Only half the update

So what’s up guys? Long time no write.

We’ve been busy with a number of projects and just let our friend Loki take care of the nitty gritty business of making life interesting for our wiccan friends.

Only 9 days to BREXIT folk.  This will no doubt piss off all the progressive among you, but hey, we know you think you’re all about magic but you can’t always get what you want – is that not how the refrain goes?

After a long embrace with the sons of Muspell, Australia is finally chilling under a blanket of hailstones, courtesy of Niflheim. It’s the way it works. There’s no heat without ice and winter is coming.


So, let’s take a look at what else has been going on the wiccan community as we turned a corner in the second decade of the new millennium.

Sorita D’Este made an arse of herself….again. This time by speaking out of turn to the Daily Mail.

daily maildaily mail admission

Brilliant! We always need a middle aged bored housewife in need to come up with something interesting, no matter the bullshit. We can always lump the blame on the press. But what about this? How does she explain the vitriol coming from Pagans for Responsibility?


Meanwhile just about a week ago we caught Sorita D’Este in the act of rejoicing in the sudden passing of an other priestess of Hecate who rivalled her in popularity within the small community of Glstonbury. “You stole my friends!!!!!” – she screeched on Facebook before quickly taking the post down before causing a shitstorm (just not quick enough for Loki’s Gazette roving eye though).

soritapitiful new depths


Honestly Sorita, you are FULL OF SHIT and way overdue a good, long look in the mirror. You insecure, envious, filled with hatred, little twat.

You don’t look like a nun. You don’t look like Danarys Targaryan. You look like the Cicciolina.

Meanwhile Travelling Cups (which is reminiscing of Two Girls and a Cup) too down their interview with Sharon and Maxine.


Thank fuck we downloaded the video before it was deleted. Now we sell it to the Witchcraft museum for a price…or anyone that asks really. It’s good! It’s a bloody good interview. Maxine actually states “Witchcraft will die!” – and you can see her getting increasingly pissed off as the interview goes on. It is an historical moment and memorable moment in the relationship with her protegee’ Sharon Day….(rumours abound it’s having it’s moments, so this is the time to get in there to kiss some ass Sorita)


Wonder what brought all this about?


But there’s more and this is as fresh as Maxine’s chicken’s eggs…plopped just this evening on the Alexandrian Witchcraft Facebook page.  Karagan is making a come back and storming on Sharon Day with a vengeance with his NEW, UPDATED, Ning for 1* degrees. WHOOOOAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s some landslide! (After all some Pluto/Saturn dances in the heavens promise 2020 will be one interesting year indeed …so guys, if your heart is in subverting the fucking system as much as Loki is chewing a charred heart, go ahead and make you mark. Let us all meet meet on the Vigard plains for some wholesome fun! The Alexandrian Clown is back to vindicate his supreme position on  the chicken run’s pecking order and is out to poach you 1* degree initiates. Check it out.

Did your 1* coven initiates get this invitation?


Guys take your time to peruse at your leisure and pleasure…the Alexandrian community at its finest spiritual awakening. So magical! Just imagine, in all the power invested upon you by the goddess, losing sleep over your 1 st degrees’ initiates being led astray. Just imagine being a 1st degree 30-something and being told by some insecure prick who you can and cannot choose to listen to.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kalisha has definitely a lot to say about the way Karagan went to screw Maxine up, while Val Hughes grabs the opportunity with both hands to ‘wisdom signal’, reminding Kalisha with the patronising tone British middle class reserve for American trailer thrash, that the group administrators do appreciate her devoted zeal, however would she please not make what everyone thinks of Karagan so obvious!!!…After all, you never know when the tide could turn, and Karagan may turn out to be useful again…so it’s important never let the little people get a hint of the elbow shoving at the top of the ladder.

Meanwhile, let’s see what Karagan’s response was to this…


Fascinating! He calls them unbalanced individuals. He, of all people! He, some last arrived Alexandrian who waged war on the Chtonoi Line until they dropped the Alexandrian out of their title; he who imperiously attempted to dictate on Gardnerians – of which he’s not an initiate – who among them had valid lineage.

He pours scorn on his detractors rebutting on their lack of imagination and claims he would have done a much better job.

And that’s exactly the point: Karagan thinks he’s so much better, holier, righteous than everybody else. Fact: all he has ever produced was a shrine to his ego in the form of a Ning and self published a book on old wives folk remedies and superstitions that he unsuccessfully tried to pass as magical tradition. That’s beside causing strife. Plenty of it. Oh! It must be the reason Christian Day is more popular than he is.

In his shoes I wouldn’t mention being a professional trained actor, especially considering he has no notable achievements on his acting resume and so he’s clearly a piss-poor one at his “profession” given at how he fails to endear crowds to himself.

I’ll take notes from here…he says.

Oh Karagan, Karagan! Poor Karagan! Like that idiotic buddy of yours who on one winter solstice put a mistletoe in my hand and told me to conjure the ‘child of promise’, you thought you had it all worked out when you were running up and down that tree spreading discord like Ratatoskr. You think witchcraft is all about posing but let me tell you, like that stupid fucker and many posers out there worried about their titles, you understand nothing about witches and you, fucking fool, let yourself be led by your chinny chin-chin to pick on the wrong fairy by someone who posed as your friend but hated your guts. Did mummy not teach you not to play with matches?

…And if you want live updates, please make sure you infiltrate the Alexandrian Witchcraft: the Magic of Alex and Maxine Sanders group on Facebook and their sister BookClub where discussions are held to inject a bit of Science Fiction (based on Dunes) lore into the mix to keep the Craft evolving. Brilliant if you are by Sorita’s specification an Advanced Magical practioner with some advice to offer.



warning signs

Yours Truly,

The Violator

The power of words upon shaping reality: cautionary tales on giving express permission

What would you do if in the quest of becoming a prominent public figure for neo-pagans and wiccans, you ended up caught between detractors and gossip?

There are many ways to handle these obstacles and for those who truly believe themselves adept at the magical arts, magical defence should put a quick end to all problems. However, for many who make such bombastic claims of magical power and secret knowledge, it turns out to be all noise and no substance.

They must then deal with the additional embarrassment of explaining WHY they seem to be powerless to make their detractors and gossip cease and desist. Every now and then, Sharon Day likes to remind us all, what a poor persecuted victim of vicious gossip she is. I thought all that had been dealt with and buried at the Grand Sabbat, or was it?

gossipbut you still post about it like you did

So let me get this one straight: here is someone who claims of having no longer time for gossip but seems to have plenty of time for yapping and posting memos to her persecutors on social media.

I guess Sharon Day is still a long way away from mastering silence, nevermind indifference. Her detractors will be pleased to hear they’re still keeping her secretly scouring the internet and running up her phone bill for gossip, aside posting her predicaments online.

It’s really no use to pretend to be strong in a zone of virtual strangers when you lack self-control in the secrecy of your four walls. It has become common knowledge, thanks to some eloquent individuals in her life, she can recite Loki’s Gazette blog posts almost at verbatim but still needs to read from her BOS in her witchcraft rituals.

But let us not blame people for their disloyalty. After all, it’s not their fault if Sharon Day fails to inspire respect in her friends…and her enemies.

Expressions such as “You can even add some if you want” mark her out for the abject fool she is, and it wouldn’t even be the first time.

No, you couldn’t make it up. She actually said “no publicity is bad publicity…shaft it all the way to Ragnarok.

shaft it

O.K….Have it your way Sharon.

Never before, even in its fluffiest ranks, has the craft seen someone lacking the most basic understanding of conflict handling and resolution. Sharon Day wonders why people won’t let bygones be bygones.  For someone who makes such a big deal about words, she gives express permission to add on and then wonders what the fuck is hitting her when she’s taken on her word.

Sharon Day being an arse

Here comes the Looney Tune! Hidden in plain sight: a classic example of how Sharon Day lets her closest ‘friends’ ride her like a bicycle.

Perhaps Sharon Day is afraid of not being able to hold her ground if she were to confront her enemies with the animosity she carries inside. Or perhaps, she’s hyper-conscious of how her wits let her down whenever the occasion presents itself.  In her fantasy world enemies offer themselves to her like her Waitrose ready-made meals. In the real world, all she gets are fleeting opportunities. Carpe diem because once they’re gone, they’re gone. Let’s just say, animosity without cunning and sharp reflexes results only in uncontrolled anger – neither priestly nor magical. It’s not just a detestable flaw in someone proposing herself as a power icon but a downright dishonourable weakness.

So what else does Sharon Day do when she’s not busy telling other Alexandrians how to run their covens or making rounds of calls to check what people talk about behind her back?

The likes of Sharon Day use spiritual practices and beliefs to avoid dealing with painful feelings, unresolved wounds, developmental needs and other major slaps in the face from life. This coping mechanism is commonly known as spiritual bypassing.

The more money you have in the bank, the harder it is to divorce the bored housewife who took early retirement from and has been off work for the past 20 years. Before we label her fortunate, we’d be better off reminding ourselves that a gilded cage is always a cage and that idle minds will gravitate towards purposeless pursuits. Who says all curses must end in death?

Sharon Day has a young daughter being slowly consumed by an illness like a candle on both ends. Sharon’s belief that a curse had been placed on her daughter was what brought her to witchcraft in the first place as she desperately sought someone who could break and remove this curse.

There’s nothing worse than trying to live of reflected glory through your offspring because you never really learnt how to live and shine of your own accord. This is how Sharon Day filled her younger days as a typical well-off, middle class mother. But while most middle class mothers would content themselves of ferrying their kids activity after activity, Sharon Day had always objectified other women as pawns to compete against because that’s what she was brought up to believe in beauty pageant country. This conditioning caused her self-esteem to plummet at various points in her life. She had proved useless at competing first hand and failed her parents’ expectations, so she took her burden off her shoulders and placed it on her own brood. Call it a generational curse just waiting for its season to ripen.  It was at one of these competitions that Sharon Day met her nemesis in a woman of colour who had made great personal sacrifices to help her daughter’s talent to flourish. Having discovered Sharon Day was trying use her influential status to bribe and corrupt the panel of judges in her daughter’s favour, and being nowhere near as half as wealthy or influential as her, this woman resorted to the good old fashioned method of witchcraft. But, we’re not talking wiccan magic here. This woman was no new age sucker and resorted to methods anchored deeply in her ancestral heritage. There were no polished brass candlesticks on her altar.  No athames. No swords or cups. No need to fight back Mzungu’s abuses of power with their own weapons when she possessed fangs and talons as hers.  The mama putting on such juju was one hell of a triggered lioness fending off a hungry hyena away from her cub.  The juju reached deep into ancestral memory and back in time with songs and melodies belonging only to those carrying that memory imprint in their blood and the desire to avenge the wrongs of the past and present, to never be a second class American again. Modern fluffy witches still believe the dead operate on the reality of the living. They don’t because they can’t. They are no longer part of our world. What they can do, however, is to create turbulence and an attuned practitioner can re-awaken old grudges from their former lives to set them against other ancestral lines like Furies. The more oppressed the ancestral group, the more responsive and sympathetic to a kindred’s plea they’ll be. They will attack the oppressor’s ancestral lineage, who on the other side will find no Christ to to hide behind. Whichever form the attack will take, it will travel across time and space in the form of mysterious sickness and physical debilitation that will affect their living descendants. Long ago, someone poked fun at Loki’s Gazette for suggesting that the ‘sins of the fathers will be visited upon their children’. As a matter of fact, yes, it’s a realistic possibility, particularly true for anyone out of synch with their ancestors. So, when Sharon Day talks of having been harpooned, she’s not entirely wrong, except she’s not really noticing where it came from and where it plunged.

We know many a witch who would be quick at waxing lyrical about their cursing prowess and equally quick to deny such things are possible when someone other than themselves is being magically attacked for whatever stupid reason. Of course, as Sharon found out, witches brag a lot about cursing, hexing and healing but when it comes to the crunch they suddenly turn to scepticism and will do their best to rationalise it away, because there is nothing more embarassing than putting oneself out as a not-to-be-messed-with sorcerer, and then, when the moment of truth finally catches up with them, have nothing to deliver but contrived platitudes about past lives karma or suggestions to book an appointment with a psychiatrist.

You would think, whatever your belief, or lack of it, in curses, Sharon would have a clear idea of where her number one priority lay…waiting to be attended, but it seems, even dogs can do a better job.


But fuck it…let’s tend to the spineless piece of dead wood too afraid to be seen hanging around the Alexandrian Witchcraft Ltd stall by his coven associates and call it service. Let’s book a last minute ticket to Glastonbury and go stir some shit on someone else’s doorstep and call it extending an olive branch.

Sharon Day likes to brag on her blog about these sensational victories in life but she never explains how any of that bullshit takes priority over the girl on the hospital bed.

She can save her breath because facts are self-explanatory and louder than any protest. No skin off our noses, however…

g ramsey disgrace

In a short span of time, Sharon has been firmly planted in the exoteric courtyard of magic, no matter how masterfully credible the enchantment of being part of some inner circle has been spun around her. There are some among us who pity her for she has open enemies all around the magical community who would fell her like a sacrilegious totem at the first opportunity. Worse still, her very gullible and easily manipulated nature, not to mention her material wealth, have attracted an equal number of greedy hoodwinkers and gold-diggers who stand to benefit from a tool like her being such a beacon for desperate inepts and these people are very good at hiding their contempt with a friendly smile and a pat on her back. Essentially, if you have not yet understood, Maxine’s plan is to elevate herself to divinity status, with Sharon Day towing behind her as chief High Priestess, sponsoring her every project.

Often, the hatred against Sharon Day has nothing to do with her background or who she gets the ‘privilege’ to mingle with. Seasoned witches are well aware of the promotional empress parading at consumer-orientated pagan gatherings in her new clothes but it’s the non-negotiable and persistent demand that everyone should echo the ignorant massess oohing and aaahing in awe at her illusionary splendour, the expectation to join in and imitate her in her mindless adoration of her mistress, sell themselves to and exalt her keepers, capitulate unreservedly to them… that’s what rubs feisty spirits the wrong way.

Aside those who stand to gain from consumer-orientated pagan events, who the fuck would want to pay entrance fees and have pushed in their face an overpriced, hard to sell, limited edition copy of photocopies of notes meant for the fire that Alex Sanders had himself copied from sources freely available in libraries.

Armchair magicians with more money than sense…or power, that’s who.

Enemies are part of life and true friends may be a rare luxury for some but it wasn’t until Sharon Day came on the scene that it became clear just how the two can be easily confused. Like a massive brasso-polished waste container, she was strategically (as well as tragically) placed to collect all the crap discarded by the many on their way out the craft’s own trailer park compound. It didn’t take long for it to start smelling badly and having all the sleazy vermin of the occult feasting on it. Now, no matter what you wash it with, it stinks just the same and it’s only a matter of time before she’ll be cast out in the desert like Scott Blunt, Karagan and many others before her.

Ironically, some flouncers envy Sharon’s exterior facade of glamour. Sorita D’Este is still coming to terms for not having been the first Maxine turned tofor support and is doing all in her might to win the pissing contest she got in with Sharon Day, or gods know, blasting rod failing in its purpose, maybe she wants to give an illusion of unity, as if we’d quickly forget what pagan mini-celebrities are like once they have no longer any use for one another. Not that she ever thinks it could have been her son to be left bereft of a mother with only a dog for company, if not worse.

From the inner perspective, however, even just contemplating envy is utterly insane, as it goes something along the lines of these two GOT characters, which see Sharon Day play the role of Theon Greyjoy – the proverbial highborn traitor (she did betray her initiator Scott Blunt out of ambition) who having seizes the opportunity to raise in rank, end ups being disrespected and mocked by her own for her goofy naivete and lack of charisma, (this reminds me when she called witches to unite against the common enemy), tortured (had her hopes raised and crushed by a series of failed healing rituals for her daughter) and bound into servitude by Maxine, who turned her into a broken, desperate for redemption pet, like Reek.

do you love me reek

So what does Sharon do when the healing fails? She packs her sick daughter off with relatives on the other side of the Atlantic and gives herself something to intoxicate the mind and whip her into a frenzy, like poking her nose into the affair of strangers who probably never even heard her name, then goes on social media proclaiming herself a victim of malicious detractors.

This is how oblivious to gossip she actually is and how little time she has for it. So little in fact, that she actually starts the ball rolling by picking on a tradition that has nothing to do with Alexandrians and are minding their own business…

Interfering and meedling in private affairs of groups that are not Alexandrians, like she has nothing more important to do in life.

The following screenshots are evidence that far from being the victim of malicious gossip, Sharon Day actively attempts to divide and rule the pagan community and actively encourages disloyalty and discord by recruiting from within her network those stupid enough who will open the way for her to target groups minding their own business and showing no desire to become embroiled in her madness.

Why would someone who claims having no time to explain herself, demand exactly that of others she has never even met?


Knocking on too many doors, risking of ruffling a lot of feathers, from Brazil, to Australia and all the way to Canada…who the fuck does she think she is!


Pray tell us why, because we’re fucking confused too. I never understood where Alexandrians get their entitlement of ascertaining what’s into Gardnerian’s underpants.


Silly me, “the answer is simple”, according to Sharon Day. So if it’s not about a vouch, why does she make it her business to poke her nose into the affairs of a tradition Maxine holds in so much contempt?

pissing contests

It’s inconsistency after inconsistency. “We dared to break their rules”…so why the fuck do you now expect everybody else to respect your fucking rules? “This set us apart from Gardnerians”…yet you’re always sniffing up their arses like dogs on heat. “Much to the despair of other traditions…Much to the annoyance of the Gardnerians”…oh, so you like giving others a hard time, then cry victim when the tables turn. Fuck off. Just fuck off.



Pffft….I wouldn’t be so sure. Jealous of what? What is there about your miserable lives to be jealous about?


Bribery, rebels without a cause, plagiarism: some of the reasons why Loki’s Gazette despises neo-pagan, magical communities and their luminaries.

Oh yeah, Loki’s Gazette had it too (having been ranked at the same controversial level of Christian Day), the offer of the olive branch, to see if a bit of bribery and promises of glory would convince this rogue priesthood to repent like the prodigal son and get into the herd of good goddess-fearing-Christo-wiccan bum kissers.


Not a single member of our group grew into a magical practitioner because of a book, a person or course, even though we’ve all had some exposure to that at some point in our lives. In the end, we each understood and followed the way placed in front of us. We forge our training through our own practice.

Magic cannot be taught.

You’re either wired for it, in which case it will grow on you like an exoskeleton, or you’re not…in which case you’ll be studying and trying and reaching out to this teacher and that until you convince yourself to be deserving of a crowd of obsequious disciples and a title to match because you’ve been ‘working magic’ for 1, 5, 10, 20, 30 years.


Fuck that shit.


After the olive branch negotiations went tits up, came the threats from the ‘Most Noble Order of the Masters of the Temple, – a bunch of hopeless wankers – who also unsuccessfully fumbled clumsily with the possibility to infiltrate and antagonise both us and a number of magical groups suspected of having some sort of ideological affiliation to us…which is what happens when you don’t credit the sources you take inspiration from.

It’s unclear what this investigative commission led by NLP/Hypnotists Geraldine Oxenham (semi-Alexandrian and treasurer of OTO Ameth Lodge) were hoping to find but last we heard they were told in no uncertain terms where to go and promptly booted out by each and everyone they bothered, before getting a lengthy and rather amusing diatribe about their profound ignorance on some magical matters by a particularly cantankerous occultist.

What can I say? It must be the fucking magic!

Then again, the choice of words Geraldine Oxenham uses to introduce her NLP and Hypnotherapy practice cast serious doubts on her fitness to exercise that profession, especially considering that in occultism, obsession is a sign of psychological and spiritual unbalance.


Lo(l) and behold, turns out she was going back and forth between Sorita D’Este and Sharon Day, in the days leading up to the Glastonbury drama.

What a healthy bunch!

These days, the idea that a magical group may be content to operate self-sufficiently and completely outside ‘THE’ pagan community, lack any desire to be a promiscuous spiritual slut, even relishing in remaining unknown, seems like an unfathomable utopia.

Everyone wants to be known and hailed by the masses like one of the Grand Poobah of Witchcraft with Treadwell’s and Atlantis bookshop fighting over who’s going to provide all the trimmings, right?


Upon spotting Grand Master of the Ameth Lodge, Freemason and Citizen of Hookland, Marco Visconti on the far right of the picture we had no choice, as you can see, but to take this mighty magical order’s intimations very, very, very seriously.

This much seriously to be precise.


The Most Noble Order of the Masters of the Temple in their shining outer robes of glory.

All in all, the Noble Order of the Masters of the Temple soon found out the hard way power was not their natural state.


Reality check as a prelude to the next bit

Even though they don’t like to admit it, Alexandrians are one big dysfunctional, fragmented family of bastardised lineages whose matriarch blows hot and cold and whose training is at best disjointed and incoherent at the core of the tradition itself. Many downlines were’t even given that and Maxine couldn’t have cared less, letting initiates grab each other at throats over the validity of their practice like it was some sort of an amusement sport. They lack a unified canon to make them stand out from Gardnerians and the once much maligned about eclectics. Instead they settled for becoming a poor imitation, with a couple of pages from this book, a passage from that book, three lines of this liturgy, a DIY Abramelin in three days, and so on and so forth. Maxine calls this paper poultice, Alexandrian refinement. When their BOS contains glaring mistakes, they are called ‘blinds’.

Peruse a few out of print publications from long forgotten magicians and realise they’re not blinds at all, but just the hand of a fucking cunt who couldn’t even copy from a book. Want some proof? Let’s take a couple of leaves from the Temple of the Mother 3rd BOS and compare it to its original source from a founding father of modern magic whose name seems to have been deliberately obliterated by all those who used his books to start up or bump up their own independent traditions.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alexandrian tradition was conceived and sank its roots amidst strife and intrigue, mistrust and deceit, lies and jealousy, broken oaths and weak bonds. When the roots of the tree are sick, the tree is doomed no matter what. Alex Sanders openly admitted to surrounding himself with people he could take advantage of and was quite opportunistic in this sense, which it’s why for most of his life he got by, telling tall tales and offered initiation to whoever would listen to him. Then one day he had enough of it. He threw his notebook in the fire. He repudiated the tradition he created with the intent to start afresh. Alexandrian tradition officially ended when he died and what later happened to the son he had nominated as his successor (irreversible brain damage), gave it the final rubber stamp.


Balding sack of bones stares at plump pair of titties. Proud owner of such bounty smiles like a Cheshire cat knowing she’s already got one up grandma’s sexy net curtains on the pole standing to her left. Stiff curtain pole projects her inner fury to hubby’s lewd mind.

As the poor attendance at their last two Grand Sabbats proves, each Alexandrians wants to be king and queen of their own castle. We don’t see them jumping to their feet to attend and pay homage to the co-founder. Their loyalty to her extends as far as their self-interest goes – as recent events prompted Karagan had to openly admit on his Facebook page.

Let’s all get rich while we can.


…wrote Karagan Griffith after being pushed in the ditch by the woman he helped get into Maxine Sanders’ good graces. He was all smiles when posing in this photo for her in the days immediately after the Grand Sabbat 2014. Oh, didn’t he just love to piss other Alexandrians off with his new found allegiances!


Christian Day had always had little respect for Alexandrians. Not only he berated Frater Barabbas but who can forget the time he began to insult Sorita D’Este live on one of his podcasts? So this allegiance was something along the logic of shitting on your doorstep before inviting all the neighbours to come and watch you rubbing it all over your face. As anyone could have easily predicted (had they been told in advance), none were too impressed and a scuffle ensued at Treadwell during Jihmal’s book launch.

beep beep toot toot 1

Until one day….


It was actually 2013 and it wasn’t Maxine Sanders but Sharon Day, an old customer of his, who sought him out on her behalf…


85% buyers of his bullshit are non-practitioners.

What of the remaining 15%? Presumably all Alexandrians.

shitting myself

A long-disillusioned turned cynic Christian Day changed his tune about Alexandrians only when an equally disillusioned Sharon began to speak to him in the only language he understands: the language of money. If it bring customers to his events and business, he will  be your best buddy in public for as long as his cash till clings with dollars.


And judging by the way Sorita D’Este raced against Sharon Day and time to secure a speking role at Hexfest 2019, he would have every legitimate right to feel superior to this bunch of squabbling twats, since they seem to need him more than he needs them.


Exactly. Alexandrian wicca made witchcraft a cool subculture; it’s essentially materialistic, fits in perfectly with the modern consumeristic mindset and it’s run by business orienteted people pretending to be mystical and magical. Perfect for the American and Brazilian market. Moderately successful in desperate South Africa. Insipidly savoured, but only when convenient, by Australians.

Much to your amazement, you may find that in this new subculture the same rules don’t apply to everyone, and non-initiates may outrank craft elders and monitor yours and theirs future online activity, even mis-appropriating of whatever intellectual property you might at some point regret to have shared with them online. FIY these non-initiates are: Rhys Bonzy Lavender – webmaster for Alexandrianwitchcraft.orgrhys bonzy lavender and Maia Honan, Maxine Sanders’ daughter, marketing and co-director at AlexandrianUK Ltd. (It is not clear why she hasn’t added Alexandrianwitchcraftuk Ltd to her LinkedIn resume…something to be ashamed of perhaps?)

Moral of the story, never, ever, trust someone who replaces friends like expendable commodities on a frequent basis.  Thier loyalty goes as far as their need of you and then (to paraphrase Maxine Sanders) with a shrug of their shoulders, they’ll tell you they can’t beat themselves over the past….nevertheless, Maxine loves nothing more than to live in the past and profit as much as she can from it.

Failure – to hex, bind and heal must be a bitter pill to swallow when you’ve been telling the world what you were about to do and even took the trouble of flying thousands of miles to get to a special location and hold a Grand Sabbat (yet another Grand Scale Flop). Remember this online bragging when the whole animal sacrifice issue blew up?

spot of light relief

And your daughter is a prime example…you stupid cunt.

Lying to oneself, pretending that detractors, harpooners and gossip are defeated while in fact they are tearing you asunder doesn’t make your wishes magically come true and by the look of it neither does Maxine’s magic. You’re both fucking useless, so instead of covering your ears next time someone deals a few home truths on you, if I were you, I’d listen very carefully to what they have to say.

famous last words

This quote makes Maxine Sanders sounds like one of those Catholic priests harping about god being on their side but we know magic is not partial like the Abrahamic god nor it’s not the exclusive possession of one or two people, a group, a tradition.

Magic will always try to cheat. It’s in its nature to create illusions. It will fool you into convincing yourself you’ve succeeded only to sneak behind you and stab you in the neck just as you rejoice in your results. People who project all sort of nefarious scenarios on their opponents end up believing what they imagine as something that actually happened when in actuality, life goes on as usual with its ups and its downs for thir target. This practice of living in one’s constructed imagination is typical of modern witchcraft and one of the main contributing factors to obsessions and degenerative mental health conditions plaguing the community.

Then you’ll hear Maxine solemly declare, there is a price to pay.

And that’s also not true.

It’s not a price. It’s the most logical cause and effect for letting delusional thinking take the driver seat in your life.

According to Firechild, years before their son Victor was born, Alex and Maxine had already worked out all there was to know about magic and had it all under control. They had so much faith in their own magic, they declared their son would one day succeed his father as King of the witches. Then bit by bit their life began to fall apart at the seams. Barely in his 30s, after years of heroin abuse, the heir to the crown suffered a stroke which left him in a semi-vegetative state and severe irreversible brain damage. As in Jonathan Strange and Dr. Norrell tv series, it seems the fairies took the spirit with them and left an empty shell behind. Folklore is full of similar tales of people who brought suffering upon themselves as a consequence of reckless dabblings motivated by greed and vainglorious pursuits that could not be found in their book of life.

So let me rephrase Maxine’s quote for you, “Fate will not be cheated – don’t even think you can overwrite it with magic.”

Fucking cursing and fucking healing, again, for the zillionth time…like that’s all the use you’ve got for magic.

hex and heal

Another article by someone who is repeating what they have read or heard somewhere. How original.  How fucking controversial.

Neither Maxine or Alex wanted to intentionally curse their son but like a greek tragedy, that’s exactly what they did while in prey of mindless grandiosity. In the case of magical practitioners, most curses are self-inflicted with their own arrogance.

Perhaps, it is that just about anyone with the right resources at hand can become a public figure and puppet leader – much like anyone with sufficient funds can run for president in the US – but binding and cursing is not for everyone. To truly become a living scourge for another requires a certain skill and frame of consciousness that is seldom fostered within consumer orientated traditions and wiccan kitsch.

There’s a fair chance the consciousness I am talking about has nothing to do with any magical training Maxine Sanders would be acquainted with and remains secret to most simply because the ability to curse is a recessive trait some people are born with and they cannot help – only learn to control.

The ability to heal in humans comes from the external environment. It can be medicine plants or it can be a deity. Either way, humans may be able to alleviate pain but cannot heal because we are all subject to disease and death, and as such, the amount of life force at our disposal is sufficient for one individual alone.

The misconception linking cursing to healing endures because modern witches still can’t tell the difference between a curse and magical warfare tactics.

On the same account, Reiki is not witchcraft but a westernised new age fad that found its way in Alexandrian lore since Maxine Sanders developed an interest in it. It brings back memories of those fucking power rods and the days we all had to stand in circle, around a photograph of this woman called Francis. Our coven leaders would tell us to build our golden crosses, extend our right hand and send blue light, then gold, then blue again while intoning “sinew to sinew and bone to bone, muscle to muscle and vein to vein, make the body whole gain.” It felt like a Star Wars meet Jesus Christ scenario with Gerald Gardner thrown in.  You could almost hear the atmosphere around us groan in exasperation “Not again!”  These power rods never made a bliding bit of difference unless doctors prescribed this whiny old cunt friend of Maxine, strong enough medication. She was an ageing self-entitled cunt who thought people owed her their energy.

Kubler Ross is another psycho-pop fad aimed at inducing a placebo effect on those the technique is applied to. If you so shit your pants at the prospect of dying and need some sort of a tampon to prevent your fear from leaking, go for it but don’t go boasting about refinement, refusing to dilute rituals or being true to the Art Magical because these fads are anything but Art Magical.

art magical

So, what is the problem with saying it like it is?

And please, less of this bullshit about not seeking converts because that’s exactly what all these crocodile tears and online propaganda are about.



It’s all about Alexandrian privilege

Christian Day strikes again and this time his target is an English Rose from somewhere in the North of England.

The poor mite was given a taste of what she’s got to look forward to if she’s do become initiated in Alexandrian tradition.

Having befriended various Alexandrians on social media both across the UK and the US, Eliza Dewlittle, that’s her name, thought she could give her 2 pence to the debate about animal sacrifice that has been raging in the past couple of weeks.

That Christian Day is not a mentally stable individual is something people have known for years but now it seems he feels he has carte blanche from above to behave the way he does.



So, during his confrontation with Eliza Dewlittle ahe was pretty much on her own when he pretty much asserted his privilege from above. And where were her ‘friends’? Nowhere to be seen. There’s nobody around who can tell him to shut up and bugger off. Well actually there would be one person but as Christian Day points out, they’re hand in glove with each other.


Charming as ever….


We must protect the animals but threatening violence is so witchy.  It’s not difficult to see what path their lack of self-control is leading them to. So much for ‘consciousness’. These days they can’t even switch on their brains before posting compromising content on social media.


It would seem Maxine Sanders might have not sought him out for his highest ideals after all…




They see themselves above the law even when inciting violence and technically, murder because…


Then they go on camera to say….


victimAll this big deal to be acknowledged as the co-founder of the tradition. Her name is down as one of the directors of Alexandrianwitchcraft UK PLC but at the mention of  responsibilities…some people are in just for titles and tiaras.

Capture 3


Even Simon Costin is beginning to wonder. WTF? Want to be a leader, then be one or bugger off.


Ah! Sorry…I forgot. Alexandrian privilege. Simon, she doesn’t need your measure.

Meanwhile Eliza Dewlittle wonders why. Why do people, why do Alexandrians put up this shit? So let me tell you why Alexandrians do nothing about it. They have been there before so many times. They see cunts coming in and cunts going out.  Has any of her ‘friends’ ever told Eliza of all the cunts Maxine Sanders endorsed long before she personally sought out Christian Day? Doesn’t she know he’s only one of a long list she falls in and out of love with? Like one of her ex minions posted on Twitter recently, she’s loyal only to her need of people. It’s only a matter of time, for all of them, including Christian Day. As for trying to talk like them, take heed from the woman who spoke to you here…there is much you have to learn. Janet Farrar a shrew? For once, we have to agree with what someone writes on those useless FB groups.

Learn the lesson

But the lesson for Eliza means that just because you hear others criticise someone, it doesn’t mean you can. That’s not the way it works in Alexandrian tradition. You kiss arse every time you open your mouth and maybe one day you’ll have someone lower in rank kissing yours but not before you’ve thrown your dignity at the sow-goddess. You must earn your privileges there.

The alternative is to wake up and realise the choice is yours. You can continue to be like the people in Plato’s Cave or you can grow a backbone and change the rules of the game, like some of us have done.

You want the world to know YOU are an Alexandrian witch. You are special. You are among the privileged few. You want to be seen rubbing shoulders with Maxine (even if she probably thinks you’re nothing but cunts), feel important, achieve the pinnacle of fame and maybe be invited to give a talk so that you can say, like Christian Day, do you know who I am? Who would YOU be and what would YOU have to say to the insignificant eclectic if that was taken away from you? Nothing. Not even the bones.

(Most of) You are weak. In character, in spirit and as for integrity…let’s not even go there.

Loki’s Gazette knows it.

Maxine knows it.

Christian Day knows it.

In a different thread we saw a non-initiate hold his ground to Christian Day with elegance and then we see you, the initiates, ignoring. You think that commiserating each other instead, will do. It must be why word goes around saying you’re just re-enactors and in all honesty, Loki’s Gazette is not a Samaritans hotline either.

We’re just going to leave this meeny-maney-mo here to rest our case.













Daily Mail delivers a puritan sermon for Halloween


In yesterday’s Daily Mail, London based media-witch Carrie Kirkpatrick was reported to have issued Angelina Jolie with a warning against using spells to win Brad back.

In a feature article published for the newspaper’s Femail magazine – a weekly supplement aimed specifically at women – Carrie urged Angelina to stop dabbling in magic after noting the couple had a mutual tattooing session and commenting

“It was a symbolic effort to bind their marriage, but it failed because she was forcing them to stay together.” 

The first thought to come to mind was – ‘Does she know them’? And I mean actually know them in person and with the intimacy of a close family member or confidant.

The second question was – ‘Did they specifically contacted her for advice or is she using them as a pretext to draw attention to herself and her trade?

Third – what message was being subtly conveyed to women? Is the desire of finding a solution to retain the integrity of marriage really become more unvirtuous than to give up and let go when the going gets tough? Do relationship breakdowns warrant the encroachment from outsiders on individual privacy? Would the public be influenced to superimpose celebrity narratives on their own lives and seek out alternative methods to confront and deal with emotional turmoil when a relationship hits the rocks or is over?

I’m reflecting on the article from with the outlook of someone who wiccans like Kirkpatrick castigated me for being a bad influence, too left hand path and walking out on their shitty initiatory tradition at a time when being left hand path, flouncing and renouncing was not yet in vogue.

Of course, Wicca is just another soporific farm for the human animal unfit for the unpredictability of wilderness but there were some formative lessons in it, like not dropping the guard around peddlers of false beliefs who claim there’s a price for everything and anyone who uses the word ‘ego’ against another while wearing tinfoil goddess crowns and stag antlers on their head.

The first magical rule of the thumb for any magical practitioner is ‘to know’ or open their eyes.  To know is the temptation of the Eden serpent. Eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge. And how else would anyone sink their teeth in its fruit if not by breaking the rules? The wiccan interpretation is buy every latest occult release, skim through it, shelve it, write about how many books you own on social media, listen to what your favourite big name Poohbah witch tells you to do, obey and repeat what they tell you like a parrot.  This latter is merely an illusion of knowledge. You cannot pass knowledge and wisdom. You cannot obtain it from another. You must break rules, taboos, boundaries of your own accord and will.  I can appreciate there are enough contraindications to put  most people off from even entertaining the thought in their imagination. That’s why the Craft, the Mark of Cain is not for everyone – which is to be respected. We’re not all born equal. Kirkpatrick and Jolies are not equal. One is an overweight single mother struggling to make ends meet as a white witch and goes to sleep alone in her North London flat at night. The other is a statuesque mother who alone could lavish on her brood and shared the bed in a lush Hollywood mansion with every woman’s wet dream. She’s got twins with the man. It doesn’t matter if they split as a couple. Their kids have forever bound them for life.


So, what motivates the Carrie Kirkpatricks of this world in wanting to benevolently step in with celebrity advice and share on a national newspaper a Hathor spell for Halloween?  For the uninitiated pagan enthusiast, Hathor represents a benevolent goddess of love from Ancient Egypt. Its destructive aspect is brushed under the carpet of omission to lure the reader into buying in the belief that by carrying out the spell as suggested, they will safely dip into the pool and bring the right person along in a neat placebo effect. There is no danger for the uninitiated reader to accidentally summon Hathor and open any portal to the ortherworld (even at Halloween) but it will give them the illusion of doing so just the same, from the safety of their playpen. Then they will search Carrie Kirkpatrick online wanting for more, find Psychic TV, book a tarot reading session, attend a workshop and so on and so forth. Spiritual counselling can be an endorphins releasing degenerative drug as addictive and intoxicating as pornography.  It preys on the emotionally sick and spiritually lost from any social class and walks of life. One dose and they won’t be able to take a shit before turning another tarot card. That’s how Psychic chat-lines can afford £150 a week advertising space whilst also paying wages to staff and upkeeping business utilities. Carrie Kirkpatrick knows the potential of the market out there.


The pretence of knowledge coupled with a few witchy credentials published in the national media are the hook, line and sink she needs to give her business a seasonal boost. One man’s despair is another man’s cash.


Carrie Kirkpatrick warns Angelina Jolie

As with all the people we view from afar, we actually know nothing about the nature of Pitt and Jolie’s break up from what’s being reported in the media nor we know their true personalities.

Unless we are intimately close to the person we are trying to advise or warn, there are going to be severe limitations to what we can perceive of the larger picture.  Generally speaking, the impressions that come from the media become fixed in the minds of people like astral thought forms – although based on an illogical leap fueled by gossip and innuendo – and feel as real as any relationship that might have been experienced first-hand.

And so, in true fairytale fashion, the universal story that society adopts brands its characters as they step into the limelight: evil temptress seduces handsome prince and tries to hold him prisoner with magical filters; handsome prince fights the monster disguised as a beutiful woman. The illogical suggestion on which Carrie Kirkpatrick constructs her first her argument and then her publicity, could be summarised as such: Brad and Jennifer Aniston were happy until crazy Angelina seduced him with dark magic. She has a weird relationship with her family, and she broke up with Billy Bob because she was too strange even for him. Therefore, Brad and Angelina were never meant to last; Brad realised she’s weird and dangerous and once he’ll break away he will live happily ever after. The moral of her story sprays toxic smoke on all that has been known from the dawn of mankind. So nothing is fair in love and war; worry about how others might see you; never try to save your marriage; deny and repress your feelings, become something you’re not, put your hopes in the willy-nilly and be grateful for accepting second best and an unlived life.

In fairytales good always triumphs over evil, which perhaps explains why an overwhelmingly majority of people believe Angelina deserves to become the crucible. The tabloids do not plant these thoughts but they simply feed on a mass delusion based on narratives we create for ourselves and are perpetuated by attention-hungry spooks.  Carrie Kirkpatrick’s warnings are heavily laced with judgemental projections towards Angelina and comes across as secretly taking pleasure in the imminent disintegration of her marriage to Brad Pitt – bringing the cauldron of schadenfreude to the boil for the Femail magazine with teasing to the surface typically ‘femail’ issues of insecurity, rivalrly, self-esteem, image and seething resentment against the lucky ones – in short, your typical client in need of psychic advice and tarot readings.

“It’s all about the sex with Angelina” continues Kirkpatrick, “and by that I mean the power she can exert over a man. This is like an elixir, the ultimate possession.”

Actually, it’s all about sex with the universe. The gods she worships fucked everything that walk, so what’s wrong with Angelina exerting power over a man? Does Carrie really think that any hot blooded male would mind taking Brad’s place if they could?

This acidity is typical of the sexually starved woman on the brink of menopause. Regular sexual activity is important for the physical and psychological wellbeing as are a  balanced diet and exercise.  It’s not enough to emasculate heterosexual males and chastise those who resist by branding them potential rapists.  We must now distrust a woman’s sexual power to attract the opposite gender and inspire desire. The woman who can effortlessly win the love of any man she sets her eyes on must be demonised, according to third wave feminist canon, for she can only do so because of black magic. And then, the paradoxical spat, as if out to break the spirit of anyone with the curiosity of giving it a try: black magic doesn’t work. What would Kirkpatrick know. She’s a white witch. A fortune teller.

crystal ball

The problem with fortune tellers is that they always think they have another’s intentions all worked out, inciting people to think the worst of others then huffing, puffing and rolling their eyes as they look at their client with patronising disdain while they pull any shred of hope from under their feet, hence the black magic mumbo-jumbo when someone like Angelina refuses to go down.

In Giuseppe Tornatore’s film, Malena,  Monica Bellucci gives an accurate rendition of the female sensuality archetype which makes many women quiver with seething rage and vitriolic envy.  Malena is the story of a beautiful woman living in a village in Sicily. It is WWII and her husband is away at war. She lives alone in a remote house outside the village.  At night, she abandons herself to her fantasies and longings, dancing and dreaming in privacy…well, not so private since her young admirers are often lurking in the darkness stealing glances at her in a nightgown.
During the day she walks quietly to the village where she is ritually subjected to blatant gawking by youths and aged alike, lewd remarks and the cruel gossip of both spiteful jealous women and lustful, yet self-preserving, men. Eventually, the women of the village, fueled by their long standing jealousy for Malena, drag her out savagely into the city square. There, they furiously stab, stone, punch, shave and beat her under the silent, watchful eye of the men. In this scene, the indignance that these self-righteous, shrieking women supposedly feel towards a traitor is but a sham. It is a pretext for their jealousy and their deep-seated need to destroy someone they have always seen as a threat.


Likewise, in her interview to the Daily Mail, Carrie Kirkpatrick (a plain, overweight, long standing singleton) drags Angelina Jolie to the dock for the sorority to project all their insecurities and hatred against a beautiful woman who may well symbolise anything from what they envy in others to a rival who seduced their lover/partner away from them. She then proceeds on smearing all sort of fabrications and speculations about her interest in the occult on Jolie’s morality and character, under the pretext of giving advice. Kirkpatrick has most likely spent long enough on the rim of the gutter to understand what threats perturb her clients and how to draw them to her.

A self-confessed soul short-changed by nature, the fortune teller has to make up for her wounds somehow, thus resorts to see villains wherever there is self-possessed beauty and power. Because they don’t have either, they must distort beauty and power and re-destribute them like alms to the poor. Suffering is no longer arbitrary and vindicated with noble purpose because the modern sing-song is that people must be soothed with what they want to hear.


If you choose to look at their relationship objectively, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were happy and settled with their six children over a period of 12 years.  Despite being under an almost unbearable media spotlight and under the constant pursuit by paparazzi, their careers and relationship blossomed. They both did admirable humanitarian work, with Jolie being named UNHCR goodwill ambassador in 2001. Instead of celebrating the rare success of a Hollywood couple, people allow vultures in search of media exposure to encroach on marital disputes, single out the archetypical temptress and pour all their inadequacies, frustrations and insecurities over it with the intent of instigating waves of condemnation and a mass orgy of hatred in the name of womanly sexless virtue and frigid neo-puritanism.

Carrie uses Angelina’s interest in magical practices to emphasise the moral disparity between herself and the Hollywood star. She takes the moral high ground in spite of proposing spells involving calling on a goddess who couldn’t be more far removed in culture and time from Western civilisation. Then irony of ironies, goes on to disparage Jolie as a dabbler who misappropriates talismans from other cultures and employs blood and ashes from cremated bats in the bid of binding men to herself whilst conveniently ignoring that the respectively 5 years and 12 years long relationships were anything but the one-sided caprice of a woman lacking the attributes to find love by any other means than magic. Back in 2012, Bob Thornton mused in retrospection over the end of his relationship with Angelina Jolie during an interview on ABC show, The Nightline. “I blew it because I didn’t think I was good enough for her”, he said. That’s hardly what a man bound against his will would say nine years after his divorce.

Perhaps Angelina has trained in Hoodoo/Voodoo. Perhaps not.  We are not privy of the most intimate details of her daily life. Either way, she doesn’t try to make a business out of it, so what’s it to do with anyone? When fame is of global proportions, as with Angelina and Brad, there’s no need to lean on hocus pocus to stir sensation. Besides, ancestral traditions have gained popular interest for being as notoriously low key as to have none of that load of old cobblers that weigh wiccans down.  The wagging finger is a residue of the post Satanic Panic moralising attitude Wicca developed in order to survive, which lately has started to fizzle out again in favour of ruthlessness and flashing its crotch in public, shoulder to shoulder with satanists/OTO/GD/Trads just to get back some street cred and not lose the fight of survival, this time, against the revival of ancestral practices.


Psychic junk

“Trying to control someone else’s will, as she believes Angelina is doing with her magic, won’t work”, Carrie Kirkpatrick says in her interview.

On that note, neither did Carrie’s pretentiousness, some years ago, to silence this blog.

Carrie’s warnings to Angelina are loaded with projections, like those issued against us back then.  “May the goddess have mercy on you” – she wrote to us.  I’ve since had time to figure even her goddess likes tongue in cheek Lokeans better than any of her humble serfs who spend their lives on their knees casting spells in her name.  Carrie speaks like someone who having been scorched into accepting her Beta status even in witchcraft circles need to offload her anger and frustration on anyone she perceives to gallop their way free of reins e.g: it won’t work; you must have pure intentions; there will be consequences.


not today

That’s another problem with fortune tellers and healers: they think everyone is cut of the same cloth of the average Joe that buys into their services.

Interference can take the form of ‘friendly advice’, ‘warning’, ‘guilt tripping’, ‘projections of failure’. There is absolutely no other motive, conscious or not, than to psychically compromise the integrity of will of another and take control. Not that it is any likely to reach all the way to Angelina and Brad anytime soon. It will, however reach a number of regular Daily Mail readers and among them, there will be plenty open to influence and just ripe for the harvest.

Because most of us choose to marry or live with a partner at one time or another, we may feel expert and confident in making judgements about other people’s relationships – regardless of how well we know them, if at all.  We meet a couple and quickly diagnose who is dominant and how their partnership seems to work. And in the event their relationship breaks down, we draw on the impression we’ve formed about them to diagnose the root cause of the problem or to assign blame: she took him for granted;  he never let her hang out with her friends; she’s just too outgoing for him; they never did anything together without the kids…

Of course, no matter how close we may be to another couple, we still witness only a snapshot of their relationship, and we never see how they truly function when it’s just the two of them alone, with their public guard down. Yet, with mere snippets of information and a crystal ball, there are those who give their opinion, offer advice, pronounce judgements, choose sides and use the media to draw the public in taking the same illogical leaps.  Wiccan and pagandom are rife with meddlers who are toxic to people in relationships. It’s the magic – they say.  Just imagine, to operate this way with people we actually know would be presumptuous, but to do so with couples we’ve never met is utterly delusional.

“But there’s no evidence that the two women have ever crossed paths, which means Kirkpatrick is drawing conclusions about someone she doesn’t actually know. And while this woman may be telling the gossip magazine that Jolie shouldn’t be doing “love spells,” this purported “witch” hasn’t actually conveyed that message to the star personally. And, of course, most important is the fact that all of these contentions about Jolie using “voodoo,” “magic spells” and “spiritual rituals” have no substantiation.

In fact, when Gossip Cop inquired with our contacts close to her, none of them wanted to dignify this report with an official response. That’s understandable given the aforementioned claptrap they also had to deal with earlier this year.”

Does it make much of a difference whether people are bound in parting with their money through subtle propaganda or a man is bound to a relationship with ashes of incinerated bats?  It is absurd for the pot to think it has the right to call the kettle black.

Fortunately, functional human beings know intuitively what to do most of the time and live surrounded by a network of family and friends in whom they can confide and trust. The simple fact that there are many couples who face their challenges and overcome crises on their own is testament to the human capacity to do without psychic advisors steering their boat.

Rooting out the problems of Alexandrian Witchcraft

Alex was a man of his time with a keen interest in the paranormal that has been documented time and again in several biographies. We know he performed séances and his early beginning involved more socially accepted forms of spiritualism. Witchcraft was sensationalised in the 60s and part of rural England and Wales downright redneck country. He’s find an audience ready to listen there.

Whatever passed between him and Gardner must have severely wounded his pride and I can understand that for a man with a deep need to be noticed and validated, it might have been a particularly harsh blow.

Unfortunately, he reacted stupidly and set a precedent to which 21st century Alexandrians still act upon, despite having come a long way with the progress in accessing knowledge.

But you see, the general excuse lives on: ” Alex did this…” Alex did that…” with the snotty attitude of those who think they’re special because they were once in his retinue.

Alexandrian tradition doesn’t exist and the reason it doesn’t exist is because Alex misappropriated himself of one incomplete version of Gardner’s Book of Shadows believing he did indeed possess some rare document of antiquity. Alex Sanders was himself fooled to the extent he had to make up some bullshit about being initiated at seven years old by his Welsh grandmother in order to trump Gardner and pretend he had acquired the book before meeting him.

He copied out her ‘Book of Shadows’ in his own handwriting and destroyed the original upon her death, as he had promised and in accordance with the old custom.
Unfortunately for the truth of this romantic tale, when I first heard it I did not
merely think it to be untrue: I knew it to be untrue – at least, as far as the ‘Book
of Shadows’ went. Some friends in the Midlands who were sceptical about
Sanders’ claims sent me press cuttings from the Manchester Comet of 23 June
1965, with the banner headline: ‘WITCHES DANCE PAGAN RITES UNDER
MOON’. The witches had been led by Alex Sanders. Some of the words from
their rituals were quoted – and they were words I had written myself in
collaboration with Gerald Gardner back in the 1950s!
I now have a copy of the ‘Book of Shadows’ used by Sanders and his covens,
and it is practically identical (except where it has been badly copied) with the
‘Book of Shadows’ used by Gerald Gardner. Yet Sanders had the impudence to
assert to June Johns (op. cit.) that ‘Gardnerian’ witches were considered
‘novices’ by witches such as himself, who had learned their rituals from ancient hereditary sources. They could be accepted as legitimate witches, but only of the first grade.  Doreen Valiente – The Rebirth of Witchcraft

His acolytes looked up to Sanders as the Prometheus who brought them the fire that Gardner would otherwise deny them. They wanted to believe him. It gave them the upper hand over their detractors. For Sanders, it was a massive ego boost. He really believed he had the capacity to make anyone believe his outlandish porkies. He had managed to convince an impressionable 15 years old and her gullible mother. He knew just the type of people who would buy into his crap, how to butter them up and exploit their vulnerabilities to his convenience.

So when it came to dealing with Alexandrians, if it was good enough for Sanders to cheat and steal, it would be good enough for me too. If it was good enough for Alex to be initiated by a renegade Gardnerian priestess, it would be good enough for me to go and take my 2* and 3* from a renegade Alexandrian (besides, since prominent Alexandrians took part in it they would have to shoot themselves in the foot in order to challenge its validity). I look at it this way: he was my role model.

In time, Alex Sanders added grimoire material to the Book of Shadows, he himself did not understand. Most of it, did not survive to the present day and Maxine admitted that much of it ended up in the fire. What’s left turns out to be entirely lifted out other out of print sources, for example William G. Gray books.

In 50 Years of Wicca, Fred Lamond recalls the time Alex Sanders told him he had performed the Abramelin in just 3 days. What emerges from Lamond’s account is that Sanders had little or no awareness of the opposite effect his self-absorbed monologues had on those he tried to impress with his magical prowess. He was a typical case of the fool that reveals his ignorance by talking too much to the wise man that humours him with his silence.

Maxine Sanders is no different, except she tends to repeat herself like a broken record. I suppose not much else happened in her life, so she clings to particular memories. What I find particularly interesting is that often people will ask her about events described in her biography Firechild and her reply to that is that she can’t remember what’s in it. If you can’t even get the story of your life straight what’s in the book can’t be that true…and yet, you people who want to believe, desperately and would rather be complicit in a lie than face reality.

To those who are seriously intentioned to practice the magical arts, Alexandrian witchcraft loses all its credibility. It becomes a cynical playground for the disillusioned.

I’ve often asked myself what keeps people bound to a false narrative. What drives them to trade in authenticity for a lie? Is it low self-worth? Is it the need to belong and feel special? Is it because they’ve invested the best years of their lives and it’s taken them too far? Is it because they feel to have nowhere else to go?

Alex Sanders thought very little of himself, that’s why he needed to buy fake knighthoods and proclaim himself a king.

1_eZUT6lAdRf4gpUxuj9yJeg (1)

Yes, it got him the attention of tabloids and he didn’t care if that made him a laughing stock to some and stirred furore with others. He was willing to make a fool of himself just to see his name on the papers. He played with fire and in the end he undid himself with it.

Alex’s illegitimate lineage was obtained by trespassing against Gardner’s will. Gardner’s genuine interest in practicing magic that worked is undisputable in spite of the fact many believe he was a kinky old man into sexual festishes. He bothered to research myths and traditions; he consulted and collaborated with other magicians; he experiemented with a variety of magical techniques that are reflected in the three different version of his Book of Shadows; he authored two books on magic, whereas Alex and Maxine have only ever commissioned biographies.

This is not ‘karma’. It’s much simpler than that and at the same time, much more sinister. Trespassing and trodding over someone’s will as Alex did with Gardner was bound to generate a backlash but there was more, Alex’s unbridled hubris of which I got to witness the long range effects in the year preceding my separation from Alexandrian tradition. In fact, what I witnessed was a determining factor in my decision to leave.

Alex was not satisfied with being a witch and conning people out of their money. He was also a narcissist and expected witches to acknowledge his as their King. He was reported to have said “I started to think of myself as the King of the Witches.”

Needless to say, witches scorned the idea.

In her book, The Rebirth of Witchcraft, D. Valiente writes:

I have a copy of the tape-recording which some of his friends helped him to make in April 1988, only a few days before he died. In it, he expresses his wish that his son Victor, only sixteen years old, should succeed him as ‘King of the Witches’. However, Victor made it clear that he was not interested, according to press reports; and a gathering of what was described as ‘the Witchcraft Council of Elders’ decided that witches today did not need a king anyway. (p.168)

Victor went on to become a heroin addiction and at the age of 36 he suffered a stroke which left him irreversibly brain damaged, unable to speak or do anything for himself. Alex had been long dead but Maxine had continued from where he had left off. Even if she didn’t publicly advertise herself as the Queen of the Witches in the same bombastic way, she nevertheless expected all Alexandrian initiates to treat her as such and be subservient to her when they met her. If people visited her, they had to bring food, flowers and wine, cook the food, serve her the food, pour her the wine, wash the dishes, clean her kitchen…short of wiping her arse, she expected you to wait on her hand and foot. In return, she’d make snarky remarks and jokes at their expenses as if they weren’t there. With the exception of the High Priest or High Priestess that brought them there, when it was time to retire for bed, she would shoo them out the door, often physically. They were expected to stay at a hotel, the closest which was at least 10 miles away and could only be reached by car. If they were lucky, they could sleep on the floor. In the morning, they would expect to be back to prepare her tea and breakfast. On one occasion Scott had to make her tea himself and started yelling at us the moment we got through the door for failing to arrive at 8.00 am.

So you get the idea of the kind of people we’re dealing with here and why I found it unacceptable. I won’t deny that it made me really spiteful and spat in their drinks and food whenever I had the opportunity and I knew I wasn’t the only one. I know of a priest who got so pissed off he rubbed her toothbrush between his arsecheeks.

Trust me, watching them tuck in was far more pleasurable than any spell.

A corrupted line is characterised by initiates who linger on for unfathomable reasons in spite of the fact they have lost all respect for their Elders. It was making me as toxic as they were and what then happened to Victor, the lies and cover ups around it to keep up Maxine’s facade of the Ecstatic Mother and Witch Queen confirmed what I had been suspecting for some time – that Alexandrian tradition was a poisoned chalice. Those who stayed would end up with exactly the same dysfunctional personality and messed up lives.

Alex entangled himself and anyone with any attachment to him into a fucked up mesh of his own making. Every biography on Alex and Maxine provide a consistent timeline of signs that are testament to the trajectory of their undoing, some of which – such as Victor’s spectacular fall from grace – Alex did not even get to live long enough to see.

It’s the only reason that makes these books worth reading.


Any corruption, like water, flows downstream and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to poison the water supply when you have access to the well. Ironically, for all their aesthetic ceremoniality and borrowings from other systems, the Alexandrian’s way to work magic is highly flawed and ineffective. Partly out of Alex and Maxine incompetence but I’m sure that Gardner and/or Crowther made sure they would get their wish but never really go beyond the illusion – which would explain why they are so infested with astral parasites and always at war with one another. Once I stepped outside of the tradition and looked at it from a distance, I regained clarity and what I saw was a shanty-town built on a contaminated swamp.

But the energy had to come from somewhere and once these curses kick into action, it’s not just the receiving end that suffers.

What we are left with today is a spiritually noxious Alexandrian camp while on the Gardnerian side they are so energetically depleted that a little bit of vigour could cause them to break them in two. Both traditions failed to thrive and grow, in different ways. Gardnerians have gradually energetically bled to the death and almost stalled. Alexandrians’ growth was stunted, mangled and twisted by the constrictions they were placed into. Not that anybody ever paid attention to the dynamics unfolding under their noses. Not that Alexandrians would ever recognise they have a problem and look at the roots for it.