2.2 billion dollars industry and the joke is on the buyer

So you are a psychic junkie, a magical thinker, a regular shopper at your local esoteric shop. You attend all the occult conferences your monthly budget affords you, like all the FB posts of the guru you follow and you’re one of those who shout “take my money” as soon as they announce the publication of their latest book. Your loyalty to a cult personality and their multi-million industry comes before your self-respect. Don’t worry, you’re are not alone. The world is currently being swept by an epidemic of spiritually starved, emotionally desperate, liberal pseudo-socialist punters ripe for the fleecing.

“For anyone who believes in psychic powers, I know there is nothing I can say that can convince you otherwise.” says comedian John Oliver. “Logic is not the reason you believe in them and it won’t be the reason you stop, which is not to say that I won’t be showing clips of psychics fucking up…but that’s only because it’s really funny.”

Which is not to say, I won’t be continuing to post about my favourite clowns, but that’s only because it’s really funny to see how they take their bullshit so seriously.

Self-promoting witches and psychics are no more than con-artists who prey on people in their moment on need.  The effects can be devastating as clearly illustrated in the video. This is a reminder that sexual predators in the craft are a tiny proportion in comparison to the spiritual vultures and scavengers who will capitalise on your misfortune and pain.

Do you anyone who fits the bill?


Sharon Day: Selling false hope and delusions to society’s most vulnerable

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When demanding money from the mentally ill and taking advantage of their vulnerability to slag them off on social media for refusing to pay more is not enough, preying on the dying and their grieving families is next on the priority list.