plus the Grandmaster wants us to get a hobby. It’s either this or cosmic basketweaving, and you know how I feel about arts and crafts that don’t involve a good hammering.”

“This is so stupid,” said Loki. He rolled his eyes, then looked around to make sure his eccentric boss wasn’t lurking about. “Between you and me, these people aren’t smart enough to worship us. They’ll worship anything as long as it makes the right noises.”

“What about those people in Egypt? You have to admit, those pyramids are pretty impressive,” said Thor. “Smart people make those.”

“Please,” said Loki. “These people lack imagination. They worship the first glowing thing they see in the sky. That, and they let these things called ‘cats’ boss them around all day. Now, it would be impressive if we could get those cats to …”

“Nope. Grandmaster said humans, so we’re going to get them to worship us.”

Loki narrowed his eyes and tapped his chin in thought. After a moment’s pause he said, “How about a wager? If I get a group of people of your choosing to worship something silly, you buy me my weight in mead. If I fail, I’ll buy you your weight in mead. Sound like a deal?”

“Hel yeah,” said Thor. “I’m thirsty.” Thor looked down on Midgard to find a suitable people. He passed over the Egyptians, because he suspected Loki might be right about them. The Cretans weren’t okay, because they had a fetish for bulls. All Loki had to do is turn into one and they’d be making sacrifices in no time. To the east, the Hittites were out. They did whatever the Babylonians told them to do.

And then, he found a small group of different tribes sandwiched between the Hittites and the Egyptians. They didn’t let anyone push them around. If anyone could stand up to Loki, it’s these guys. Thor pointed at them and said, “Get to work, pal.”

So Loki descended from Asgard until he landed in a place called Canaan. He looked high and low over the first village he came to. “There’s our winner,” said Loki, when he saw a drowsy man tending a flock of sheep. Loki disguised himself as a nearby bush and then whispered to the man, “Psst. You. Yeah, you, shepherd. What’s your name?”

The man woke up with a start. “What? I’m Mo. Who are-wait, who’s there?”

“Hello there, Mo,” said Loki. “I’m your new god. Name’s Yahweh.”

“Yes, what?”

“No, Yahweh.”

“No way.”

“Yahweh,” Loki repeated. This one might be too stupid after all. But he wasn’t going to give up easily. “Look, my name isn’t important. What’s important is that you worship me. I can do some impressive stuff.”

“Yeah, like what? The Egyptians get told how to build those big pyra-thingies,” said Mo.

All of a sudden, the bush erupted into angry flames which turned shades of purple, green, and blue. “Enough of those Egyptians already! Can they make this bush burn and talk at the same time?”

Mo’s eyes went wide, and he fell to the ground. “Oh, I haven’t been drinking too much wine again, have I?”

“Yahweh! Say my name three times, then go grab a sheep and sacrifice it to me!” Loki upped the flames and heat a bit. This was really fun.

“Okay, okay, I’ll do it,” said Mo. “You gods really are a pain in the ass, you know that?”

The flames went out. “Yeah, we kind of are,” said Loki. “Tell you what, don’t sacrifice that sheep, and I’ll help you start a religion. First, we’ll have to change your name to something cool. From here on out, you’re called, ‘Moses.’ How you like that?”

Mo shrugged. “Sounds Egyptian, so I think it might be popular.”

“Good,” said Loki. “Now, get a pen and some paper, and write this down…”

After all was said and done, Loki went back to Asgard. Thor’s jaw had dropped to the ground in surprise. “I can’t believe it. And I owe you all that mead, too. You said that guy thought you were a talking bush?”

Loki winked. “Like I told you. Gullible. Don’t worry, what they’re doing won’t catch on. Pretty soon they’ll forget all about it and start worshiping something else.”

“I hope so,” frowned Thor. “Now let’s go get you your weight in mead. And no shape-shifting into a dinosaur, either!”

“Aww,” said Loki. “I was hoping for more mead that way.”

It’s that tide of the year again



Bringer of gifts


Season of the sacrificial lamb.

According to some occult theories the Vernal Equinox is the tide of death…and things seem to be speeding up quite a bit. Yeah, we went from the fires in Australia to a viral outbreak. Lovely jubbley.

never too small

People are dying!

Sweden, the exponents of all that’s Left Wing and Progressive were the only European country to have ignored the Covid-19 mass hysteria while the British and the Americans were waving their pitchforks demanding their share of forced imprisonment.

Loki are you at it again? 


This time last year witches were going hysterical over Notre Dame and Brexit. You’ll be sursprised how the more progressive and left wing people are, the more they love authoritarian technocrats and apocalyptic movements – whether it’s witchcraft or XR.

Throughout 2019, you had XR activists blocking traffick and causing drama on the tube, basically being a pain in the arse to ordinary day to day communters going on about their lives. Only to end up with Australia going up in flames as if the son of Muspell had just been unleashed.

We’re all going to die! – people screeched…and they still do, but…

Is it the Earth or is it what holds the balance, that Dread Steed, that is about to be set on fire?

When they lose at their game in spite of exerting social pressure, as with Brexit and in the UK at the latest general elections, they’re left foaming at the mouth.

Tricks get confused with illusion.

Do you get the gist?

To re-word a famous Churchill quote: Illusion is the ability to send someone to hell while getting them to look forward to the trip. In other words, illusion creates images that can be deceptive or misleading to the brain. The information gathered by the five senses is processed by the brain, creating a perception that in reality, does not match the true image.

Under the influence of illusion many individuals come to believe they are speaking for the majority of people. Their self-deception is fed by news they get from generators of mass illusion such as social media, interacting only on platforms that agree with their beliefs and where having a different perception of reality is heresy.

Then they are stunned when in the real world, reality takes a different form and Boris Johnson gets a people’s mandate to go ahead with Brexit.

It is said that when the gods hate you, they will drive you insane.

What if Brisingamen is a chain of majority consesus and it’s used to stir conflict?

Let’s watch this short videoclip and see how to scramble a perfect storm with coronavirus.

Ragnarok has never been so popular. People are getting a masochistic need for escathology. There’s even a Netflix series and witches buzz each other excitedly “have you watched it?”, “what did you think of it?”, as if to catch a glimpse of the future in popular culture.

If I ever wanted to drive people crazy and push them on the verge of social suicide, I would definitely choose mass hysteria as my execution weapon.

I can’t but there are forces out there that can.


I’m sure that news of Covid-19 accidentally leaving the lab was not meant to become public knowledge and amid cries that we must not be racist, the Chinese goverment took advantage of western naivety to shut a few mouths and prevent any more news from coming out. It went from being a Chinese pathogen to global pandemic with Europe and America at its centre. China is now ever so quiet while the West doth protests too much.

Social media addicts are surprisingly easy to manipulate and prone to accept deception as truth. Social media is the drug and Covid-19 its virus.

Yes, the virus exists but the pandemic is not caused by a pathogen but by social media’s virulent illusions. It attacks the rational side of the mind and destroys it.

A pandemic is also a time for opportunism. If you’ve a secure job, who would say no to an extra 6 weeks holiday on full pay?

Not I.


Time to retreat in peace and quiet is the witch’s most precious commodity, especially in a world of constant noise and social indoctrination such as the one we live in today.

Sometimes a witch just needs a break.

Witches need the silence that comes from social distance.

Sometimes a witch has enough of creating artificial silence with meditation and wants actual silence.

So just imagine grabbing those who make all the noise and locking them up in a virtual reality where they can be kept out of the way and busy on social media.

If these people stay in, cooped up in their virtual world, it means you won’t be seeing them in the real world. You can sneak out and find a temporary respite from the ordinary world. It is also an illusion…just a better one.

Now, you see, from my perspective, this is the second year in a row, my magical colleagues and I get this much time at exactly the same time of the year, to gather and work together.

What for most people presents limitation, for us means opportunity and expansion. You could say, we have the devil on our side and he has a wicked sense of humour.


While witches and occultists of all traditions follow their leaders guidance to STAY IN AND SAVE LIVES and end up spending days on end chained up to virtual meetings and rituals, we get in a car and go up to the mountains, spreading all that coronavirus to each other.

What a load of BOLLOX.

I thought all these adepts weren’t afraid of death and engage with death and the underworld as a normal spiritual practice. Now the underworld has come to them. Here is their chance to engage with death for real. Why so scared all of a sudden?

The most laughable of all are followers of the Left Hand Path, you know, the former goths turned black magicians and psychic vampires, or the cranky old bitch that goes dark after getting dumped by her New Age master for a young tottie…those types. For them lockdown means staying the fuck in shut indoors and getting New Age arseholes too afraid to get a cough and die to surveil and ‘educate’ people.

What the fuck is this? Do you call this someone one the way to magical adepthood?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Seriously fuck off and carry on in your horror movie bubble.

These people live in their heads and experience reality through Zuckerberg’s autistic lenses.

Coronovirus brings the REAL SELF out.


So if you’re smart, make the most of this interesting times to observe people’s reactions in times of  mass hysteria. Watching their self-preservation instincts will disclose an enormous amount of information people usually manage to hide well under normal condition: do they remain vague and aloof? Do they continually spread updates? Do they go in full panic mode and bellow at people what they should do?

It’s almost like Judgement Day, people separate in those who stay quiet and those who make lot of noise. If you’re someone with a good hand at magic, you know what that means.

The hardest challenge a young magical practitioner will ever face is to discern who in the occult/witchcraft is authentic and who is a manipulative con.


Beware of anyone who issues ultimatums and uses further isolation as a threat. Among occultists and witches this ‘do as I say or I’ll cancel you’ is becoming the norm. Take this pissy old wanker for example:

These coercive threats come from individuals who make a living from telling people their problems will be over by casting a spell with a candle. Who the fuck comes up with a Ritual to fight coronavirus? They are no more rational than flat-earthers and yet you’ll find that these individuals are often the louder to berate conspiracies. I carried out a small social experiment of my own and showed a few screenshots like this one below to ordinary (non-witchy) people, starting from the guys at the Syrian restaurant down the road and asked them to tell me what they thought of these ‘magical people’ statements.

Most reacted with “Whoa!” to begin with, adding that they wouldn’t be prepared to be talked down like that by ANYONE.

Younger people tended to believe that her claim to know people who had died of the virus was to attract sympathy and boost social media responses. IMG_E5974[1]

Three people you know/met died of Covid-19…oh my god, Janet you are SO full of shit!

The interesting part is that the inversion is now becoming increasingly obvious. People with no interest in occultism and witchcraft tend to be more assertive and be less prone to fall for manipulative tactics than so call magical practitioners, witches, etc. meanwhile the believers join them in condemning anyone who doesn’t believe their story as a subhuman underclass whilst believing to be the ‘chosen’ elite.


Anyone who writes “Don’t argue with us” deserves to have a photo of her holding a massive green cock published on Loki’s Gazette.

I say, “Suck on it old bag! That’s about the best use your mouth will ever have.”

The responses on Janet Farrar’s wall prove a point on the pathetic state of modern occultism and witchcraft that we have reiterated time and again.

Cornonavirus rules them all through mass hysteria and they willingly surrender their freedom.


Witches of the world…98% of you are not what you say you are.

You are glitter snorting, helpless, infantilised, lifestyle consumers.


Rational people put you to shame.

But you…(and you know who you are)… don’t even have the guts to speak out your own truth to those who fall in the grip of mass hysteria.



You follow the trend,

You stay safe.

I thought there was no safety in witchcraft…aww…things have changed it seems.


It’s safer to believe and stay in the herd.

So take care if you are new to this path. Nowadays when someone tells you they are a witch, you’ve got to take it with a generous pinch of salt. Most of the time, you’re dealing with infantilised consumers.




They say imitation is the highest form of flattery


good morning

Can you believe it? Sorita D’Este has given herself to the use of memes to let her social media followers know she’s been receiving satanic curses by email for not providing information about a certain goddess quick enough.


It makes you wonder where she might have got such originality from? First time for everything eh?

is this love

AWWWW SORITA!!!!!………………………………………………………………………………………….

you cock garage

Sorita D’Este: post-fame anatomy of a self-obsessed cow(ard) on the brink of insanity


Oh dear! The whole of Glastonbury knows what this is all about and chances are she missed the subtler nuances in the message a fortune teller Sorita met in a parking lot delivered to her last Friday.

Glastonbury is having enough of Sorita’s drama.

Most people assume that Glastonbury is all about hippies and new agers. It they brought economic growth and tourism to an otherwise ordinary rural English village but among its population, Glastonbury has its fair share of traditionally conservative folk who pagan or not, are sick and tired of the drama caused mainly by the public face of Wicca.

Sorita moved there thinking she was going to be hailed as the town’s honorary Witchy Celebrity Queen and started to act out like a primadonna from day one. But it backfired hard on her and she ended up coming to the attention of the local constabulary and social services on more than one occasion because of her erratic behaviour in public places and the spiteful harassment she inflicted on some locals.

Hardly the ideal role model most pagans and witches across the country have in mind.

Her behaviour in public showed the nation and beyond that those who brag out loud to be ‘powerful witches’ are more often than not, worse off than ordinary human beings. Here is what an academic expat in Finland thinks of  ‘witches’ like her and it is hard to disagree that maladptiveness and mental instability go hand in hand.

Think about it: who in their right mind would gloat about somebody’s death on social media?

Wonder how her ex David Rankine would see this?



Know what I mean?

Sorita has since deleted the post from Facebook but not before Loki’s Gazette could take a screenshot. We warned her a gazillion times to THINK carefully about the things she and her utterly disingenious comrades post on Facebook (given that she’s so hot on branding herself a victim of bullying). No surprise, the way she carries on will put her on a collision course with a fate she’s not prepared for.

Adele was an understated but highly respected and very much loved woman in Glastonbury – and not just in the “witchy” community. No matter what she allegedly did, she did out of sincere concern for a vulnerable child in the unfortunate circumstances of being brought up by a narcissistic, self-obsessed parent who puts her ambitions in “fantasy witchcraft” above responsibilities and uses her “advernturer” like a publicity accessory.


It’s a bit like the David and Goliath scenario. What often grates a “big shot” in wicca is the shock of finding out that somone they look down as insignificant is not afraid of slinging the dart that will bring them down because it reveals that their ‘superpowers’ are just a paper mache lie and they have absolutely nothing but an empty chalice to offer. To that effect, Sorita had no power to retaliate but like any other loser in the game, could do nothing but wait for someone to die before she could rejoice.

However, death is an empty victory for the truly powerless, given that everything that lives is destined to die at one time or another, and that includes her.

Now that Adele is no longer around to retort, Sorita fluffs her feathers once again and tries to stitch what shred of pride was left to proclaim she will curse Adele to a second death.

Well, plenty of evidence shows her curses don’t seem to work on the living. How will she prove they have worked on a dead woman?

about meabout me lol

By the look of what Sorita posts, she’s the one on a fantasy journey. That how she wishfully sees herself and portrays herself on social media do not match with who she really is, well…that’s a different matter.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wow, if this outburst is the result of 20 years in the craft, well, so much for ‘becoming magick’.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t judge me? Pfft. It’s a bit too late for that (and deleting the post). It doesn’t end there. Give her a week and she’s back on social media virtual signalling her moral supremacy with questions aimed at enticing the crowds digging the dirt on techers/guides/groups.


We are going to answer her question by advising people new to the occult to forge their own way and keep anyone with an air of grandiose morality at arm’s length. Understand that magic is a solitary discipline that will, at best, yield a few collaborators but beware of crowning any mortal as your ‘teacher’ and bear in mind that those posturing themselves as such are people in desperate need of attention and in love with the limelight, their UPG and their fantasy self.

Meanwhile, if some people had their say……………


Yep. All you have to do is ask around.

Maybe Sorita ought to step out of her own fantasy bubble now and again and see the real world, but that’s exactly her idea of a nightmare. She has serious trouble functioning normally in society and holding conversations that have nothing to do with witchcraft, the occult, religion or SJ politics. Most of the times, this imbalance is what endears people new to the craft to a particular person in the first place but the inability to engage on topics other than spirituality, intersectionality creeds and anything considered ‘alternative’ should ring alarm bells in anyone pursuing Sane Occultism. At the same time it is worth bearing in mind, when dealing with some LHP and Satanists, that going the opposite way of one’s belief is actually done to depolarise themselves and strike a balance. Not as easy as it sounds. Many who try, swing wildly from one extreme the other.

Now Sorita’s choice of curse betrays a preoccupation with being remembered. We all know that the realisation of not getting any younger, coupled with Maxine Sanders’ rejection didn’t go down too well with Sorita. A lot of her critics fail to pay attention to her choice of vocabulary and the things she posts. For example, she posts frequently about people being jealous of her. It seems quite far fetched that given her current mental state, anyone would be in a hurry to swap their life with hers and be a full time carer to disabled child for the rest of your life. Of course, we’re not saying you wouldn’t if that child happened to you but given the choice, you’d wish for a non-disabled child, right? Well, that’s just part of her lot and it is not enviable at all. Of course, Christian Day would feed this idea in her head. After all, she brings him money and he’s not the one stuck in her shoes…and she’s not particularly renown for critical thinking.

Another thing that came to our attention was the professional photo shoot she went for, only months after Sharon Day and Maxine Sanders had theirs. All three photo shoots were terrible and looked like American portraits from the 80’s – for the money they probably cost – they were very much Sharon in style. Now, an adult woman that’s got to copy what her rival does and have, even when it doesn’t flatter her in the least, is a woman who has no personality or self-identity left and a woman who is not being herself. Also a woman who in so doing betray her envy towards her rival. They accentuate all the wrinkles she usually photo-edits and make her look like a poverty-stricken Greek grandma at the end of WWII.  If a photographer did that to me, I’d sue the living daylights out of him!…but then again, I wouldn’t go to a photographer in the first place because it’s a waste of money.


Couple that with chasing Christian Day and posing with her arms around him after Sharon Day brought him in the Alexandrian fold four years earlier and it’s plain enough for everyone to see, she’s acting like jilted partner and fears that one day, Sharon will be hailed as the next Queen on the Witches. (Awww…if only she’d put her pride aside and grovel, Maxine might put their spat behind her and send her a dove with an olive branch in her beak.)

Then she went through a period, she was posting picture after picture of her younger years, as if to reassure herself she had seen better days and wanted people to still remember her like that…but of course, we age and people see what we are. That’s when she dropped the enchantress title, which seemed like a sensible thing. Gods only know when was last time she had managed to enchant anyone. For a while, she described herself as theurgist and priestess, now she’s currently “Mother. Unashamed Fire-starter. Author of books on mythology, magic and folklore.”  Mother? In name only. Unashamed firestater ??? More like “Shameless loose cannon”. As for her books, let’s put it into perspective, it’s not as if you’re going to find them quoted in an academic paper anytime soon.

A couple of years ago she posted another question asking if was it possible to give someone a second death and how would to go about inflicting it on someone. We have the screenshot somewhere and we might add it at a later date. Anyway, what kind of a question is that for a facebook audience? Number one, if you’re that qualified to teach magic, you should already know. Number two, any serious occultist would look at that question and think you’re an attention-whore. But it just goes to show what’s in that head of hers and how she thinks the universe revolves around her.

It makes you feel sorry for her. How can anybody look at this woman and feel the slight pang of jealousy? How far up her own arse is she, not to see? People dislike her for a variety of different reasons, none of which have anything to do with jealousy.

When we first started writing about her, I knew (mainly from hearsay) that she was narcissistic, self-absorbed, full of shit but after falling out with Maxine she completely went off the hinges.  Her popularity took a nose dive and her number of enemies grew exponentially ever since.  So the chance of people ever remembering her for anything other than her follies and disorderly behaviour in pubs before forgetting her altogether within a couple of months after her passing is becoming more and more of a possibility.

So, as far as the accusation levered against Adele for sowing discord go, Sorita may want to spend a moment reflecting on how her own reprehensible behaviour has affected her life and reputation. You can’t be proud to act like a cunt one minute and whinge when people treat you like one the next.

It’s as if after writing all this we’d expect her to send us a thank you note and if she were to post shit about us, we’d get all outraged.

Did you see us get angry when Sharon hacked in the blog and wrote that vapid Christo-sermon about gratitude? It was actually quite fun to edit and put our own spin to it and who’d have ever dreamt we’d end up with her credit card and Apple ID details? Then again who’d ever dreamt a mere “imagine Christian Day…” said in jest in a moment of euphoric banter would come true three/four weeks later? And anyway, when you say things to piss people off, you’ve got to really mean what you say because retaliation is to be expected. So be good or be good at it. And this is how you know who is playing and who is doing it for real.

You have to be consistent and deal with the pros and cons and consequences of your life choices. Nobody is to blame if they don’t make you happy. Nobody is to blame if you can’t handle what you start. So, whenever we read Sorita (or that wanker of Karagan) whining about being bullied, we think, just fuck off.


See how far your sermons on cyber-bullying go Sorita? Your magic…LOL!!!! This is not even from Loki’s Gazette. These are other pagans and witches telling you how it is. Your social ustice campaigns only serve to make people scorn your pretentiousness and expose more of your hypocrisy, lack of integrity and self-respect.


Courtesy of Pagans and Witches for Responsibility FB group

Would you have more?

Some people play on both sides. Can you guess which one?


Articles were bang on but you failed to understand how you’re part of the problem.

What’s for certain is that Sorita has no friends. Not real ones. She has play-buddies, frenemies, Facebook followers like us, for example….Or like him (who taints everything he touches and fell like a ripe fruit straight in our palm and whether he realises it or not plays to our script). Magic stems from within. Similarly, the seed of destruction must be planted and grow from within.

Sorita likes to play with the bad boys, but she has neither the spirit nor Sharon’s wealth as an insurance policy, so these disrespectfully entertaining villains have nothing to lose from taking advantage and using her like their bitch, pimping her out at Hexfest to grow their business, knowing Loki’s Gazette and Pagans and Witches for Responsibility are watching and will give her a good thrashing later on.

Sorita whines about having her life nearly ruined and that’s becuse she thought she could turn anti-elitists groups in her own PR agents. What neither Sorita, nor anyone at Pagan and Witches for Responsibility seem to grasp is that Loki’s Gazette doesn’t care about hurting your business and we are against the commercialisation of the craft in every shape and form. There is no reason whatsoever for business to exist within the craft. Of course, this is not going to stop those who want to make money out of it from doing so. After all, there is plenty of demand for knowledge and teachers. So, feel free to misuse and treat the gods and the craft as a personal commodity.

These people should be presumably familiar with the story of Faust and if they’re not we would strongly advise them to take some time to look it up.

Loki’s Gazette strongly objects against the indiscriminate dissemination of sacred knowledge for the sake of meeting consumeristic demand. In other words, we don’t give a toss about who you think you are in the pagan/witchcraft/occult community. We couldn’t care less about how Tom, Dick and Harry will ever fulfill their dream of becoming witches unless they can have access to training and initiation and the reason for this is that those who are meant to be, those who are witches, will grow into their power even if they were stranded for 50 years on a desert island.

That probably makes us elitists too but in a different way. The elitist we’re against is the poncy armchair magician who is all talk and no substance. The ones who want to be revered because of their lineage and badges – like Karagan – who give moralising speeches about spiritual humility from their high ground.

If you’re interested in teaching magic you don’t need to treat your 1* degree like you own their body and soul; there is no need to helicopter other witches and show them who is in control, for any witch who let him/herself be controlled by another is no witch at all.

So, let us spoonfeed some thick-as-bricks individuals: we are not here to detract whoever wants to join your group or coven or tradition. There’s no need to. As many precedents indicate, with your desires and behaviour, you will attract the kind of seekers that you deserve. Whether you bring together a coven of power or spin a web of drama for yourselves is entirely up to you and what you use your magical knowledge for. There’s another thing you need to understand. Just because we’re initiates of the same tradition, it doesn’t mean we owe you. We are sorry if some of you lack the training to understand that as ‘hidden children’ (if we want to stick to the jargon), outside of a properly cast circle you do not need, nor have the right to demand we make our identities public. Clearly, not knowing unsettles you because you cannot know for sure who is watching, who is the mole, who to point the finger to and start mobbing. Is that not so? Is that not what you regularly do to people who take a stand to your bullshit? Well, I’m afraid you are going to have to suffer, and if you scapegoat the wrong person and cause them any harm, you will have to live with that indelible stain on your karmic record. So, may you always think before you wag your tongue and do stupid things.

When your mind pops off the hinges, don’t go wagging your fingers at others. You are the supposed ‘adept’ and ‘teacher’ and should know how to look after your life. Instead of trying to control the lives of 1*, make sure you have your own life under control. Stop blaming what goes wrong in your life on nincompoops. They are not the ones bringing the craft in disrepute. You attract them with your own spiritual sales techniques, so what do you expect?

So, we’re back to what was mentioned at the beginning of this article. In the end, witches like Sorita who use their personal dramas to fish for sympathy and posture as victims to boost their following and business may project a convincing illusion of witches and may look the part but are essentially nothing more than fraudulent parasites.

Not everything that looks like gold is gold and vice-versa, there’s a lot of coarse gold out there, that doesn’t look anything like gold and yet, it’s a treasure hidden in plain sight. So you need to learn to mine the gold. It’s harder work but carries less risk of being fooled by unscrupolous traders.

Magical practioners see right through them and their slippery arguments. We know they all fancy themselves as tricksters but they take themselves far too seriously and that’s a tell-tale sign, you’re dealing with someone who is full of shit.

For someone boasting five spirits to do the job for her, she’s having a hell of a difficult time and doesn’t she spend a lot of time and energy swinging between euphoric announcements and angry remarks at people on her social media. Here below she was ranting about yet more DRAMA. It could almost be a joke: How many spirits does Sorita D’Este needs to change a light bulb? Five…with a guiding hand from Aaron Leitch pointing her to the light at the end of the tunnel.

aaron leitch

Five spirits to do the job for her and she can’t even of something sensible to say when she calls the Daily Mail to beg them for an interview.

daily maildaily mail admission

“I had to say something interesting ;-)” – she did it for personal reason. Strapped for cash? And then she wonders!!!! Then she whines about cyber-bullying and people attacking. You’re talking shit every time you open your mouth, what do you expect?

You get the impression that spirits don’t like her either. Why would Hecate have allowed Adele to ‘steal’ Sorita’s friends if she were, as Sorita alleged, misusing her name? Adele must have done something right OR better than Sorita, to get away with nearly ruining Hecate’s Chief Priestess’ life. And who the fuck is Sorita anyway to presume she can dictate to a goddess whose worship She ought to accept and who qualifies in her presence? Now that Adele is in Her retinue, what would she expect Hecate to do? Punish her? LOL, Hecate will probably send Adele back to haunt her for the rest of her days. Sorita could not vituperate on Adele when she was in life. She got a fleeting moment of release when she found out she died but because she had not been able to vindicate herself against her in life, she lost the ground to vilify her in death.

Sorita should really start paying more attention. She’s a terrible judge of character with the habit of projecting her own shortcomings (lies, envy and anger) on others and seriously underestimate those she tries to manipulate. She’s so desperate to be number One, it seems even the Saviouress has forsaken her and moved on to greener pastures.

Correct us if we’re wrong, in the early summer last year, there was no goddess to protect Sorita when mid-invocation she fell 10 feet backwards and came closed to impaling herself on a fence. And yet, since that morning Sorita had been posting a stream of photographs picturing Sekhmet and various Egyptian goddesses at the rate of a minute apart from each other, with veiled threats vaguely directed at mysterious enemies and her usual hullabalooney elogies to Artemis/Hecate. She dropped hints after hints of what a grandiose, historical ritual she was about to part-take.

April 2019, was significant for Loki’s Gazette too and since the very beginning of the year things just came together of their own accord. You don’t find a horse’s skull on a sandy beach every day and that was in February, not long after we took repossession of our blog. That finding brought us all together in London for a whole three months straight, through more last minute machinations of Fate. So much went on, we were literally cackling like witches at the thought none of our ‘friends’ would ever imagine in their wildest dreams, we’d get THAT amount of free time from the vicisstudes of life to dedicate to intense magical work. It took us by surprise too. That’s the beauty of flowing with the tide and listening/responding to the call. Trusting your inner contacts.

So we saw what was going on over a ritual interlude while having a cup of tea with chocolate buscuits, and we were cackling our socks off. What is this woman up to!!!You know, when you can honestly see someone losing her marbles online. It was difficult to unsee and run wild with the imagination while taking the piss. Who knows how things really work, and how much of that contributed but we went back into ritual we still could not hold a straight face, and at one point one of us boomed “Oh will you just drop it and fuck off!” And we did. We dropped on a heap on the floor holding our bellies until we were so exhausted and got her out of our system. And that was it. We decided to close and sleep it off or go for a walk. It was afternoon. So three of us walked up to a cafe at a local park and next thing one pulls out the phone and says “OMG” about ten times at least.

Grandiose ritual indeed, as it turned out.

Can you imagine? Dropping from a height and coming close to impaling herself on a fence was shocking but what really sent a chill through our spine was all that crowing on Facebook that had gone on since the morning. Those posts came close to be her last famous words.

Before anyone starts reading into this, a) it could purely coincidential, b) there was no deliberate intention on our part to deliberately cause harm to anybody. We were definitely possessed because we do not use drugs, nor we drunk any alcohol. So, that was food for thought. Yes we took the piss and delighted ourselves in doing so. You know, those images below easily pop into the mind and if you met Sorita, her body language, her voice just come to life in your head. There was a lot of discussion that came from this, from what can cause a deity to have it in with someone (we had an idea but we can’t say it here), how you manage the ‘logos’ aspect during possession – what if we had been angry instead of piss-taking? Do you mediate whatever comes through or try to control it? Whose responsibility is it then if somebody does get harmed? There was a lot of thought about the nature of the force coming through – horse skull being a bit of a centre-piece – it’s connection to the realm of the dead and how far does a deity’s domain extends and to what functions?

And so, in sequential order: from praying to the bark to defiantly throwing your hands to the sky while standing on the edge of a drop – a few samples of what had us in fits of laughter.


Then a week later Sorita went on that holiday in Rhodes (?) she had scrounged off her fans by asking for donations towards it. Come on! WTF! Pay for your own holiday. People work Monday to Friday and some even at weekends (some of your fans live in countries with shit pay: Greece, Bulgaria, Brazil, to mention a few). You live in a country that allows you to live on welfare and get up at your own leisurly time. Do your fans know how much you rake in Disability Allowance? You bang on social justice this, social justice that, BUT you still ask people to take their bread out their mouth and give it to you, to send you on holiday, cause YOU need a holiday. They can probably just about afford to put food on the table but YOU need a holiday in the sun. WHO – THE – FUCK – ARE – YOU? Why don’t you find yourself a sugar daddy, a job, an occupation as an escort and pay for it yourself?  Come on, Hecate Ennodia. You could be walking your talk, pay her due sacrifice while raising funds.

And TA-DAAAA!!!!! The Saviouress delivered her just to the holiday resort befitting those who fall foul of the gods, just as in Dante’s infernal circles. WHOOOAAAAAA! Take in that smell of decay and that vision of the things to come!

tenor (1)

But it wasn’t over yet. The weather was going riot, thunderstorms all across Europe, holes opening up in cloudy skies over London, and there was that lighning bold hitting the Parthenon. AHHHH, we couldn’t help it? To whom do your thoughts go when something like that happens?

Less than a month later, Sorita is in Bulgaria visiting her congregations of disciples. On a sunny day while strolling back from a sacred site (was it a cave?) side by side with one of her disciples, the hammer of Thor fell upon her with a blessing worth of Hrungnir…


And so, one more time…………………………………………………..



Naomi is right. You really shouldn’t be toying with Loki because you could literally split a hernia laughing, but we highly doubt her knowledge of him stretches beyond the Marvel movies and Neil Gaimann books on Norse mythology.

Anyway, if that ain’t the gods trying to tell you something, we don’t know what is! Especially, since as Sorita says “I have a dislike of the dead.”

So, you’re not a prostitute (an Ennodian type) standing at the crossroads…too precious for that, you have a problem dealing with what your Goddess may have apportionioned you with in life, you’re too vegan to give Her honey, eggs, a bit of blood and a puppy now and again, you don’t like feeling like an outcast but constantly complain of being a victim, you go mad when a church goes up in flames and pagans think there are more important issues in this world to grieve about. You are very indicting on pagans with 9 to 5 jobs who do not stand to profit from their religion as you do.


… what we would like to know is:

a) What exactly do you do for Hecate (beside taking selfies in front of Greek Temples)? Tell us, what do you give Her that they don’t?

Most religious followers are in denial of the business side of paganism and witchcraft. When they defend their gurus all they see is the spiritual illusion they project but you are specifically talking of a ‘lifestyle’ business.


Is that to what you reduce your followers’ beliefs and spirituality? Ok. Forget the followers. Your Hecate. Lifestyle? Is that it??? A business commodity? How cynical.


Open to the public: Just a lifestyle for sale.

We are magicians. We do not profane the sacred like you do. While we appreciate each individual’s freedom to interpret and use their religion as they see fit, to people like us you are nonetheless the lowest of scum.

How a SJ ‘priestess’ who dislikes the dead can nonetheless exploit for her own profit a mentally fragile and vulnerable victim of domestic abuse and portray her story of violence which led her to neglect (no judgement on the woman here) and murder of her baby son as a devotional act to Hecate. This is what you promote as part of your lifestyle business. How healthy and uplifting.

The following excerpts are taken from “Her Sacred Fires, 2010, pp.165-170, Avalonia Publishing”

Amber roseAmber rose1Amber rose2Amber rose3

As the ‘Chief Priestess of Hecate” does this story not leave you feeling (even just a tiny little bit) like a hypocritical piece of shit whenever you kick off like a Princess on the Pea about what in comparison are trivialities you constantly complain about? Clearly not. You’re a business woman. So long as it’s not your life being ruined, you don’t give a shit.


c) Given your ability to find a way to profit from the vulnerable and their dead but you’re nowhere near as squeamish if they bring you money or in Adele’s case cursing those in Her Retinue with a second death or ever pay them any homage for the money they put in your pocket? Clearly not. Hecate is just a prop for a lifestyle stupid! Don’t you think that if she were capable of any real magic we wouldn’t be here publishing all this on her?

So how you will interpret what happened to Sorita in the Spring 2019 will depend very much whether you perceive paganism/witchcraft/occult as another lifestyle of our times or have any real magical/religious value for you.

Either way, what she posts and deletes reflects a mind on the brink of insanity – something like Hecuba (?) Off that cliff, both figuratively and literally.

The gods have been known to strike with insanity (as opposed to physical death) those they do not favour and to orchestrate their downfall when offended.


So good luck Sorita, and may Hecate always empty the full measure of Her entire store of blessings upon you and your lifestyle business.

In the light of the above and to sum it up, let’s see what were the real issues Sorita had with Adele. She talks of ‘generosity‘ and ‘freebies‘. How could Adele undermine her lifestyle business like that? Ironically, she also states ‘the truth of your deeds are known‘ and that she purified the world she lived in  – a witchy-pagan Disney fantasy bubble – the same she claims those who don’t buy into her life-style business live in.

once againfreebies1

Then, because Sorita is after all addressing people who believe Hecate is real, she has the impudent hypocrisy to charge Adele with the words “The Goddess whose name you misused to gain the trust of my friends” (of  who she thinks of as ‘customers’ more like)…..

“Adele…You’ve stolen my friends. HOW DARE YOU!”

……….at which we say FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU SORITA. FUCK YOU and FUCK you Christo-bullshit on behalf of every pagan witch and magician whose gods and sincere vocation you’ve been shitting on and debased for all these years for your lifestyle business.



Only half the update

So what’s up guys? Long time no write.

We’ve been busy with a number of projects and just let our friend Loki take care of the nitty gritty business of making life interesting for our wiccan friends.

Only 9 days to BREXIT folk.  This will no doubt piss off all the progressive among you, but hey, we know you think you’re all about magic but you can’t always get what you want – is that not how the refrain goes?

After a long embrace with the sons of Muspell, Australia is finally chilling under a blanket of hailstones, courtesy of Niflheim. It’s the way it works. There’s no heat without ice and winter is coming.


So, let’s take a look at what else has been going on the wiccan community as we turned a corner in the second decade of the new millennium.

Sorita D’Este made an arse of herself….again. This time by speaking out of turn to the Daily Mail.

daily maildaily mail admission

Brilliant! We always need a middle aged bored housewife in need to come up with something interesting, no matter the bullshit. We can always lump the blame on the press. But what about this? How does she explain the vitriol coming from Pagans for Responsibility?


Meanwhile just about a week ago we caught Sorita D’Este in the act of rejoicing in the sudden passing of an other priestess of Hecate who rivalled her in popularity within the small community of Glstonbury. “You stole my friends!!!!!” – she screeched on Facebook before quickly taking the post down before causing a shitstorm (just not quick enough for Loki’s Gazette roving eye though).

soritapitiful new depths


Honestly Sorita, you are FULL OF SHIT and way overdue a good, long look in the mirror. You insecure, envious, filled with hatred, little twat.

You don’t look like a nun. You don’t look like Danarys Targaryan. You look like the Cicciolina.

Meanwhile Travelling Cups (which is reminiscing of Two Girls and a Cup) too down their interview with Sharon and Maxine.


Thank fuck we downloaded the video before it was deleted. Now we sell it to the Witchcraft museum for a price…or anyone that asks really. It’s good! It’s a bloody good interview. Maxine actually states “Witchcraft will die!” – and you can see her getting increasingly pissed off as the interview goes on. It is an historical moment and memorable moment in the relationship with her protegee’ Sharon Day….(rumours abound it’s having it’s moments, so this is the time to get in there to kiss some ass Sorita)


Wonder what brought all this about?


But there’s more and this is as fresh as Maxine’s chicken’s eggs…plopped just this evening on the Alexandrian Witchcraft Facebook page.  Karagan is making a come back and storming on Sharon Day with a vengeance with his NEW, UPDATED, Ning for 1* degrees. WHOOOOAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s some landslide! (After all some Pluto/Saturn dances in the heavens promise 2020 will be one interesting year indeed …so guys, if your heart is in subverting the fucking system as much as Loki is chewing a charred heart, go ahead and make you mark. Let us all meet meet on the Vigard plains for some wholesome fun! The Alexandrian Clown is back to vindicate his supreme position on  the chicken run’s pecking order and is out to poach you 1* degree initiates. Check it out.

Did your 1* coven initiates get this invitation?


Guys take your time to peruse at your leisure and pleasure…the Alexandrian community at its finest spiritual awakening. So magical! Just imagine, in all the power invested upon you by the goddess, losing sleep over your 1 st degrees’ initiates being led astray. Just imagine being a 1st degree 30-something and being told by some insecure prick who you can and cannot choose to listen to.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kalisha has definitely a lot to say about the way Karagan went to screw Maxine up, while Val Hughes grabs the opportunity with both hands to ‘wisdom signal’, reminding Kalisha with the patronising tone British middle class reserve for American trailer thrash, that the group administrators do appreciate her devoted zeal, however would she please not make what everyone thinks of Karagan so obvious!!!…After all, you never know when the tide could turn, and Karagan may turn out to be useful again…so it’s important never let the little people get a hint of the elbow shoving at the top of the ladder.

Meanwhile, let’s see what Karagan’s response was to this…


Fascinating! He calls them unbalanced individuals. He, of all people! He, some last arrived Alexandrian who waged war on the Chtonoi Line until they dropped the Alexandrian out of their title; he who imperiously attempted to dictate on Gardnerians – of which he’s not an initiate – who among them had valid lineage.

He pours scorn on his detractors rebutting on their lack of imagination and claims he would have done a much better job.

And that’s exactly the point: Karagan thinks he’s so much better, holier, righteous than everybody else. Fact: all he has ever produced was a shrine to his ego in the form of a Ning and self published a book on old wives folk remedies and superstitions that he unsuccessfully tried to pass as magical tradition. That’s beside causing strife. Plenty of it. Oh! It must be the reason Christian Day is more popular than he is.

In his shoes I wouldn’t mention being a professional trained actor, especially considering he has no notable achievements on his acting resume and so he’s clearly a piss-poor one at his “profession” given at how he fails to endear crowds to himself.

I’ll take notes from here…he says.

Oh Karagan, Karagan! Poor Karagan! Like that idiotic buddy of yours who on one winter solstice put a mistletoe in my hand and told me to conjure the ‘child of promise’, you thought you had it all worked out when you were running up and down that tree spreading discord like Ratatoskr. You think witchcraft is all about posing but let me tell you, like that stupid fucker and many posers out there worried about their titles, you understand nothing about witches and you, fucking fool, let yourself be led by your chinny chin-chin to pick on the wrong fairy by someone who posed as your friend but hated your guts. Did mummy not teach you not to play with matches?

…And if you want live updates, please make sure you infiltrate the Alexandrian Witchcraft: the Magic of Alex and Maxine Sanders group on Facebook and their sister BookClub where discussions are held to inject a bit of Science Fiction (based on Dunes) lore into the mix to keep the Craft evolving. Brilliant if you are by Sorita’s specification an Advanced Magical practioner with some advice to offer.



warning signs

Yours Truly,

The Violator