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Where can a BNP (Big Name Pagan) find a hiding place in the barren valley of Hypocrisy when she sees the cosmic bees swarming in her direction? That’s very simple. Play the outraged card and cry “Fascists! Over there!”

So, Sarah Anne Lawless has just announced that she won’t be a speaker and vendor at the convention we mentioned in our previous blogpost because she has only just found out that two other speakers attending the event have ties with white supremacists.


Only just found out…give us a break! Hypocrite.

If we’d hadn’t let the cat out of the bag and exposed her to the people she desperately tries to allies herself with (people who have accused her of spreading blood and soil ideologies), she would have happily gone along with her flock of substance abusers tagging faithfully behind her.

Brace yourselves, here comes the self-flagellating penitent. Watch her as she offers the scourge over to Mistress Dominatrix Inquisitor Prof. Amy Hale and licks the soles of her black patent stiletto boots.


And here is her public declaration of embracing the Wiccan Jihad against ‘white supremacy’ by listing the enemies and calling for people to doxx others – without thinking, without a proper inquiry, without any sensible criterion, for no other reason than (pay attention to the reason) – she and some other sources say so.


Lo and behold! Isn’t this exactly what Christian Day and her enemies have allegedly done to her?

So, the question is: are these women fighting against real abuse or is there a conflict of interests?





QUALITY: Brian Cain


Alexandrian High Priest at his most spiritually enlightened….



“Oh Neo-Pagans some of you have sorry excuses for people to idolize. Apparently, Brian Cain didn’t like me calling him out. So he blocked me.

But this type of behavior is really per the usual for many of the online witches or priests of whatever tradition. They spend 99.9% of the time online trying to prove what big badasses they tend to be. Or they just generally prove they are nasty excuses for human beings.

I just find it hard to take them seriously. Maybe it is because I am from southern *****. I believe in being very honest and direct. Usually, those with the most mouth usually can’t back things up. So they really should just stop wasting everyone’s time.

Also if you want people to take you serious about your spirituality then act like it. Don’t demean people who don’t look like you. Don’t try to tear them apart. Life is tough enough without a bunch of gay Pagans who exemplify the worst of both the Neo-Pagan and gay community.”

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Loki says…..


Sharon Day – Queen of Fools & Recreational Alexandrian Tradition

And so…LOL…Sharon Day feels the Loki effect! We are loving it! It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between her and Scott Blunt.

(Sigh…) It goes to show how fucking easy it is to implant a seed on fertile soil.

Take a willing fool swollen with arrogance and pride…fertile soil, a bit of drip-drip, and sunshine time and again. Then all you have to do is sit back and wait.

She’s not a newbie but a powerful High Priestess by her standards. Let her have her way. Let her have what she wishes for…we all know the old adage. Why should we go easy on her. Supposedly, she has all the training and knowledge, let her deal with it.

Some people didn’t believe us when we said the lunatics were going to run the asylum.

They didn’t expect anything to happen in this year of silence.

Speak up they said.

And we said no.

You got to judge for yourselves…the integrity of your teachers, the magical powers they claim, the worth of their training.

To those who told us we should write a book about it:

Hell no. We’re not here to serve ourselves and sell. Did you not get the point?

To those who think we have taken a hard line:

Nobody forces anyone to take on disputes that are not theirs. Nobody forces anyone to dabble in magic and stand in the face of harm. Nobody encourages anyone to make contact with this deity and that. But if you do and cross that threshold all cocky without first checking and understanding what you’re getting into, and what you meet on the other side is there purposefully to shred your brain and scramble your soul before he lets his little critters feed on you from the inside, that’s tough fucking shit.

It wouldn’t be magic if there were no catches man! Do you think we’re doing it as a recreational past-time? Do you think we have all fucking day to spend on the internet playing ‘mischief’ by provoking good people with stupid questions?

We ain’t sorry for serving stupid fools on a plate. In fact, the more the merrier. Let them all step on it.

So what can I say to Sharon Day: Brilliant, come forward my child and take the holy host on your tongue!

Loki is with you.

Loki is IN you.

Soon Loki will become you.

Soon, very soon.

Then Bob’s your uncle and we can all get on peacefully with our life without all the unnecessary bullshit.