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Tea with Maxine and trying not to nod off

I’ve written before about the power of names in magic and the same can be said for marketing: branding and identity can make the difference between the success or flop of an enterprise.

However, magic and marketing are two different things to two different effects.

Magic concerns the self in relation to the self. A mage makes deliberate choices on the basis of what the Self aspires to, a goal the Self sets for itSelf.

Alexandrians get mages tangled up with priesthood and retort “but what about the gods??” – which really goes to show that reflecting on who they really are and why they do what they do is not their forte.

Let me give you an example of an extraordinary mage:

 I know that I hung,
on a wind-rocked tree,
nine whole nights,
with a spear wounded,
and to Odin offered,
myself to myself;
on that tree,
of which no one knows
from what root it springs.

Havamal st. 140

Good old Odin, Loki’s friend the poems call him. Two birds of a feather. Joined at the hip – where’s one, you’ll find the other. So much so, many scholars believe they’re a hyspostase of one another. Odin is THE mage and he is THE priest, which should really show how the two roles reconcile in the alchemical Self. But that’s not something you will learn in an Alexandrian circle, you see?

As for marketing, the choice must be made with the target audience in mind. You cannot market a product if there’s no demand. You cannot successfully sell a brand if the audience does not receive it well. The Self is secondary to the audience and a False Self must be constructed to appeal and please so that a product can become marketable. The Self is therefore sacrificed on the altar of profit.

Tea with Maxine attempts to do just that.

Tea, the traditional British brew of the Victorian Empire exudes undertones of colonial nostalgia, aristocracy and class division. It posits Alexandrian witchcraft as the elite with Maxine as its Queen lazily sipping tea from a fine bone china cup surrounded by other snotty toffs debating what to do with the pleb.

It’s a concept way behind, way out of touch with the times. This is the 21st century!

Yes, vintage is back but imperialism is still down and out.

Other than that Tea with Maxine reminds me of the Boston Tea Party…are Karagan and Jihmal protesting against their British Queen’s unfair taxation?

What a bad, bad, bad, idea. The one who came up with it ought to be fired! Maybe Loki’s Gazette can offer him/her a job on our team as an influencer. They would definitely implement our agenda with impeccable perfection.

I listened to the podcasts. There aren’t that many.

As an Alexandrian, I hear Maxine making the same old tired excuses. She has nothing to add to what’s already been repeated ad nauseum from the days of the Temple of the Mother. It seems like time stopped there for her and that’s the end of the line, where witchcraft goes to die. Not much happened since. For all the years in the craft, there’s not a hint that time brought further wisdom. She defends her position in spite the evidence it has grown stale and brittle. It does fit with the image of the empire’s former glory that the programme wants to convey, in the sense that nobody believes in it anymore. If anything, with every generations people have taken more and more of a distance from it.

If this was Karagan’s idea of undertaking a political campaign to overturn public opinion about Maxine and fight her critics, fair game for Loki’s Gazette, otherwise…what a fiasco!

As an Alexandrian, it made me flush red with embarrassment for them.

I actually got to the point I’d have been ashamed if anyone found out I was Alexandrian and wasted my weekends on those circles. I’d cringe everytime I would hear someone bragging about it and call in my direction. I hated the people it attracted and the viscous deference dribbled at my feet from seekers desperate to be taken notice of. When I renounced my 3* title, I truly believed the crown was fool’s gold and I still do, more than ever. The techniques and preparation that went in the ceremony made it magically effective and pushed me across a magical threshold. However, the intent and purpose unlocked a choice: stick to Alexandrian routine or take the untrodden path. It was easy. No hesitation on my behalf. Keep the crown and give me the untrodden path any day.

I’m not and never been interested in crowns, kings, queens, prince and princesses. I believe that we are more than our characteristics and lineage and I do believe that we are more than our life experience, karma and all that. I have always revolted against that and even as a youngster, encouraged others to do the same. I was known for leading others astray from conventions: at school, in cults, at church and even at work. In the coven, I encouraged others to revolt because lineages, titles and identity badges are not the essence of what we are, of what we can do with our lives, of what we can achieve.

I know I’m driven by an attraction to difficult things and my fuel is opposition. I know that. Definitely. That’s why I’m always looking for trouble. Difficult, painful, ugly and what needs to be looked at…I suppose, whatever makes people turn away…but I’m also interested in people and I’m interested in our time. I’ve a nomadic spirit and I’m interested in the whole thing. I never feel like I can know enough or meet enough people or travel to enough places and I don’t mean just geographical places. I always wanted to get out there in the world and I did everyone’s head in about travelling since I could speak, so no surprise I crooked my way out at a tender age and lived as an inbetweener ever since. I’m doing exactly what I was meant to do and people may not approve of it but I am happy. I wanted to see as much as possible and the deepest truth about myself is because I didn’t want to miss a thing: whatever it was we can see and go through in trying to understand, whatever it took, whatever the price.

It is probably the reason why throughout my life, I’ve had most of my friends much older than me. It has it’s disadvantages such as I go to more funerals that I’d like to go to but it has the incalculable advantage of learning from people that know more than you know yourself. I suppose, I’ve always tried to get a better sweep at understanding. I noticed that most people are not like me and find it incredibly hard to work out what fires them up. That’s probably a good thing. I don’t know. I’m just incredibly lucky that I have been born with this rebellious and determined streak, that has enabled me to accomplish everything I set my mind to no matter what obstacles and dangers stood in my way, to learn from people, the good, the bad and the ugly and for all the experiences I have had in life.

I have never been beholden by anyone or anything. To own the Self is freedom, and death is just another frontier bearing the promise of more discovery.

But Alexandrians fear death more than anything in spite of claiming they don’t. You can sense in their threats and in their anxiety to preserve their moribund tradition at all costs. Like I said, it’s gone stale. Maxine is a broken record, she has run out of things to say. Sharon Day a bore that sounds like a Labrador. Karagan an insufferable yappity-yap Yorkshire terrier. The tradition has had its time and now it’s over. Let it die in peace for fuck’s sake. Let it die! But morons like Karagan and last minute arrivals like Sharon Day think they’ll be the ones to revive a terminal patient and restore it to its formers days of youth.

They will find out the foolishness of their ways for themselves, one fiasco at the time.

Deep down, Maxine knows I have a point and she knows that I know that she knows, so there’s no need for her to say anything on that regard.

As always I will encourage people, in these case witches, to revolt against being told what you can or cannot think, believe, say or do. To do that, the public must be presented with the facts.

Tea with Maxine represents her personal views and opinions. She argues to have co-founded Alexandrian tradition but she can say that because Alex is not here to contradict her and her claim find support among those who are invested in these frills to legitimise their position within their community clusters – such as Pope Karagan, for example.

Magic has no frontiers for those who willingly and fearlessly engage with it.

These dos and don’ts she lists are a waste of your time and precious opportunities.

There is no magical principle that upholds and excuses the non-socialising rule at 1st degree. I broke that rule literally from day 1 by swapping numbers with an initiate I had just met and liked. I never been given any reason to regret it. I’d do it again and again and again. A witch affirms who’s in charge of his/her own life. Rules are for sheeple. Witches live by their own code of ethics.

In a similar vein, the idea that the physically disabled are not suitable for initiation is debunked by every piece of mythology around. Hephaestus is a lame god, Osiris is missing the penis, Odin is partially blind (and mad to boot), Tyr, Nuada are not just missing a couple of fingers but the whole arm, Hel is half whole and half a rotten corpse, Llew Llaw Gyffes is a miscarriage…I’m sure you can come up with more of your own. Physical disability is no limitation at all because there are more ways than a cone of power to whip up the magic. Alexandrians however stick to a very limited set of tools and techniques because like I said before and will reiterate again, it’s limited to what Alex discovered while he was leading it. Unlike Maxine, he was willing to step beyond these limitations, whereas she did a sharp U-turn to Christianity – the anti-thesis of the craft, the reason why for centuries the old gods have been demonised and made to fear. Alexandrian practice is driven by fear of imperfection. That’s why everything must be polished and pristine to the point it becomes unnaturally artificial.

The mysteries of witchcraft sublimate the imperfect and reverses male into female and female into male, disabled into god, the blind into a seer, the mute into a prophet, the taboo into the most sacred.

Keeping witchcraft alive is not about political correctness and pleasing the crowds of prospective acolytes by telling them what they want to hear in order to like you. Witchcraft doesn’t need to justify itself. Only cults of the personality do that.

Alexandrian tradition is a cult of the personality. There’s nothing else left to it but to venerate an ageing icon from the 60s at her tea party.