Don’t be shy…drop the mask and reveal your little self

public announcement

Where can a BNP (Big Name Pagan) find a hiding place in the barren valley of Hypocrisy when she sees the cosmic bees swarming in her direction? That’s very simple. Play the outraged card and cry “Fascists! Over there!”

So, Sarah Anne Lawless has just announced that she won’t be a speaker and vendor at the convention we mentioned in our previous blogpost because she has only just found out that two other speakers attending the event have ties with white supremacists.


Only just found out…give us a break! Hypocrite.

If we’d hadn’t let the cat out of the bag and exposed her to the people she desperately tries to allies herself with (people who have accused her of spreading blood and soil ideologies), she would have happily gone along with her flock of substance abusers tagging faithfully behind her.

Brace yourselves, here comes the self-flagellating penitent. Watch her as she offers the scourge over to Mistress Dominatrix Inquisitor Prof. Amy Hale and licks the soles of her black patent stiletto boots.


And here is her public declaration of embracing the Wiccan Jihad against ‘white supremacy’ by listing the enemies and calling for people to doxx others – without thinking, without a proper inquiry, without any sensible criterion, for no other reason than (pay attention to the reason) – she and some other sources say so.


Lo and behold! Isn’t this exactly what Christian Day and her enemies have allegedly done to her?

So, the question is: are these women fighting against real abuse or is there a conflict of interests?





Judgement Day

* Disclaimer: this post contains serendipitous material from an unattributed source that matches with uncanny precision a very recent event. It was just too fortuitous, too timely, too bang on to pass it by.

that one

The roving eye can’t help falling on beauty.

The story begins as per usual on the funny farm of Pagandom. It has been quite an exhilarating and rewarding summer and we’re still on a well deserved break from all the hard work that went into a number of well turned out endevours and really cooling down from the state of euphoria which intensifies when the magic steamrolls through the public square where the village idiots gather to brawl with one another. It’s just another day of whining, screaming and lamenting, when somebody spots us from a distance and…..

got a little time

…some illustrious witch entered into contact and our short interaction went like this:

Illustrious witch: It is a great honour to make your acquaintance Master Loki, blah, blah, blah,…our work is sublime led by our illuminated High Priestess.

Me: Ok, so who is this High Priestess?

Illustrious witch: She was initiated by another most illustrious Great High Priestess and Witch Queen.

Me: Ok, but she has a name? Forgive the insistence but there are people out there I and others with me don’t want any association with. So why don’t you cut the crap and just…

tell me what you need

Illustrious witch: I had no idea you were such judgemental crap, blah, blah, blah…block and goodbye…Deja vu.

And indeed, there are people out there that we don’t want any association with, and we think it is important to practice discernment when it comes to what and whom we invite into our lives. So it’s only natural for demon and summoner to check each other out for compatibility before getting into any deal.

Compassion works both way and self-love is the fountain for all good things in the world and is radically different from the narcissism of the cowardly ego-maniacs. All ego-maniacs exhibit body language they like to immortalise with propagandistic photography. The roving eye of discernment observes and takes note.

Healthy community is different from the dysfunctional following generated by those who generate cults of personalities.

An Ifa proverb says: ” The beginning of bad fortune starts with mistaking your enemy for being your friend ” – and it is really about this.

Discernment comes with consciousness. It does not stop at scratching the surface. It digs deeper, much deeper than that. Now, what are we to do with this list of STOPs?

Cast judgement, yes, as discernment demands one must do but not necessarily one concerning quality, but of resonance and similitude. A judgement based on looking for loyalty, integrity and growth being increased in the bond about to be made. When the alchemy is right, the door opens to let kindness in.

A negative bond when connected to yours is like glueing water to oil. No point wasting time with that.

Negativity can be anything that holds you back or derails you from the pursuit of self-fullfillment and we don’t need to tell you that an unfulfilled life is filled with sadness, low self-esteem and towards the end, regrets. Finding those similarities is key in revealing the answer.

Know thyself and to thy destiny stay true.

Some people are like birds of a feather squabbling over a worm in the beak of another even when there’s plenty for everyone. Perhaps their uber-liberal upbringing didn’t teach them the economy of compromise and collaboration that others growing up in less favourable circumstances, may have been forced to learn just to survive, forging them into successful businessmen capable of handling a competitive capitalist market – such as neo-paganism – in spite of their vituperative inclinations. Some people take their ideals too seriously and renounce on deals that could be good for what they’re ultimately trying to achieve, out of false pride and false virtue. Why not take a leaf from those who swallowed their pride for their want of money and fame? You don’t need to don the mantle of victim of abuse when what’s really churning inside is just resentment for feeling kicked out or left behind.

For profit and non-profit do not gel and we’ve less in common than you think. There’s an unabridged infinite chasm between a neopagan hobby-crafter and a magical priesthood – but that’s a topic for another time and another place.

tantrums are coming.JPG

No they won’t. Not from him, Amorella…He will reconcile with you, if you just let him.

Foolish people invite in nefarious vibrations through sheer dissonance between the church bells they ring and the sermon delivered to the parish. Well, this is what we think of the parochialism proposed to us:

A fine example immediately stands out from the list of STOPs dispensed to the many ‘victims’ that fell hook, line and sinker to the ‘poor us’ narrative of the ‘support group’ which essentially goes, “Stop buying from them and start buying from me”…


Scratch the polished veneer and there’s none of the promised loyalty, integrity and growth to be found.

…”Create community policies on ethics, harassment and consequences and enforce them transparently” – continues the Mary Sue with the ardour of a witch-hunter general, AS IF we ever condoned self-appointed inquisitors policing what other autonomous covens and traditions do in the privacy of their circles.

Loki’s Gazette has always maintained that it is up to each individual to discern, judge, self-regulate and do what they will. We didn’t invent it. The idea of accountability has been around for a while and victim culture won’t bring the revolution, although it will force some orders and traditions to get their act together or get shafted to Óskópnir.

Yes, we’re pleased it’s getting increasingly harder for BNPs to act like little shits. No, replacing them with a generation of crusading arseholes won’t make things better.


One thing we would like to make crystal clear to our readers and anyone who entertains the idea that they can find in us an ally for their initiatives is this: we give you the information you need to peel the bacon off your eyes BUT you will be using your energy, your resources, your legs to see yourself out of your ‘trauma’.

We know traditions have done their best to be inclusive and adapt to the needs of their millennial crowds by no longer rolling in nettles, but it’s not us.

free ride

An illustration of what a typical neo-pagan ‘victim of abuse’ expects from old school occultists.

“Stop propagating secrecy”….I don’t think so, miss. Like many others before you, you’ve grossly misunderstood. What you want is for the occult to turn into another Billingsgate Market whereas on the contrary, we believe the dark mantle of anonymity must be cast atop of the most stringent secrecy and should be so heavy to sink us where no eye can reach and no sound be heard.

“Stop adding sex to religious ceremonies” –  Adding? Sex is not some added bonus and as a general rule sex is a mystery treated with utmost reverence within most magical orders. Neo-pagans tend to pick up a book and improvise rituals based on their approximated interpretation of something they read but never seen in actual practice. Given our judgemental attitude we don’t mingle with neo-pagans enough to know for sure but some boasts we’ve come across are quite self-explanatory and leave very little to the imagination.


Some people get well frisky after a couple of joints. We were teenagers too once and went to squat parties where everyone got high as a kite and at least once experienced being filled with instant regret upon waking up naked next to someone you wouldn’t have touched with a bargepole in the cold light of the day. We also remember the paranoia, reason why we quit and found healthier ways to entertain ourselves. It’s not difficult to imagine what could possibly go wrong at rituals where everyone is high on drugs. Get stoned and then accuse some poor sod of rape in the morning? These days regretting who you slept with the night before trends as rape. It used to trend as a fucking inconvenience when they spotted you in the pub the following night and wanted a replay of the night before. Victimhood is a status symbol to hashtag #metoo and wear with pride as a survivor of the imaginary war against oppression and the patriarchy. One ought to be very selective in the choice of magical associates…

loki dressing thor


“Stop erecting public fuck temples at neo-pagan festivals” –  they must be shrouded by some powerful invisibility spell to go unnoticed by the ordinary public and the federal authorities.


“Stop looking for divinity outside…”…whoooah! Stop right there girlie. That’s your potion induced UPG. We all got our own but there’s no need to impose it as another universal Truth. In the name of equality and diversity you so fervently invoke, leave others to find their own. That’s how mysteries work.

Last comes the first on the long list of STOPs which brings us full circle and sums up what all this puritan moralism is really about:

“Stop making the attainment of power and a leadership role the goals of a spiritual tradition.” – Without divinity outside, without power, without aspiration, without lore (because it’s all fakelore anyway), it leaves you, your books and your drugs. Way to waste a life!IMG_0390

Hardly two weeks into the life of this confession box initiative and people were given a taste of life under the despotic rule of the Mary Sue and ordered with bullet point instructions to apologise for expressing a view didn’t agree with.

We don’t do that here…

…but enforce the consequences, she said?

That was five days ago? Power needn’t speak a single word. Just swish that tide.

loki enemies

A final thought:

If we remember that Life is the child of Death, that we have a temporary existence whilst the dust and bones of death is forever, maybe it can aid us in the practice of discernment, so we can make the best forms of judgement…? The exposure we’ve given to you is your a once-in-a-lifetime window of opportunity to get noticed, pitied and taken under the wing of some BNP wanting to know what’s happened. Use it wisely.


Trickster’s Day: Piercing the veil of reality

In the light of the recent upsurge in counter-complaints by “spiritual” teachers justifying their predatory and abusive behaviour, we have witnessed, generally speaking, two different reactions to these events.

On one hand, compared to last decade alone, are beginning to stand upfor themselves and spread the word about these pathological individuals who have abused their power – usually exhibiting a history of abuse that has been exposed via the many testimonials of brave individuals who chose to come forward, often at a great price for themselves.

Within this group, there are those who yield to threats: to their business, their family and sometimes, even their own lives. They are not, as one would initially assume and many came to realise, empty threats. Sarah Anne Lawless, for example, spoke up fiercely about the abuse she suffered, her disillusionement with neopagan and modern witchy culture. She exposed deeply uncomfortable corroborated truths about authors, spiritual teachers within “traditions” and dug pretty deep in the dirt. Her were powerful words which resonated with many “common” neopagan and witchy folk but it hit a sensitive nerve at the core of the Ivory Tower. And the Ivory Tower mob thinks along this line: Hang on a minute, we can’t possibly suffer another Loki’s Gazette. These dangerous rogues must be stamped out to send a clear message to anyone contemplating the idea to hang out the dirty wash in public, that we will do whatever it takes to silence them. We must organise, come together against the common enemy for our common good, and if we cannot bribe them or persuade them to let go of their issues and put them behind them, they must be destroyed.

So, next thing, Sarah Anne Lawless comes under attack by an academic who using veiled intimidatory tactics, tries to turn readers against SAL by insinuating some of her ideas veer dangerously towards white supremacism, a strawman we see the “progressive” intelligentsia pull out of their sleeve, whenever their active contribution in the protecting and whitewashing the “spiritual” predators illicit activities going behind oathbound secrecy is at risk of coming out to light. But take the podium from a position of academic authority and brand someone a white supremacist, a fascist, a racist and you’re guaranteed to stir a mob that will silence a whistleblower. Neopagan spiritual celebrities all joined in chorus to taunt her for being such a victim (they only feel strong in numbers…you got to wonder why). She admits to have mental health issues, they chide (like it gives thenm a high and feel so much stronger and with their shit together). They even have the gall to throw back in her face the fact that their intimidatory tactics are affecting her young children and use it against her (victim blaming). The shameless, vile, dog turds these “spiritual” teachers are! Next thing, she gets a letter from the Health Department declaring her products are unsafe and unfit for sale. A couple of her social media outlets are shut down. She receives threat after threat by those who abused her (how fucking familiar) and eventually, under duress, she shuts one of her FB pages down and restarts from scratch. These are merely “warnings” of the things to come if she does not retract what she said, they threatened her. And who the fuck do these wankers think they are? Al Capone? However, bear in mind, when you have “academics” and a whole array of saintly gurus of love and light to support you in telling the authorities the victim had a screw loose and was dabbling in poisonous plants, you’ve got your arse covered. No secular authority wants to deal with another satanic panic, do they? And wouldn’t that also go against the interests of all neopagans and witches who could suddenly feel persecuted by the state? You know, I must confess, I voted Sadiq Khan, not because he was Labour but because he is Muslim. I look forward to the Islamic faith growing from strength to strength and I won’t deny, it would give me immense satisfaction to see Sharia Law becomes statuatory in Britain and with that entire “spiritual” businesses and movements go bankrupt and disappear from the face of the Earth. Paganism is too deep-rooted to be eradicated and will continue to survive but it needs to be purged if it’s not to morph into an alternative Christianity and suffer the same degenaracy.

This cunt here, Darren…


wrote on the FB wall of this other cunt here, Marco Visconti…


we deserve to have our shit taken to our doorstep and burned. Sorita had them to quickly remove the comment but not quick enough to prevent us taking a screenshot (and what are you going to do this time in the hope to retrieve it? Hack the hard-drive?). Our (mine in particular) attitude to this threat is, “Sure Darren, (or any of you cunts for all I care) just try it. Try it and pray, (nah, supplicate on your knees till they’re raw and bleeding) you’re hellproof mate. I can just imagine cunts like these getting the wrong door and causing a tragedy to an innocent family over their poxy, shitty, nonsensical, countless times debunked, hocus pocus “beliefs”. To think that his fiancee’ used to work for the NHS as a mental health worker and now promotes herself as a NLP practitioner with “a passion for helping people”. She isn’t exactly doing a good job at home, is she? Look at the nutcase she’s engaged to. Is he one of the many people she aspires to “save”? She even stalked us in a mission to redeem us. Fuck off, Gerealdine Oxenham. Just fuck off. As for her Man of the Earth (whatever the fuck it is supposed to make him) buddy, Marco Visconti, we made an enemy of you? We could have sworn by the sonorous sound of you falling from the clouds in surprise, you had only just found out you had one lurking in your lack of self-awareness. Keep your diaper on, mummy’s boy. Even King Paimon agrees you’re an under-developed infant in an ageing man’s body still playing with his squeaky toys.

How ironic it is the more “spiritual” people claim to be, the more prone to excessively disproportionate retaliation they get over a bit of satyre and go as far as to threaten arson and grievious bodily harm (oh, yes, and also in Marco Visconti’s case, it wouldn’t be the first time he advocates violence in response to difference of opinions…a fucking dirty scum of a reactionary fascist in other words…oh but he’s a freemason and has friends in high places now. Pfft. Tell them they can get in the queue to kiss my arse.)

Then you have Sorita D’Este, pretending to care and fight for cyber-bullying and harassment in one epic diatribe in which she claims to have been a victim but not quite a victim (Lord forbid anyone should think she’s in need of their positive energy) because we simply reposted her forthcoming attendance at Hexfest – an overpriced conference of new age bullshit for the mass market organised by a despicable salesman in drag known for his mysogynist treatment of women. Put in context, back home, Sorita is all about the sisterhood and such self-serving move is hypocrisy and lack of integrity of the highest order. We can’t understand what these accusations of cyber-bullying are all about (and that’s taking it from Sorita’s FB conversation with Marco Visconti and not her blog after that where she cowardly hid the fact that she was addressing us out of fear people would be curious to visit our blog.) If our blog is so full of shit as she implies (even she knows it can only be implied), what is there to fear? All the better that people see for themselves, you would think.


Loki, you’re a cyber-bully! How dare you!


She asks…

self condemining

Clearly not as innocent if you need to pick people’s brain for what may be externally perceived as parody? Trying to avoid behaviours that may give you away? Testing the waters for customer’s loyalty? A bit of both? …and notice Marco Visconti’s comment underneath. Yeah, the USA, her next port of call below

13 Sorita2

Of course Sorita, no bullying here. No bullying whatsoever. Just a bit of good humoured harmless banter from your cash buddy. So can you answer this question: When does witchcraft/magic becomes a willy wonka luna park for greedy little pigs?

We are not even judging her (people can judge for themselves, no?), we simply present the facts quoting words coming out straight out of the horse’s mouth. It is understandable Sorita might not like us to pull the wool off people’s eyes, but what the fuck, stating the facts is hardly bullying. Get a grip and take responsibility for what you reveal yourself to be.

So why is speaking out so frowned upon in neopaganism? What sense of entitlement drives prominent pagans to go to extremes in hunting down their critics, condemn them in kafkaesque tribunals and seek to punish or destroy them in a manner inquisitors dealt with alleged heretics? What the fuck is this all about? What sense of “spiritual” elitism makes these big fish in a small pond, dismiss the criticism of “brothers and sisters in the craft” as inferior and unworthy of notice? More importantly, why do the “common” pagans often stick by them and defend them even in the light of evidence beyond doubt?

In the next instalment, we will be talking about the second category of people aforementioned at the beginning of this article and deal with all these questions.

You are what you read

Reading is a virtue highly esteemed, if not an essential requirement for anyone inclined to pursue the occult. It is held somewhat akin to piety. One of the first question anyone new to a group can expect to be asked is, what books have you read? Or, have you read this book or that book? Some people can turn it into a well and proper competition. Being well read and able to quote authors is often seen as a sign of intellectual superiority and expertise. Having a massive library, perhaps containing rare and out of print titles confirms to some selves and to others just how serious and devoted to their craft they are. We stressed the value of academic evaluations of sources about the craft in one of our blog entries sometime ago, yet we fear our position has been grossly misunderstood or at the very least interpreted very superficially indeed.  Ideally, everyone would be well read on a variety of topics, not just books with the esoteric theme of choice, and we would be able to critique what we read, starting from those books we’re biased in favour of. Trouble is, criticism itself, to be valid, must stretch beyond subjective preferences, and it is well renowned in the craft that lack of discernment coupled with the cult of the personality have led to books being voted top of the reading list by popular consensus rather than merit and actual usefulness. Autobiographies spring to mind. The worst are not even written by the person written about. What does one take away from reading about the magical life of a stranger? Inspiration? That’s bullshit! I can turn a street corner right now and stop the first person I meet. I am sure they will have some wild tale to tell and most likely have had an amazing journey one way or another. I have most certainly heard many of such amazing stories from the most unlikely of people. Stories of undeterred courage against seemingly impossible adverisities, of people who beat the odds of a truly bad hand dealt in their life, and stories of people who made a memorable impact on the lives of many. Just tonight, for example, I come from a meeting of a lobby group started by a woman who lives in a relatively small town. She placed one invitation on social media to say what the event was about, asking anyone interested to go along if they fancied talking about it over a cup of coffee. Three hundred people turned up. Within one year, there are three millions members across Europe and she’s representing the interests of all these people at the negotiating table with the powers that be. The same powers who will implement a white paper upon an entire nation very soon. I doubt anyone will write a biography about her any time soon, and yet, there is some great work going on here. We’re not talking about another mamby pamby goody-two-shoes whining about human rights. This is someone who had a problem shared by many, who read the right books and did something about it.

“It is only through difference that progress can be made. What threatens us right now is probably what we may call over-communication–that is, the tendency to know exactly in one point of the world what is going on in all other parts of the world. In order for a culture to be really itself and to produce something, the culture and its members must be convinced of their originality and even, to some extent, of their superiority over the others; it is only under conditions of under-communication that it can produce anything. We are now threatened with the prospect of our being only consumers, able to consume anything from any point in the world and from any culture, but of losing all originality.”

― Claude Lévi-Strauss

There’s so much more to the craft than pandering about things that cannot be proven nor they will have any real consequence for the present or the future. Who can, hand on heart, afford a fuck to give about dinosaur consciousness when there are more pressing matters, so much more at stake on to which apply dreamwork and visionary magic. So much more than becoming another passive consumer of esoteric thrash.

Poncing around a Freemason hall in your vestments is not going to achieve that. Escaping into the imaginary of the Hookland County won’t shield you from the harsh reality. Teaching people…no sorry, training people, in what to believe and whose pseudo-history to read, planting ‘seeds’ in the heads of seekers so they become little obedient cyphers who can recite someone else’s life story by heart and parrot every bit of tosh slipping out their mouth is not going to make powerful witches any time soon. These are signs of accepting mediocrity that will have you on a downward spiral to human dilapidation.

It’s true, knowledge is hidden, especially the practicalities of applying it to do something meaningful with, in the kind of books only an independent mind driven by a free spirit free of external influences will find unaided and unobstructed by the myriads of doyens soliciting for attention. Those two traits are non-negotiable for aspiring occultists, sorcerers or insert what you will instead. Anyone who travelled a fair distance on the crooked path will tell you, compromise independent thinking and freedom of spirit at your own risk and detriment, and believe! You’ll encounter many advisers along the way who will try to persuade you to do just that.



It’s all about Alexandrian privilege

Christian Day strikes again and this time his target is an English Rose from somewhere in the North of England.

The poor mite was given a taste of what she’s got to look forward to if she’s do become initiated in Alexandrian tradition.

Having befriended various Alexandrians on social media both across the UK and the US, Eliza Dewlittle, that’s her name, thought she could give her 2 pence to the debate about animal sacrifice that has been raging in the past couple of weeks.

That Christian Day is not a mentally stable individual is something people have known for years but now it seems he feels he has carte blanche from above to behave the way he does.



So, during his confrontation with Eliza Dewlittle ahe was pretty much on her own when he pretty much asserted his privilege from above. And where were her ‘friends’? Nowhere to be seen. There’s nobody around who can tell him to shut up and bugger off. Well actually there would be one person but as Christian Day points out, they’re hand in glove with each other.


Charming as ever….


We must protect the animals but threatening violence is so witchy.  It’s not difficult to see what path their lack of self-control is leading them to. So much for ‘consciousness’. These days they can’t even switch on their brains before posting compromising content on social media.


It would seem Maxine Sanders might have not sought him out for his highest ideals after all…




They see themselves above the law even when inciting violence and technically, murder because…


Then they go on camera to say….


victimAll this big deal to be acknowledged as the co-founder of the tradition. Her name is down as one of the directors of Alexandrianwitchcraft UK PLC but at the mention of  responsibilities…some people are in just for titles and tiaras.

Capture 3


Even Simon Costin is beginning to wonder. WTF? Want to be a leader, then be one or bugger off.


Ah! Sorry…I forgot. Alexandrian privilege. Simon, she doesn’t need your measure.

Meanwhile Eliza Dewlittle wonders why. Why do people, why do Alexandrians put up this shit? So let me tell you why Alexandrians do nothing about it. They have been there before so many times. They see cunts coming in and cunts going out.  Has any of her ‘friends’ ever told Eliza of all the cunts Maxine Sanders endorsed long before she personally sought out Christian Day? Doesn’t she know he’s only one of a long list she falls in and out of love with? Like one of her ex minions posted on Twitter recently, she’s loyal only to her need of people. It’s only a matter of time, for all of them, including Christian Day. As for trying to talk like them, take heed from the woman who spoke to you here…there is much you have to learn. Janet Farrar a shrew? For once, we have to agree with what someone writes on those useless FB groups.

Learn the lesson

But the lesson for Eliza means that just because you hear others criticise someone, it doesn’t mean you can. That’s not the way it works in Alexandrian tradition. You kiss arse every time you open your mouth and maybe one day you’ll have someone lower in rank kissing yours but not before you’ve thrown your dignity at the sow-goddess. You must earn your privileges there.

The alternative is to wake up and realise the choice is yours. You can continue to be like the people in Plato’s Cave or you can grow a backbone and change the rules of the game, like some of us have done.

You want the world to know YOU are an Alexandrian witch. You are special. You are among the privileged few. You want to be seen rubbing shoulders with Maxine (even if she probably thinks you’re nothing but cunts), feel important, achieve the pinnacle of fame and maybe be invited to give a talk so that you can say, like Christian Day, do you know who I am? Who would YOU be and what would YOU have to say to the insignificant eclectic if that was taken away from you? Nothing. Not even the bones.

(Most of) You are weak. In character, in spirit and as for integrity…let’s not even go there.

Loki’s Gazette knows it.

Maxine knows it.

Christian Day knows it.

In a different thread we saw a non-initiate hold his ground to Christian Day with elegance and then we see you, the initiates, ignoring. You think that commiserating each other instead, will do. It must be why word goes around saying you’re just re-enactors and in all honesty, Loki’s Gazette is not a Samaritans hotline either.

We’re just going to leave this meeny-maney-mo here to rest our case.













Climbing on glass

Here is another of those pearls made in Taiwan, courtesy of Maxine Sanders via Sharon Day.

Of the dozen or so Elders who were present when Alex was named King of the Witches, she recalls a “Joan; Olive; Elaine; Margaret; Edna; Evelyn”. Surnames were never known. Some wore glasses. It was a very, very grand do.

If the original question is being posed in other relevant groups, please feel free to repost.

May I also suggest Gladys, Maeve, Fanny, Tom, Dick and Harry?

May I also suggest Gladys, Doreen, Dorothy, Arthur, Tom, Dick and Harry?

Of course surnames were never known…dropping names is a dangerous game while Patricia Crowther is still alive. But she knows that there are mugs out there who take everything that she says as gospel and want to believe that this has really happened, so she gives them what they want. After all, it is said in the Craft that you don’t get unless you ask, so if that’s bullshit that you’re after….

Some wore glasses ….as if to suggestively hint Doreen Valiente might have been among them.

It was a very very grand do…this is where Maxine’s grandiosity complex makes a beeline.  It would seem like some people never grow out of their childhood fantasies of impersonating queens or witches living in castles.  It has been an ongoing theme in Maxine’s life which was first used as a grooming tactic  by a manipulative Alex for his own ends until she no longer served his purpose and was unceremoniously traded in for a younger model, just as he did with his first wife.

Escapism can be a coping strategy but it’s far from being proof of a magical life.

As for turning Alex’s death into a modern wiccan myth, the association of Alex’s death with Beltane Eve was and remains another coincidence on which Alexandrians have tried to build a grand, grand castle on the sand. If Alex’s death was meant to be that of a sacrificial king – as it has been speculated on Cochrane – according to wiccan lore he should have died at Midsummer (or to be doctrinally correct, Lammas) – but he didn’t.  He died at the peak of fertility when the phallus should have stood fully and firmly erected.  So, since the phallus was castrated by the sickle of time while still in the green, the sacrificial analogy has as much value as to say that one can cut the corn while it’s green and still produce flour from it.  I know Alexandrians live in their own little bubble, but let’s get real and step out of it.  Apart from an array of megalomaniacs after a tin crown, priestesses and priests running off with Maxine’s husbands (Vincent and David) and a son crippled by drug addiction in a nursing home (Victor), what fertility and blessings has Alex’s sacrifice and magic ever brought for Maxine or the tradition?

Synthetic wicca today

I don’t know since when it has become fashionable for wicca to prostitute itself to political correctness.

When I started training, my very gay High Priest made it crystal clear that the Craft was not for the flimsy and easily offended delicate minded. The green agenda and friends of the earth was out and so was the LGBT or whatever it is called – the gay movement.

Let’s just say, that the wicca I learnt many years ago resembles nothing of the watered down broth it’s coming to today.

Thank you Karagan from bringing in your very mainstream, anything goes, approach to it.

We know that for some years you have been really wanting to be free to admit that it was Jihmal and not Lady Aysha (or whatever her name is) to give your 3rd degree, but you knew back then – nearly 10 years ago – you would have been sent packing back where you came from if Scott would have had his own way.

I have always maintained that Scott is more of a psychopathic bastard than you are but he at least there was a time he understood the mysteries of the religion he taught . You, on the other hand Karagan, have become a populist wiccan priest in drag.

You haven’t even left Malkuth, you’re so self absorbed in your own sexual identity. I’m not sure you are a priest at all.  You are certainly NOT a High Priest when even Dolce and Gabbana accidentally touch on the very mystery you should have been rather well versed in by now.

Just look at the standards of your followers: like Sharon Day for example. A paranoid schizoid who did the rounds of London’s covens when she became convinced the mother of another ice skating contestant had put a curse on her daughter because on that occasion she didn’t win. This is a woman, now Alexandrian witch, who proves that having a law degree and marrying a lawyer does not necessarily prevent a person from being gullible and making one lovely milking cow for the New Age funny farm. Just like those art dealers on a cruiseship discovered when they managed to sell her fake Dali prints for £100.000.  It takes a special kind of stupid to buy art from dealers on a cruiseship.  It takes a special kind of desperate attention seeker to join you in berating a couple of successful fashion designers for having an opinion that does not conform to the rest of the herd. Still you believe you’re powerful witches who stand out from the sleeping crowd as some kind of elite,right?

Fashion Design Icons Dolce & Gabbana: ‘The Only Family Is The Traditional One’

But hey, Dolce and Gabbana were a gay couple in a catholic country long before the gay right movement came about to wipe the noses of those who feel persecuted for wanting to ostentate their sexuality at all costs.  Being gay didn’t stop them from gaining international fame in a sector they had talent for, long before there was such a thing as a gay market.  So you need to worry not about a possible loss of custom and popularity and can reassure you they’re not the only gays who see it that way. They can say what they like about what they believe to be a traditional family because there’s so much more to them as human beings than the label gay or fashion designer. Chances are, they love their mama and papa and their mama and papa has loved them so unconditionally they have grown to believe they are the miracle of an act of love between two people.

“The family is not a fad,” adds Stefano Gabbana. “In it there is a supernatural sense of belonging.”

Now Karagan: if Gabbana has understood that without performing the Great Rite and you haven’t, you’ve no higher consciousness than those who breed just because they have functioning reproductive organs and all their friends are having babies.  Now it’s finally clear why you’ve had such poor discernment in telling apart those with true lineage from the Alexandrinots . You’re farther away than you can ever imagine from being a High Priest, nevermind an Initiate and so much lower than those you look down your nose to.

Sorry for being so brutal in shattering an illusion in which you have invested so much of your time, but mundane political agendas and the craft of the tradition to which you lay claim to do not mix, which is why someone had to say it and give you a chance to wake up and see the wood from the trees.

Perhaps you might want to consider retaking your initiations.

You know you’ve turned into a clown when…

‘This morning my friend and fellow syndicate O.B. sent me the latest gazette post along with not-so-new info for which I’ve been kindly asked to write something about.

It took one look to cough and splutter my early morning tea all over my desktop.

karagan lesson

I nearly popped my hernia laughing.  I mean…what was Karagan smoking when he got hit by this monumental brain spark?

“English Classes for pagans: learn Paganism while you learn to write and speak English”.

Greetings to all, how many times you wanted to read a book on Wicca or paganism but could not find it translated into Portuguese? How many times have you felt inhibited to start a conversation in English with someone from the United States or England just because you’re afraid to write or speak in English? Whatever the reason, lack of study, opportunity or motivation, you can now study English based in paganism. Pagan English !
I give private lessons in basic English, intermediate and advanced to the Pagan natives of Portuguese language. What’s entirely new and different from other English courses out there on the Internet? My idea is to teach English to Pagans through the use of pagan themes to facilitate the reading of books in English and  communication between Portuguese-speaking Pagans with Pagans all over the world. Using the pagan-themed programme, we learn to speak, write and read in English. Lessons can be requested at Let’s learn English?

For Goat’s sake!


Isn’t it through ‘education’ that Spanish and Portuguese monks evangelised to the ‘savages’ of the Americas and Africa replacing native languages with their own? Who does Karagan think he is – St. Ignacio de la Loyola?

Why would anyone want to learn English second hand from a non native speaker who speaks my same language and with whom I will likely end up speaking of paganism in Portuguese anyway?

It would have made sense if it had been Jihmal.

Honestly! Why not just say you need an excuse to feed your obsession to talk about all things pagan all day long and get paid for it. Say what we all know already: “I want to be a pagan celebrity in Portugal like Farrar is in Ireland and have lots and lots of covens all of from my line, so I can become the next Queen of the Witches and Jihmal my spouse, the King”.